I’m not saying he did; I’m not saying he didn’t.  What I am saying is there’s a gross lack of discernment in the land.  What we have here is 35-40 year old accusations and allegations with scant circumstantial (at best) “evidence”.  Nothing that has been brought forth would stand in a (righteous) court of law for the accusations that have been made.  Yet a jury of public opinion via social media and mainstream media has already found him guilty.

We have the hottest political climate possibly our nation has seen since the Revolutionary or Civil War eras.  We have a conservative politician who beat out an establishment politician who is now in the running for a very important seat in the Senate against another establishment politician.  Is there an agenda?  Could there be a motive for accusations at this time?  The timing does seem suspect…

We have corrupt Hollywood exposing some of its many sexual sins en masse.  Victim after victim, accuser after accuser, one after another with new names, sordid details, and strangely, a knowing list of witnesses who have stayed silent publicly but were aware of what was going on.  Today in American streets you’ll find feminists wearing vagina hats and screaming obscenities.  Really, we’re out of control.  But what better time to bring forth sexual misconduct accusations?  The media has been consistent with the barrage of the latest victim or perpetrator.  Raw emotions are driving the narrative.  It’s really a ripe field for casting accusation seeds.  The timing does seem suspect…

For yet a little longer in America, accused are considered innocent until proven guilty.  Accusations do not convict.  And Roy Moore has claimed and maintained his innocence.

Realistically, if you look female, sound female, smell female and have some version of a female body in our modern society, you will face unwanted advances.  Some may be harmless, some annoying, and some perilous.  It’s not that it’s a rite of passage; it’s that our society has decayed so much that good parenting is the minority and good morals are going extinct.  We have quite literally bred a sex-crazed society with no moral compass.  That is a near-perfect recipe for what we’re encountering today.

I have been sexually harassed, molested, threatened and intimidated.  I have been stalked, the victim of video voyeurism, and targeted.  I have lost my job for refusing sexual advances from a married man twice my age.  I’ve had a police escort for being stalked, and an offer to “off” the stalker for the harm he was intent on.  I and an alarming rate of women of all ages are no strangers to unwanted advances in a myriad of forms.  I very much want to believe the alleged victims, because I’ve known the gamut of emotions from these ordeals.  I’ve had to go through seasons of healing and forgiveness.  I’ve pressed charges against no one (though there was a police affidavit filed).  I’ve had to learn to heal and move on.  And I know the desire for justice at best, relief at the least.

The truth is a signed yearbook is not evidence of assault.  It’s circumstantial evidence of familiarity.  If that’s all it took to convict anybody, we’d all be in jail.  If there are no eye-witnesses, if there is no evidence, you are left to testimony.  Being alive at the same time in the same location doesn’t prove wrong doing in those locations.  It’s circumstantial coincidence that just proves two people knew each other.  Right now you have a classic case of he said – she said.  That’s not enough to convict of a crime or to even pass a judgment.

Even a dating relationship is not proof of wrong-doing.  As a woman, I could accuse any man I’ve been alone with of anything, and there’s no way to prove it without evidence.  I could go back in my memory bank and remember men I’ve known with overlapping circumstances.  Heaven forbid I could actually fabricate an accusation, and I could probably get a couple people that overlapped the same time period to corroborate for me that there were circumstances we were seen together to make it look like there’s credence to my story.  I could procure a signed yearbook or a note.  I’m not saying this is what happened, but who’s to say it isn’t?  How are we going to make that judgment?  And is it fair to make it at all?  What are the implications for the lives involved?

But again, the social climate is raging with sexual sins, predators and victims.  There’s blood in the air and a demand for accounting.  If I was going to set someone up for a sexual crime, the timing is perfect.  I would only have to sound convincing and look convincing if I had allegations almost four decades old; the social climate would do the rest.  Even conservative blogger Matt Walsh and well-known Judge Jeanine appear to have jumped on the condemnation bandwagon.   What do you do about Roy Moore maintaining his innocence? What do you do about the lack of evidence?  What do you do about the obvious false evidence?  What do you do about the evident conflicts of interest of the Obama’s housewife and Clinton’s sign language interpreter?  It’s like the ante had to keep getting upped because the cases were too circumstantial, so new “victim” after “victim” arise with their accusations (and no evidence) until they can get the magic combination to be believable.  [e.g.  We have to make sure there are no ties to the Democrats, and we have to have believable locations of the incident, and we’ll really throw them off if we say it was a Trump voter!  And then for good measure, let’s get a signed yearbook that’s signed Ray, but we’ll say it’s signed Roy, and forge in the Moore, and a repeat of a date and for good measure, let’s write in the location the alleged assault!  NOW we have the magic combination!  (It only took five tries.)]

What do we do if Roy Moore is innocent?  How do you restore dignity and character defamation after the accusations have been widely circulated?  If they can’t prove he’s guilty, are we serving justice to assume he is?  Which is the worse crime:  an injustice unaccounted for or an innocent person wrongfully accused?  How do we make that call?  Why are we making that call??  Isn’t this, if there’s any credence at all, a job for the courts?  (Cross fingers that they’re not corrupt.)  And it’s too bad that the actual facts don’t matter.  There’s a growing majority that have already pounded the gavel down and sealed his fate.

What do you do with RINOs McConnell and Ryan asking for Moore to step out of the race?  How can they even say such things with a serious look on their faces while Senator Menendez continues in an actual indictment and has not been asked to step down?  Are we not seeing the true colors of the treasonous Republicans?  Is not their agenda being fully exposed?  They want to maintain the status quo in DC and they have banned together to remove any threats.

Surely anyone with an objective eye can see that this entire Moore scenario is the epitome of hypocrisy on so many levels.  Whether Moore is guilty or innocent, whether the accusations are true, partly true, or fabricated lies, it is apparent mainstream America is uninterested in finding out.  Bill Clinton was a known womanizer and liar with varying levels of sexual misconduct charges, and was given a practical pass from the American public.  And now you have a man with no known prior behaviors and five women who came out of the woodwork (and were paid to do so), and the senseless, immoral American public has already found him guilty.  Yes, surely here in America:

Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; For truth has stumbled in the street, and uprightness cannot enter.  Yes, truth is lacking; and he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey.

Isaiah 59:14-15 NASU

Believers had better stand back and evaluate their faith and their thinking.  There are a lot of emotional statements being made and not a lot of common sense being displayed.  There is a process for accusations and it includes two or more witnesses.  It includes the highest standard of proof, “beyond reasonable doubt”.  It includes due process.  None of these things have been afforded Roy Moore in the public’s scrutiny.  Believers who should love truth are accountable in the face of the Gloria Allreds and Washington Posts of today to rightly demonstrate truth and justice.  If our discernment is so lacking, how is a blind world going to see the light?

We must remember:  sinners sin.  Liars lie.  Blind people can’t see.  Deaf people can’t hear.  Confused people don’t make sense.  This is the state of the world, and the growing state of America’s population.  Believers are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.  We should demonstrate the characteristics of His Kingdom:  truth, light, wisdom, righteousness and justice.  We need to clean house and we need to start in our own hearts.

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