I’m writing this a few days in advance of an event scheduled for today, August 16, so I don’t know how it’s going to play out. This is the day chosen by The Boston Globe to launch “a coordinated editorial attack” on the president of the United States. As if they haven’t been doing that all along, every night, every day, since Election Night 2016. And not only the newspapers—who’s still reading them?—but also all the talking heads on the cable nooze shows, Hollywood, our glorious colleges and looniversities: if they’ve ever taken a day off from attacking Donald Trump, I missed it.

As of today, Monday, the Glob claimed to have “100-plus” newspapers lined up for this project. They’re beside themselves with wrath because Donald Trump won’t just sit there and take it, like George W. Bush did: Trump hits back. This they call a “war on the free press,” our “free and independent press.”

What bunk.

As incredible as it seems, there are still scattered individuals who believe the nooze media report news. They are appalled that the president would call these journalistic charades fake news.

It’s not that the noozies habitually publish ridiculous lies that can be exposed by anybody in a matter of seconds, although they do attempt that sometimes. They prefer whopping big lies.

They slavishly toe the line for “transgender,” taking every opportunity to call a mutilated man a “woman” and a girl whose publicity-hungry parents subject her to puberty blockers a “boy.” That’s a big lie, and they know it. But it serves their agenda for a “fundamental transformation” of America into God knows what, so they never miss a chance to speak it.

Other mammoth falsehoods they tweak to make them appear to be true: like Man-Made Climate Change, “97% of scientists believe in it,” we’re all gonna die unless we give government fantastic new powers to interfere in our daily lives, and lots more money, blah-blah. To many in the audience, this could conceivably be true—I mean, would “scientists” lie? Yes, of course they would, but never mind—it’s always desirable to grow the government.

Other stories, our free and independent press either underplays or else ignores. This past weekend in the Washington, D.C., metro area, a couple thousand Far Left kooks—they had a banner that said “It Takes a Bullet to Smash a Fash,” meaning “fascist,” meaning anyone who’s not them—attacked two dozen self-proclaimed “white supremacists,” attacked police, and might have trashed the whole neighborhood if a heavy rainstorm hadn’t broken it up. Our free and independent press was absent.

If there were no alternative media, if we had only our free and independent mainstream press to keep us informed, we would know nothing at all.

In all my life I’ve never seen anything like the way the nooze media have waged war on a duly elected president. How many guesses would you need, to guess what would have happened if, say, Matt Drudge or even Fox News called for a “coordinated editorial attack” on our last president, ol’ *Batteries Not Included? “Racists! Biggit, biggit! Haters!” You could hear it from a spaceship in the Oort Cloud.

They do it because they’re a mutual admiration society of Far Left loons who were going to shove Hillary Clinton down our throats as the next president, to finish what Obama started. They were so close to their goal, they could taste it. Fundamental transformation, baby. Venezuela North. With themselves in charge of it, forever.

And then those pesky American voters snatched it away from them.

They can’t live with this. And they don’t intend to. They mean to drive this president from office, silence all dissent, and outlaw every body of opinion but their own. They’re leftists, and that’s what leftists are.

And that’s why we don’t love them anymore.

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