There is no doubt that most Americans have viewed the questionable operations of the FBI as separate events which are not connected, but there is a long list of FBI behavior that is not confluent with the reputation of the bureau.

Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich recently published a book, “Robert Muller, Errand Boy for the New World Order” which chronicles the actions of the FBI under Mueller’s leadership from Whitey Bulger, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am 103, 9-11 and much more, all of which reveals a 30-year pattern by the FBI to cover-up actions of the guilty and punish the innocent.

Readers may think this is old news, but the same kind of coverups continue with those agents who were affiliated with Robert Mueller for over 12 years.

Mueller Obstructed 9/11 Investigation

With respect to 9-11, Mueller was the catalyst that obstructed the full investigation.  He lied to Congress, telling members that the government and intelligence community had no forewarnings, when in fact they knew who, what, when and probably where.  His claim that the Government had no forewarning of the attack is irreconcilable with the facts.

Robert Mueller concealed the culpability of the perpetrators rather than revealing their guilt. His actions actually point to a specific intent to conceal the involvement of the Saudi Government and their links to Al Qaeda.

Mueller actually blocked a major funding increase for an effort to wage a cyber and intelligence war against Al Qaeda.  A former FBI agent and American patriot who tried to stop this terrorist tragedy paid for it with his life.

It is difficult to rationally look at Mueller’s actions and avoid the conclusion that his real motive for constructing a Surveillance State was to spy on Americans, not to investigate and expose terrorists.

It is apparent that even before Mueller became the director of the FBI, beginning with the Oklahoma City Bombing case, the goal of the FBI was to proceed with their operations in a manner conducive to resulting in the development of a national mind-set entering into a crises of domestic terrorism and thereby making it easier to move into a Surveillance State.

One standard tactic used by the left to result in change is to seize upon a crisis or the perception of a crisis and use it as an excuse to make changes in the law or rules of conduct.  We’ve seen that time and again and we’ll continue to see it, especially with these latest shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Alfred P. Murrah Building

In the case of the bombing of the Murrah Building, the people who were charged with the bombing, McVeigh and Nichols, were not the only ones involved; there were others.  The FBI managed to cover up the other guilty parties who murdered all those people.

Jayna Davis, a reporter for the Oklahoma City NBC affiliate, said that there were other people involved beside Nichols and Mc Veigh.  As a part of her job, she was tasked with finding out others who were involved with the bombing. According to her investigation, an intelligence source in one of the highest levels of the federal government later confirmed it was a Middle Eastern terrorist cell living and operating in the heart of Oklahoma City just a few miles from the Murrah Building. However, she said that when she took her information to the FBI, they wanted to make the bombing of the Murrah Building a domestic terrorist incident only.

I believe the forces behind the scenes were involved in manufacturing a crisis to support their concocted plans.  Those plans ultimately resulted in Mueller’s Surveillance State via the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Logic deduces truth.  First, we have to consider that there was a Middle Eastern terrorist cell living and operating in the heart of Oklahoma City just a few miles from the Murrah Building. One would think the FBI would be glad to receive this information. However, when Jayna Davis turned this information over to the FBI; they concluded the bombing of the Murrah Building was a domestic terrorist incident only. This validates what was said about the FBI’s goal to produce a national mind-set which accepted the media-spin about a home-grown domestic crisis.

The point is…that this Middle Eastern terrorist cell didn’t exist in the heart of Oklahoma City by itself.  It had some help, someone or some entity had to do a lot of facilitating to pull this off. This is where I believe the CIA comes into the picture.

For this exercise to have been successful there had to have been a well-coordinated collusion between the FBI and the CIA. This suggests the possibility of direction from a higher echelon which makes it even more imperative that the operation had to be acknowledged as a domestic terrorist incident only. And that is why the findings of Jayna Davis were Dead On Arrival.

The CIA and WMDs

We have been programmed to think the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a necessary American intel org that we send all over the globe to investigate problems which could create trouble for national security. However, I am convinced that the CIA, in most cases, does not serve our best interests. On the contrary, it applies its efforts in the opposite direction by either serving the interests of opposing forces, or by releasing false, or concocted information that would result in governmental actions counter to American interests.

A case in point is the information claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. In Senator Milkovich’s book, “Robert Mueller Errand Boy for the New World Order”, the claim was not only of monumental significance, it apparently was false. It was parroted by Robert Mueller in the lead up to the war on Iraq, an unnecessary war costing our soldiers their lives and well-being. Thus, on February 11, 2003, Robert Mueller appeared before Congress saying what he was told to say, making the moves he was told to make, stating:

As CIA Director Tenet has pointed out, Secretary Powell presented evidence last week that Baghdad has failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community. Our particular concern is that Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists with biological, chemical, or radiological material.

