My dear readers, innocent, gullible Americans have been exposed to lies and more lies since its Founding and I’m of the belief that the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump will be the consummate whistle blower every chance he gets. On 5/5/2016 T.V. JEOPARDY the category was 19th Century Americans and the question was who said “The public appears disposed to be amused even when they are conscious of being deceived.” The answer: P. T. Barnum.

There are thousands of good, patriotic Americans working in government jobs with information to expose all these “False Flag” catastrophes but they don’t speak up because their jobs would be in JEOPARDY. And like the rest of us, they all have bills to pay so they resort to quietly and anonymously contacting such newspapers or magazines as the National Enquirer. It is the job of the bought and paid for journalists of the New World Order machine to yell “conspiracy” when one of these smaller news outlets writes a story that is contrary to the manufactured one.

Spiro Agnew once famously called JOURNALISTS “nattering nabobs of negativism.” He was accused of taking bribes and kickbacks from the contractors during his time as governor of Maryland, a practice that continued into his vice presidency with Richard Nixon, who like Agnew, praised regional government.[1]


Readers may need to be reminded it was Republican President Richard Nixon who created United Nations Regional government on February 10, 1972 with Executive Order 11647. This E.O. divided us into ten regions giving rise to the Administrative State of Alphabet soup federal regulatory agencies exercising unconstitutional power which had been planned by FDR, later instituted by Richard Nixon and was modeled after plans by Mussolini and Stalin.[2] The “Administrative Rule” gives false power to Metro Authorities.

Agnew was ultimately accused of tax evasion, conspiracy, bribery and tax fraud. However, he plea bargained those charges down to just one: Income tax evasion, to which he pleaded no contest. The terms of this deal included three year’s probation and resignation from the office of V.P and he never spoke to Richard Nixon again once he left office but he was in attendance at Nixon’s funeral in 1994. Spiro Agnew died of leukemia in 1996 at seventy-seven[1]


I was involved many years in the Oregon GOP. I was never aware of how other states voted assuming they were like us – popular votes and of course, until this 2016 election cycle, T.V. coverage wouldn’t be so great outside their own states so we didn’t get all the facts out here on the West Coast. Perhaps the more politically astute would keep an eye on those states, but the rest of us probably watched JEOPARDY as they held their caucuses which I just assumed was “party time” as it used to be in Oregon at such gatherings until the conservatives took over and the boozing stopped.


After Cruz dropped out on May 5th there was talk about Trump cancelling the Eugene appearance but he said, “No, full speed ahead.” We have “vote by mail” which causes untold problems but our ballots must arrive by May 17th to the respective county election offices.

I began drafting this article at 4 p.m. on May 5th when the T.V. was reporting long lines already forming for the 7 p.m. evening event for Donald and traffic backed up for miles to get into the grounds. People drove from Eastern Oregon which is always conservative and understandably hates the liberals on the west side of the mountain in Portland and the Willamette Valley where I live. Trump is in Eugene, home of the liberal University of Oregon. I’m guessing the webmaster of News With Views drove a couple hours north from Grants Pass and probably met Trump in person and we’ll see pictures on the website. I’m an hour north of Eugene and I’m delighted to see Oregonians are turning out like the T.V. reports. Police were standing by for any protesters but there were no arrests. Portions of the speech Trump gave wasn’t on our T.V. until the news at 11 p.m. nor was FOX covering it like it so often did in the other states. And our local T.V. station directed us to their website if we wanted to hear the whole speech. This should help people in other states to see how unimportant we are on the West Coast. FOX may have a few clips on later.


Ted Cruz was a great orator and a great organizer. Unlike my lack of political knowledge, he and the Tea Party, did their home work. What Cruz forgot was we, the people, so he lost in states where the GOP didn’t control the vote of the people with caucuses.

