Holy mackerel, we’re doomed! Our “global modern civilization” is about to tip over and capsize—according to a “collapse expert”—how do you get to be a collapse expert? By collapsing?—at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge.

Well, okay, we know that a lot of civilizations, throughout history, have collapsed. No more Roman Empire. No more Indus Valley Civilization: that one went belly-up without leaving behind the name of a single person who belonged to it. They come and they go. And sometimes something better takes its place. We view the collapse of the Roman Empire as a calamity; but surely at the time there were many people who, when they heard the news that the Eternal City had been sacked, threw their hats in the air and turned cartwheels to celebrate.

But in the meantime, says the collapse expert, our own civilization is looking pretty poorly. And here come the Four Horsemen of the Secular Humanist Apocalypse: climate change (our fault, of course), inequality, environmental impact, and, like, too much complexity.

In the Bible, God is sovereign and when it comes to empires and all that, He sets ‘em up and He sets ‘em down according to His own good purpose. But for the secular crowd, who don’t believe in God, you need a do-it-yourself apocalypse: from which only Science and the State can save us. Better pony up those extra taxes in a hurry!

Enter first-year Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, touting a plan to help the impending collapse pick up momentum: stop having babies.

See, this’ll buy us time so Democrats can enact their Green New Deal to dismantle industrial civilization and return everyone but politicians and movie stars to the lifestyle and standard of living that used to be enjoyed by 11th century Scottish peasants. No more air travel (except for them), no more inequality (we’ll all be poor, except for them), no more private home ownership (except for them), and so on.

Generally, to have a civilization, there have to be people in it. There are people because the previous generation of people had babies. Yes, I know—liberals aren’t convinced that babies are people. Abort ‘em as they’re being born. But if everybody does that, then there is no next generation, and, voila—no more people. If somehow liberals expect to survive indefinitely, well, they wouldn’t constitute much of a civilization.

But we must be in deep, deep trouble: because out in Lakeview, Minnesota, recently, a couple of dogs dialed 911 five times. You know you’re up a tree when even the dogs start calling 911.

Oh, they say it was an accident! The owner set his cellphone for emergency calls only, then went out and left his cellphone where the dogs could reach it. Naturally, they knocked it to the floor and started playing with it; and every time they stepped on it or bit the call button, the local police dispatcher got a puzzling call. “All they could hear in the background was dogs barking,” an officer reported.

So they just assume it was an accident, the dogs couldn’t possibly have made those calls on purpose. Hah! How were the dogs supposed to explain why they’d called? Obviously the dispatcher couldn’t understand what they were trying to tell him. “Dude, you’ve gotta do something! Our civilization is about to collapse! No more dog food! No more squeaky toys!” But to him or her it only sounds like barking. Well, they tried.

If we are anchored in the Bible, we don’t believe we’re doomed, the human race will go extinct, yatta-yatta, blah-blah. We defy the gloom and doom. We already know from Revelation that the world civilization symbolized as “Babylon” is going to be swept away and replaced by the Kingdom of Christ. When we say this, the humanists sneer and make faces: they laugh at us. They look for their salvation to a global government.

But that’s the thing we laugh at.

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