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Our flight was to depart later this afternoon for a scheduled ten day vacation to Florida.  Obviously we are not going.  We scrubbed the trip last week waiting to see if things were going to ease up but of course it went the other way.  In fact here in Michigan our rising star DemoRat Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the alleged “Stay Home Stay Safe” Executive Order through April 30, 2020.  I’m sure it will be followed by all the other State Governors regardless of political affiliation.  I’m sure they’ve all gotten the call on the Bat Phone from Central Headquarters DC to keep the shut down in place.  Imagine if the Governor of, let’s say Nevada,  rescinded the lock down effective next week sometime.  Nevada would be flooded with bookings from those from other States trying to escape their mandated House Arrest.  Schools are closed so pack up the kids and head to the sunny warm casino haven and LIVE it UP or how about if the State of Florida did the same?  Magic Kingdom here we come!  No my friends, no such luck.  It’s a concerted effort with directives on high from President Dr. Anthony Fauci and Vice President Dr. Deborah Birx, neither of whom was ever even elected.  Isn’t that something?

If you’re like me, you’ve looked into many of the inconsistencies around this mysterious virus (which I’ll refer to as CV-19) that has brought this nation and the rest of the world to its knees.  It took only about three weeks to change everything about our way of life, as well as destroy the world economy, wipe out trillions in pension and retirement accounts, shutter in entire populations, close 90% of businesses across the nation, including travel, manufacturing, agriculture and most service industries. Three weeks people!  All the while most have been convinced to hunker down in their living rooms, six feet apart, gloves and face mask in place, glued to the Fear Porn pumped out of their Flat Screens 24/7.  To even question the idea that perhaps we’ve grossly overreacted here automatically brands one as a conspiracy nut, but fortunately that seems to be changing.

Perhaps it’s not our fault though.  Have we not been conditioned and prepped over the years through entertainment and media with apocalyptic movies like Contagion, Outbreak, and World War Z?  The list is endless.  The first such movie I remember was the 1971 classic Charlton Heston thriller “The Omega Man” where a man made virus had wiped out society and the only remaining population left were night crawler people who were always trying to get Heston who was the only human unaffected because he injected himself with the experimental vaccine.  Hooray for VACCINES!  A more modern remake was the Will Smith movie, “I Am Legend” which followed the same story line with the life saving Vaccine developed to keep humanity from extinction.

Have we not also been conditioned via our News Media about every two or three years with the likes of Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1, Zika and who can ever forget the very scary Ebola Virus which made headlines not too long ago?

Using Google I just looked up stats for 2017-2018 Influenza Season which usually peaks in Mid-February.  They list the deaths (related to Influenza) at 61,000.  As of this moment according to CV-19 stats tracker there have been 16,693 deaths due to this virus.  I’ll let those numbers speak for themselves.

So why did we not react the same way with these viruses as we have with CV-19 which has a much lower mortality rate than what this nation experiences during a normal influenza season?

I have watched and listened to virologists stating that the testing for CV-19 is not an accurate test method with false positive results as high as 80%.  I have listened to Doctors report that they’ve been instructed to inflate the CV-19 numbers. (Watch Here)

An ICU Nurse whistle blower gives an interview below suggesting the methods being used across the board pertaining to the CV-19 virus do not make sense. This whistle blower also suggests that Medical Officials are fudging numbers. (Listen here)

The internet is full of Citizen Reporters using their cell phones to record what is actually happening at the hospital emergency rooms, refuting the nightly news reports of these hospitals being overwhelmed with dying CV-19 victims. (Watch here)

Has anyone else given thought to the strange phenomenon that this virus doesn’t seem to affect the children?  We are not hearing reports of children dying of CV-19 in massive numbers.  As horrible as it sounds you would think that infants and toddlers would be contracting this deadly disease in large numbers due to their under developed immune systems.  Aren’t we always saying kids are little walking germ factories?  They seem to catch everything and give it to the grownups.  Yet we hear nothing along this line.  Why is that?  Because if children were actually dying in large numbers the outcry would be mass hysteria beyond imagination.  Oddly it seems this virus is only deadly to the aged population and those with already compromised immune systems.  For instance:  She was in her late seventies with severe diabetes.  He was eighty five suffering from emphysema and so on.

I have been studying this event intently from the beginning.  I believe we are experiencing the most momentous worldwide phenomenon in modern history.  I’ve read many articles and watched numerous interviews from very smart individuals with the proper credentials and know what they’re talking about.

I guess what I’m saying is that there is a high probability we may not be getting the truth about what is actually taking place.  The numbers don’t add up people.  The news reports are often not true.  Can I be the only one who does not believe the official story?  I pray that I am not.  Is it possible something very sinister is happening around the world and there is a dark agenda behind this extreme reaction from the powers that be?  We are all going to know in the very near future.

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