When one considers compromise it involves two or more individuals or groups giving and taking concerning ideas, actions, or both.  On the other hand, giving in simply means to allow the opposition to get everything they want, while receiving nothing or very little in return.  For much too long, conservative leaning republicans have often found themselves left with very little to write home about.  Sure, conservative republicans win in the battle of ideas.  But they often end up watching their progressive counterparts in the democrat party and RINO republicans stop them in their tracks.

Also, black robes gone wild liberal judges often do their part to even block constitutionally mandated actions of the president especially when the actions positively benefit our republic.  For example, president Trump has been taking actions to ensure the safety of Americans.  He has tried to reduce the deadly and financial high cost that illegal immigrants have had against numerous Americans, either through robbery, rape, knifing, gun shots or vehicular homicide, or billions of dollars in welfare payments and other benefits.

Among the more important duties the president has is to not allow treason against our republic to flourish.  I believe that individual Americans, cities, and state governments that give aid and comfort to criminal illegal immigrants which can prove harmful to sovereign citizens through criminal activity and the sheer massive cost of housing, feeding and educating their young is a form of treason. Thus, the president should step in and not allow any illegal immigrants or any refugees who do not want to become a part of our unique American culture.

Those in congress who insist upon giving our federal tax dollars to American city governments who want to waste money they do not have on housing and hiding illegal immigrants should at the very least, not receive one single dime of our tax dollars via the federal government.

Article 2 Section 3 of the United States Constitution states:  Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.  To those who still refuse to see or understand the obvious, any illegal immigrant who shoots, rapes, robs, or uses a vehicle to run over an American sovereign individual, they are an enemy.

Any American who aids or hides criminal illegal immigrants are themselves guilty of treason.  Any government official who places the interests of criminal illegal immigrants and hate filled refugees above that of American sovereigns or our republic, should in my opinion be removed from political office during the next election.  When it comes to the issues of compromising and giving in there are some things that should not be given into or compromised on.

No nation or empire, no matter how mighty or wealthy can prosper, thrive or even survive once they turn on themselves and compromise their borders, hen allow in enemies who seek to drain them financially or defeat them through invasion.

Ancient Greece and Rome were both overthrown because their governments went rogue and became open to outside invaders.  That describes many congressmen and women, mayors and some governors who are either progressive democrats or rino republicans.  They are so uncouth that they dislike individuals who want to protect our borders more than those who desire to stroll in illegally and seek to destroy us.

It is easy to point at and blame those who seek to undermine president Trump for the difficulties he has encountered in his mission to make America great again.  But to overcome that obvious detriment to our existence as a great nation, the root of the problem must be addressed.   First and foremost, like the Founding Fathers who gained enough wisdom to lay the foundation for the greatest nation in history, we must seek providential guidance.  For without it, America will utterly flounder, remain in decline and give in to those seeking to destroy her.

It is not difficult to realize how far adrift from greatness our republic had gone, as she gradually dismissed the importance of maintaining her reliance on God’s wisdom and guidance.  “We the People” must not give in or compromise on important issues that can either make or break our republic.  The choice is ultimately up to you and me. By God’s grace we will do what is right and secure America’s future of greatness for many generations to come.  God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God.

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