Remember when the scandals surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein drove the Las Vegas shooting off the media center stage? Instead of endless speculations about the motive of the shooter and whether he had (right wing) accomplices, we became immersed in titillating vignettes of Mr. Weinstein’s lustful encounters with various well-known and obscure females over the course of many years.

These encounters ranged from harassment to (alleged) rape with a great deal in between. After the story broke, virtually every victim who came forward insisted she felt “powerless” in Weinstein’s clutches. Of course, nobody died or was seriously wounded, and one assumes that having obtained his “pound of flesh,” good old Harv satisfied his “victims” with favors he exchanged for their favors. So whatever we may think of Weinstein or his alleged victims, the arrangement was essentially quid pro quo.

Now, none of this was new to Hollywood: In the “entertainment” biz, the casting couch has been a staple going back to the days of Aristophanes and Euripides. Nor is it limited to women since much of Hollywood swings both ways. But while the world was being titillated by the expose` of Weinstein, it was publicly acknowledged that all of this has been known for years! None of it came as a surprise to anybody in Hollywood or the media! Furthermore, it was of little interest outside the entertainment hothouse except for those who get their news in supermarket check-out aisles.

Furthermore, though it was a juicy story, most Americans were not outraged because the “victims” had no one but themselves to blame! In fact, they could hardly be called “victims” as all of the women that opened their legs for Harvey’s found their careers and incomes enhanced. Yet, though was a little late to play the despoiled virgin, they began to pile-on in ever increasing numbers.

And that, dear friends, was the real question: why did a man like Harvey Weinstein who affects nothing but his Hollywood coterie suddenly become all-important in the news? The human mind—even the best—has a limited capacity for attention. Provide something new and older issues are displaced. The more sensational the matter, the more quickly it will displace those older issues—even important ones.

At present—despite all efforts by the media to downplay and hide the facts—Americans know that their government is steeped in corruption or fatally inept—and possibly both. There is no longer any question that the Obama administration and the Clinton “campaign” were corrupt and involved in illegal activities hidden by federal agencies including the Departments of State and Justice, the FBI and the IRS.

But despite indisputable evidence of these irregularities and illegalities having been made public, still nothing happens. Criminals have been “cleared” before investigations began, while the innocent are charged without evidence, and nobody—nobody!—believes that anything ever will be done. In other words, Americans have come to understand and expect that our government is possibly fatally corrupt and there isn’t one damned thing we can do about it!

This situation has made a lot of ordinary Americans really angry and they are making their anger known to “representatives” serving in a Congress that cares nothing about their opinions, but cares everything about the desires of their elite friends and donors. Furthermore, as these matters continue to surface, the only serious government inquiries are designed to remove Donald Trump from office. However, the Deep State is aware of the increasing hostility of the American taxpayer towards those efforts. So, what to do?

As it is too late to hide the criminality in Washington, the best thing was produce another matter that shouts “Scandal!” in the loudest possible way — a sexual outrage involving beautiful women and a lecherous guy who looks like Jabba-the-Hut and making a perfect foil in such a lewd scenario. And why not? Most people would rather see, read and hear about Harvey Weinstein engaged in debauchery with beautiful Hollywood starlets than concern themselves about who gave away the store to Iran and Russia or failed to protect an ambassador and his people in Benghazi.

Harvey Weinstein’s was an old story that became useful when things were starting to become a little too dangerous on the left. So Harv took one for the team and will, no doubt, come out having lost very little while putting the Deep State well into his debt, a debt he will be able to collect once things settle down and upstarts like Donald Trump and the American people are removed from the Hollywood “set” that is American politics.

Matters like this are called “diversions,” and have been used by politicians even longer than the entertainment industry has used the casting couch.

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