This played out with legitimacy to declare war on Iraq via the false claim that it had weapons of mass destruction. According to John Milkovich, “This false claim was of monumental significance, it helped mobilize America to go to war against one nation—Iraq—when America had been attacked on 9-11 by operatives from another nation—Saudi Arabia.”

Just why was Saudi Arabia’s involvement covered up and Iraq became the target?

Council on Foreign Relations

Remembering the agenda for the New World Order – i.e., World Government…it is a worldwide operation. If the powers behind this agenda decide that trouble in a certain part of the world is needed, then there will be trouble. They have command of all the necessary entities it takes to bring the desired trouble into action, while still remaining hidden from the American public.

These events were planned by forces high above the FBI and CIA, forces which have remained hidden, invisible for all practical reasons for over a hundred years and surfacing in organized form in 1921 as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  James Perloff exposes the truth of the CFR in his book, The Shadows of Power.

The CFR was established for the specific purpose of facilitating governmental procedures in ways that would be favorable for bringing to fruition the conspiratorial plan for one world government.

During the “cold war” there was a book published by John Stormer, “None Dare call it Treason” and in the chapter on internationalism was a recorded interview by Dan Rather of a representative of the CFR.  I will paraphrase:

Dan Rather was asking the CFR Rep why the U.S., in dealing with the Soviet Union, wasn’t being more forceful, why we were not resorting to the use of our dynamic? To which the CFR Rep replied, if we did so the people would lose their incentive for world government.

Engineered Climate of Fear

There you have it, or at least a part of it; an engineered and contrived climate of fear, which had been envisioned, even as far back as before WWI and had ensued not just nationally, but worldwide – that if we didn’t all come together and form a world government, then a possible nuclear holocaust was inevitable. This was the purpose for using the A-bomb on Japan – not only to deeply instill the climate of fear, but also to help stampede the U.S. Senate toward the 1945 ratification of the United Nations.

The goal of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was to cause Americans to believe we were entering into crises of domestic terrorism.  This supplied the impetus to establish a Surveillance State, leading to the ultimate goal of a police state.  As in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, control of the populace is necessary.

Murders at Ruby Ridge

The powers above the FBI and ATF were dead-set on producing a show-case event that supported a mind-set of existing domestic terrorism. This was paramount in their plans to launch proceedings into other events which would lead to future crises favorable to fruition of “The New World Order,” i.e., World Government.

Randy Weaver, his wife, Vicki, and their children, moved to mountainous Ruby Ridge, Idaho in the early 1980s, where they bought 20 acres, and built a cabin. Weaver reportedly attended several Aryan Nation meetings. The FBI and ATF approached him and wanted him to spy on the group but he declined even when the agents told him they would bring false federal charges against him if he refused to become an undercover agent for them.  He also refused to take an agent with him to one of these “separatists” meetings in Montana.

He became a target of government entities.  Later an undercover ATF agent asked Weaver to illegally cut the length of a shotgun barrel which he refused to do. Ultimately, the FBI and an ATF sniper attacked Weaver’s family killing Randy’s wife Vicki as she held her 10-month-old infant in her arms, along with their 14-year-old son, and his dog.  Randy was shot in the arm.

Randy’s only alleged crimes consisted of attending several Aryan meetings before deciding not to join and selling a shotgun that was alleged to be illegally short which Weaver has always denied, and missing a court date after receiving an Appearance Notice with the wrong date.  His real offense was refusing to do undercover work for the ATF.  For these infractions, his son and wife were murdered along with their dog, and he was shot in the arm, although the intention of the sniper was to shoot him in the spine.  Randy Weaver was acquitted of all charges except failure to appear in court.  His friend, who was with them, was acquitted of all criminal charges.

Famous attorney Gerry Spence represented Randy Weaver.  The family received a total of $3.1 million as compensation by the Justice Department for killing Vicki and Sam. Our tax dollars paid for these crimes against American citizens.

In 1997, the District Attorney for Boundary County, Idaho charged FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi with involuntary manslaughter.  The U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho intervened and dismissed the charges.  Horiuchi was later promoted.

In 1992 Mueller headed the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.  He was furious and incensed because members of Congress and public officials dared to complain when an FBI sniper killed a woman holding her baby and her 14-year-old son.  Neil Lewis reported for the New York Times, “Mueller’s associates recall his anger at members of Congress and others for criticism of the FBI’s siege of a separatist family at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, where a woman, her 14-year-old son, and a deputy U.S. marshal were killed.”


These two events are classic examples of how injustice can run amuck when forces like the FBI and ATF are overburdened with a Gestapo mentality.

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