Thousands of American children every week are separated from their parents who commit horrible crimes.  One of the most terrible crimes against a nation is an orchestrated invasion of illegal border crossers pouring in nations that literally hate and want to destroy us. Many MS 13 gang bangers/killers have slithered into America and raped, robbed, hacked to death and shot multiple thousands of sovereign American citizens.  For years, many illegal border crossers have been rewarded by being caught and released back into society to collect benefits and get to beat up weak Americans.  Many born in this country have stupidly supported open border, no wall policies of globalist oriented presidents for decades.

Now we are blessed with president Trump who correctly called for the proper vetting of nabbed illegal border crossers to make sure they are not here to kill, steal from and destroy us.  The leftist lamestream media, every former first lady and president was out and about touting a false evil narrative depicting the separation of children from parents who brought them into our republic as if it were torture.  The use to be quiet Laura Bush had the nerve to yelp about children separated from parents who dragged their offspring into this nation illegally.

Hordes of idiotic illegal immigrant loving indoctrinated activists viscously harassed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen until she had to leave her dinner at the MXDC restaurant in Washington, D.C.  The brutish mob consisted of Democratic Socialists of America goons who kept shouting No Borders! No Wall! Sanctuary for All! I would not have blamed Ms. Nielsen if she had instructed her body guards to physically restrain those irritants so she could have eaten in peace.  What those leftist gumps fail to recognize, is the children they claim to have been so concerned about, received the best healthcare, meals, and lessons on personal hygiene ever during their young lives.  Sadly, many of them had to be instructed on what a toilet is and how to use it.

Contrary to stupid beliefs, securing our border will not stop legal immigration, but merely refine it so that illegal border crossers don’t saunter in with their children in tow.  Of the over 12,000 children recently blessed to receive great care at the border, only about 2,000 thousand of them were escorted into our country with their parents.  Pep. Elisha Cummings recently bellowed on about children being in internment camps.  Ironically when children were detained with their parents during the Obama administration, many leftists like Cummings complained about families being held together.  Now that children will once again be detained with their parents, open borders leftists are complaining about families being detained together.  The truth is, the leftists in and out of government along with trans nationalists simply want our borders to be left open endangering you and me.

It is time for every American who loves this republic to realize that our society is under siege.  Leftists, globalists, rinos and all democrats are vigorously working by any means possible to bring about a collapse of our exceptional American way of life.  They do not wish to help other nations improve their standard of living, even for the children.  But they are willing to use children illegally brought into America as a wedge issue to exile and upset the incurably ignorant and brainwashed masses.  They are more upset about children being separated for only two weeks from their illegal border crossing parents than Kate Steinway being permanently separated from her parents after being gunned down by an illegal border crosser.

The phony outrage over certain U.S. border policies is merely a small part of the orchestrated effort to destroy our nation of laws concept, national sovereignty and eventually your unalienable rights which come from God and are recognized in the Bill of Rights.  Good solutions to this madness are to push first back via the voting boot as well as putting the already elected politicians feet to the fire and force them to govern according to the oath they took.  “We the People” must not allow elected officials to forget their responsibility to America first. Rinos like Ryan and leftists like Aunt Pelosi should not ever be reelected just because we may recognize their names more than their opponents.  Our republic can no longer afford their dangerous mission to literally destroy this republic.  Helping to rebuild our republic is the Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST 1:00 PM PT on, and KCKQ AM 1180 and Spreaker.  Don’t miss The Edwards Notebook an award winning radio commentary, daily on,,, and KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nv. During AM News.

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