Our relationship has never been worse than it is now, however that changed as of about four hours ago … To refuse to engage would not accomplish anything.  President Donald J. Trump

No one should trust anyone. He (Trump) is defending US interests, I am defending interests of the Russian Federation. We have matching interests, we are looking for common points. President Vladimir Putin

Russia was our ally in WWII.  Even though we have no reason to believe Putin would welcome cooperation with us, we need to have an amicable relationship with the Russian Federation. There is some common ground and it behooves our President to strive for affable relations with President Putin.  Like it or not, it is a must for the U.S. and Russia to work things out. Regardless of their poor economy or their terrible politics, we don’t have a lot of choices remaining with our U.S.-Russia relationship.  Winston Churchill said, “There is only one thing worse than fighting with allies, and that is fighting without them.”

Summit Press Conference

President Trump said, “The (Mueller) probe is a disaster for our country. I think it has kept us apart (Russia and America).  Putin just said it’s not Russia. I do not see any reason why it should be … I have great confidence in my intelligence people but President Putin was extremely strong and confident in his denial today.”

Trump is right, the Mueller investigation is a disaster.  Strzok paramour and former FBI attorney, Lisa Page made in clear in her testimony before Congress that two days after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee an investigation into alleged collusion between Trump and the Russia campaign, Strzok’s text to her about the investigation meant just what Strzok said, “There is no there there.”

With Putin alongside him at the press conference, Trump seemed to accept the Russian President’s denials of wrongdoing over the conclusions of U.S. intelligence officials.

“My people came to me,” Trump said, speaking of intelligence officials including his director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, and “they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be.”  His first statement should stand.  You don’t offend a leader you’re trying to court as a friend.

Trump may be right.  In Louie Gohmert’s questioning of Strzok, he exposed that nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s emails on her homebrew server (that’s 30,000) went to a foreign entity that wasn’t Russia, and nothing was done about it by the intelligence community or the Inspector General. [Link]

Dan Coats, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence who recently warned that the United States “is literally under attack” by Russian cyberthreats, issued a statement standing by U.S. intelligence agencies in the face of the president’s skepticism. He said, “We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security.”

Well Dan, just how do you expect to stop it unless you get the leaders together to make peace?! And by the way, we’re a representative republic, not a democracy!

Mueller Indicts Russian Hackers

Mueller recently brought indictments of twelve Russian intelligence officials for DNC hacking. When Rosenstein announced same, he stated, “There’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.”

Despite the President being previously informed by Rosenstein, the announcement was done at a time to blemish President Trump’s meeting with the Russian President and play into the main stream media’s Trump/Russia collusion narrative.

Russia will meddle, America has meddled, Israel has meddled, it is what is done, but Russia certainly did not decide the 2016 election, the American people did. Talk about meddling…a congressional investigation concluded that Obama’s State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the last Israeli parliamentary elections.

The deranged and demented psychopaths on the left have already lost their collective minds over the fact that President Trump has invited President Putin to the White House for a second summit despite the fact that four previous presidents have met with Putin and President Reagan had fireside chats with Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev.  One would think that socialists on the left like Chuck Schumer would be thrilled, especially since he too met with Putin in the past.

Then there’s former CIA Director John Brennan who tweeted, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous.”  It is well-documented that Brennan voted for communist Gus Hall for president in 1976, and then in 1980 joined the CIA.  One would think Brennan would be thrilled to have the Soviet leader meeting with our President. [Link]

Brennan has also taken credit for launching the Trump investigation and for egging it on.  So as not to be seen interfering in U.S. politics, he told Senate minority leader Harry Reid that Russia was trying to help Mr. Trump win the election.  Reid wrote to Comey and it immediately became public.

Vladimir Putin

Many conservative Americans want to believe President Putin, despite being a former KGB (Soviet security) officer, has become a Christian and is no longer a communist.  They’ve heard the stories that he attends the church his mother had him baptized in as an infant.  The head of that church is Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev, known today as Metropolitan Kirill, who was chosen to serve as the “Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia,” the highest position of authority in the Russian Orthodox Church.  Kirill is also a former KGB officer.

“Communist ideology is very much like Christianity, in fact: freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice, everything is laid out in the Holy Scripture, it’s all there,” Putin claimed in an interview for the Russian documentary Valaam, parts of which were broadcast on Kremlin-owned television station Russia 1. [Link] Putin also likened Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of the relics of saints. [Link]

Putin said that while serving in the KGB he liked and continues today to like communist and socialist ideas “very much.” He has recalled that unlike many others he had not publicly destroyed his Communist Party membership card, but still keeps it at home.

