Recently I was viewing an episode of The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly on the FOX Network. Among the topics of discussion was the horrendous race relations in America. FOX News senior political analyst Britt Hume joined OReilly to discuss the great political divide in America. As to the problem with race relations. Of course, race relations could be better. But I am not as pessimistic about current or future race relations in America as some others are. Of course, relations race took a nosedive during the ultra divisive Obama years. In fact, Barak Husein Obama’s administration was the most socially, racially, economically and morally divisive regime in the history of our republic.

Rather than try and encourage Americans of all stripes to build upon America’s many positives, the Obama administration chose to promote negativity. Both individuals and progressive groups were encouraged to show outright disdain for the United States and to never be satisfied with any possible solutions to problems often complained and exaggerated about, such as the tired racist behind every doorknob complaints. Obama’s minions like Black lives matter and code pink, preferred to either block traffic or berate others in order to feel better about themselves. Such sad sacks that they are.

In fact, despites what Obama said, he was no more interested in solving problems in America than the members of the negro thought police Congressional Black Caucus, which prides itself on only complaining about problems, including those that no longer exist like separate drinking fountains and slavery. Basically, the satanic inspired anti American instructed those warped enough to abide by his dogma to constantly agitate for “justice,” but as I stated before never ever be satisfied. No matter what, the agitators are programmed to never accept authentic solutions to problems they complain about.

For example, the negro thought police, their white progressive masters and the street gumps are all focused on turning America into a brutal lower rung on the ladder nation. The nations they admire most are Cuba, Venezuela and others of that ilk. Congressional Black Caucus members have for eons taken annual visits to Cuba to learn from that nations dictators how to undermine America from within. For years, progressive blacks and others have complained that republicans seeking political office do not visit black neighborhoods or address black gatherings. Yet when Donald Trump went to more black neighborhoods than Mrs. Clinton could have nightmares about to explain his positive vision for America, the negro thought police complained from the heights of heaven, to the depths of hell. Of course they also reamed black Americans like Steve Harvey for listening or Dr. Ben Carson for accepting a position in the Trump Cabinet. I must say, my observation of their hypocrisy is 100 percent correct.

Progressive Congressional Black Caucus member John Lewis has said that Donald J. Trump is an illegitimate president. If we go by Mr. Lewis’s point of view or standard, then he himself should be judged as an illegitimate congressman. He does not support any policies that would promote actual economic growth and equal opportunities for those he claims to represent. Both he and his fellow Black Caucus members supported the gang violence and destruction of property and blocking traffic throughout America, but rail against any ideas to help black people help themselves without the need for government handouts.

Another reason to conclude that Rep. John Lewis and others are nothing but hypocrites is how they demand tolerance for different points of view, ways of life, etc, etc. Yet, if you are a republican who simply wants to protect our borders, rebuild every good aspect of American life, leftists like Lewis simply scorn you and consider you not worthy of any cooperation. Such a small-minded lot are they.

But enough of the obvious negative stuff, the good news is that in spite the current racial divide I see a nation that will soon live up to it’s creed of “One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” I see “We the People” of this republic working together to stand beside her and guide her through victory after victory over whatever evil plots, plans, tricks and traps the progressives may set.

I see America reconnecting with her true allies around the world, including the apple of God’s eye Israel. I implore you dear reader to get ready to be amazed at the dramatic positive changes that will unfold in America over the next few years in every aspect of our republic including the inner cities. I believe that even our enemies will once again respect the United States of America who will once again deal with our rival nations from a position of strength. In spite of even those enemies from within, America the beautiful shall soon be great again and united in the grace of God.

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