Just because London Paris, German, Sweden and other European locations have allowed themselves to be violent targets of devout Muslims, it doesn’t mean that we in the United States has to doom ourselves to the same stupid fate.  After all, we in America have enough problems with undereducated brainwashed thugs who are wreaking much havoc in some inner city “hoods.” In fact, many children in those “hoods” now suffer from post traumatic Stress Disorder. That is the same problem that many American soldiers face after the trials of war.  Think about it.  There are so many shootings, robberies, rapes and other destructive acts in the black “hoods” of Chicago, the east side of Cleveland, most of Detroit and elsewhere that many young black Americans do not know there is a better way of life.

Sadly, many black Americans blame America and the white man for all of life’s woes. Yet it is their brutal “brothas” and “sistas” who are doing more damage to greater numbers of other black American than the KKK and all progressive bigots could dream of.  The vast number of murders, including abortion, the support of the directives of the evil democrat party are what led the black community down a primrose lane of destruction and misery is also to blame, not America in general.  In other words, refusing to seek real solutions is what makes problems larger and brings about destruction.

That is true for any situation including the United States utilizing European style political correctness instead of concrete solutions concerning national security against Islamic terrorists.  Though the United States is not in the same boat as Europe, but we are still in a precarious situation that could soon rival the foolishness of open borders Germany and Sweden.  But despite our obvious vulnerabilities, with both internal problems and national security mistakes via political correctness, we have a huge chance to turn it around in our favor.

Unfortunately, because of the two headed monster of political correctness and many Americans who now favor globalism over our Constitutional guidelines Americans have been placed in obvious danger that could easily be avoided.  During the eight long years of the Obama regime mostly Islamic jihadist male “refugees” were allowed into the country, along with record numbers of illegal immigrants.

The Middle East Christian victims of barbaric Muslim violence were not allowed passports and visas to enter into the USA.  The main reason is because they (unlike the Muslims) would most likely assimilate into American society and become a positive addition to our melting pot republic.  That is something the globalists like Obama remain opposed to.

Many believe that the United States may not be in as much danger from terrorist attacks as Paris or London because of geography, but I beg to differ.  First of all, we have already experienced numerous terrorist attacks that have been both domestic and foreign in nature.   Unfortunately, several generations of American students, including today’s snowflakes are so brainwashed that they literally equate protecting our national sovereignty from elimination with racism while battling for open borders and sharia law courts.  Such idiocy is putting our America in almost grave danger.

The United States and the west has been at odds with Islamists since 1979 when they declared war on America and the west.  When it comes to dealing with terrorists, for the most part our policies of appeasement with them has only emboldened the Islamists to carry out their murderous mission.  In fact, the goal of those promoting and forcing political correct dogma upon us are foot soldiers in the evil army of those who will do anything to destroy our unique republic form of government.

We cannot afford to allow the infiltrators to continue pouring into America.  Islamic strongholds like Dearbornistan, MI, Minnesota, and elsewhere are breeding grounds for terrorism on the level experienced in Europe.  If such strategic foolishness is not abolished, then you could soon witness the tragic end to our land of the free and home of the brave.

We must see to it that the effort of those who gave their lives, so we can live in liberty is not wasted on the whim of political correctness.  God said to occupy until he returns, not roll over and allow your republic to be trashed by those who want to either convert you, kill you or commit America to a gruesome global dictatorship.  God Bless You, God Bless America and may America Bless God.

© 2017 Ron Edwards – All Rights Reserved

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