Swamp Vermin

Neo-con Trotskyite Speaker Paul Ryan claims that Russia is not our ally.  If this is so, then explain why both President Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of 20 percent of US uranium supplies to Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear company.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was also involved with Uranium One and carried a sample to Russia for Hillary.  The sale was greased by $145 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation from Canadian executives who benefited from the sale, along with a half million-dollar fee for a speech by former President Clinton.

U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein had direct control over the Russia uranium investigation in conjunction with FBI Director Mueller. They should never have been involved in any subsequent investigation that might touch on potential collusion and millions of dollars paid to the Clinton’s foundation by the very beneficiaries of the Russians’ uranium schemes. Rosenstein and Mueller’s failure to warn against or stop the sale reeks of its own form of collusion, cooperation, or capitulation in what some consider a treasonous sale.

Sewer rats Rosenstein and Mueller are now in charge of all things investigatory surrounding their own actions. In fact, Rosenstein and Mueller are now in a position to dissuade others from pursuing them for their own conduct.

Trump’s Russia Sanctions

Even though the left-wing media will never give him credit, nor will his own party, President Trump has been far tougher on Russia than his predecessor, Obama.

It was President Obama who, according to Reuters, was “caught on camera” saying to former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he’ll have more flexibility after the election, not President Trump.  Link

The DOJ and Inslaw/Promis

The DOJ and FBI are riddled with failures from the past and present.  A thorough housecleaning is needed from the top to the bottom.

Few people remember the government theft of Bill Hamilton’s Inslaw/Promis software in the 1980s.   Bill Hamilton and his wife Nancy started their company, Inslaw, to nurture PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems) with a grant from the DOJ.  Designed as case-management software for federal prosecutors, PROMIS had the ability to combine disparate databases, and to track people by their involvement with the legal system. Hamilton and others claimed that the DOJ had modified PROMIS to monitor intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.

During the twelve-year long legal proceedings brought in 1986, Inslaw accused the DOJ of conspiring to steal its software for covert intelligence operations against foreign governments.

According to Federal court documents, PROMIS was stolen from Inslaw by the DOJ directly after Rafi Eitan, chief of the Israeli defense forces anti-terrorism intelligence unit, visited.  According to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries by Dr. Earl W. Brian, a man with close personal and business ties to then-President Ronald Reagan and then-Presidential counsel Edwin Meese.

One journalist, Danny Casolaro, died as he attempted to tell the story and boxes of documents relating to the case were destroyed, stolen, or conveniently “lost” by the Department of Justice.  But so far, not a single person has been held accountable.

The implications continue: that Meese profited from the sales of the stolen property and that Brian, Meese’s business associate may have been involved in the October surprise, and that some of the money from the illegal PROMIS sales furthered covert and illegal government programs in Nicaragua.

Bill Hamilton today believes the story illustrates an enduring, fundamental problem at the heart of the US justice system.  The former chief investigator of the Senate judiciary committee, Ronald LeGrand, seems to confirm that the strange PROMIS affair, which remains unresolved, is much more than just a case of chronic paranoia.

“What the Hamiltons thought happened, did happen,” LeGrand wrote, conveying information he had received from a trusted government source. “The Inslaw case is a lot dirtier for the DOJ than Watergate was, in both breadth and depth. The DOJ has been compromised in the Inslaw case at every level.”

American Traitors

Aldrich Ames was formerly a 31-year CIA counterintelligence analyst who committed espionage against the U.S. by spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.  At the time of his arrest, Ames had compromised more CIA assets than any other mole in history until Robert Hanssen‘s arrest seven years later. Ames is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Robert Hanssen is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who spied for Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States from 1979 to 2001.  His espionage was described by the DOJ as “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history.”

He is now serving 15 consecutive life sentences in Supermax Federal Penitentiary in Florence, CO where he spends 23 hours per day in solitary confinement.  In 22 years of espionage, Hanssen betrayed at least 50 human sources, three of which are known to have been executed by the KGB.  The full extent of the damage done by Hanssen to the United States government and its allies remains classified.

He was spying at the same time as Aldrich Ames in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Both Ames and Hanssen compromised the names of KGB agents working secretly for the United States, some of whom were executed for their betrayal.

The FBI paid $7 million to a KGB agent to obtain a file on an anonymous mole, who the FBI later identified as Hanssen through fingerprint and voice analysis.


Paul Manafort sits in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and has been found guilty of nothing, yet he suffers the cruel and unusual punishment that belongs to American traitors.  There is nothing trustworthy about the U.S. Justice Department, absolutely nothing.

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