The idea for this article came to me when I woke up on the morning of May 3rd – the day of the Indiana election -to hear on the news that it appeared the presumptive Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump was being reported as putting his foot in his mouth again when he had alleged that Cruz’s father may have had some connection to the Kennedy assassination. Trump claimed that the National Enquirer story on Cruz’s father was not denied so he ran with it which immediately required the gutless mainline media rather than investigate further to call it another conspiracy; however, the BBC reported the National Enquirer had hired photo experts who said Rafael Cruz appeared in images in New Orleans alongside Lee Harvey Oswald. Kelleigh Nelson at News With Views which have been promoting Trump’s election said it was all true and that the Warren Commission had reported this including Rafael Cruz’s name. You might want to check out Kelleigh’s blog.


And once it became known to a greater extent that Nelson and News With Views were diligently promoting Donald Trump for president, government-controlled world wide web experts and computer technicians who are more knowledgeable than I ever hope to be have attacked News With Views and all articles are now accessed with a huge red danger warning across the top. Frustrated readers can say they feel safe going forward and they push the correct keys but in other cases, readers cannot access News With Views at all. Welcome to the Police state.

To regulate the thinking and feelings of people when it comes to certain subjects is always a delicate job. A 1/7/2012 article warned censorship of the Internet was on the horizon. The government determines in advance what they want us to hear and see which requires advance planning to condition the people for what they want us to learn. One glaring example is traditional Christian values have been censored on college campuses denying student groups regular access to campus facilities.


David Icke in his 1995 book…AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE says Earl Warren refused to transfer Jack Ruby from Dallas to Washington to tell his story about the Kennedy Assassination. Ruby finally figured too late out he’d been set up! The Warren Commission was appointed by Lyndon Baines Johnson, who became president after Kennedy’s assassination, and was high on the list for benefiting in Kennedy’s assassination, and was closely connected to all the other players who benefited massively from the killing. Chief Justice Earl Warren was a 33rd degree Freemason and a man under the control of the organized crime syndicate, and, of course Attorney General Robert Kennedy was investigating this crime syndicate when his brother, the President, was assassinated.[2] Icke says later he is a retired government scientist with an advanced degree in one of the health related disciplines and he does not use his real name for fear of retaliation, either against him, or against members of his family which further proves what I said in the opening paragraph.

In Michael Collins Piper’s 2004 book FINAL JUDGMENT he told how prominent friends of Israel helped shape Chief Justice Earl Warren’s views about the JFK assassination, pointing the finger in the direction of the Communists.[3] If the Warren Commission had been sincere in investigating the JFK conspiracy and discovered an Israeli connection, the immense “Jewish Presence” with the commission could have provided the means whereby the Israeli connection would undoubtedly have been covered up.[3]


I have shared a variety of details which may be or may not be relevant to Trump’s remark about Cruz’s father’s connection with Oswald. Only the reader can decide, and, of course, Ted Cruz, who like Barack Obama, wasn’t eligible to run for president in the first place, lost the Indiana election and at that time he decided to call it quits. And Obama’s election was the biggest HOAX ever.

And right in that same time frame Bradlee Dean had written an article entitled AMERICA, SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER starting off his article with a quote from Jeremiah 11:9: “And the Lord said unto me, a conspiracy is found among the men of Judah.” As he gathered all his information for his article he noticed the communists are hard at work attempting to attack and discredit anyone and everyone that tells you the truth which exposes their lies. Bradlee quotes former CIA Director in 1981, William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false.” And this is where Presidential candidate Donald Trump will be helpful when he starts exposing one by one all the “false flag” operations pulled off right under our noses.

I suppose one of the most recent ones that had me totally mortified when I learned that actors were part of the Boston Marathon bombing and thanks to a Truth Seeking friend in Texas, there are many more as described in the video heretofore. And recently, at the anniversary of the bombing in Boston, the media showed the person who lost two legs (but not in the bombing.)


The Lord moves in mysterious ways. O’Reilly on FOX says the media is a “free lie zone” and while I don’t think O’Reilly lies, he certainly refuses to do any difficult investigating and reporting. He uses surrogates to do most of his work. After being on the air nearly 30 years, Rush Limbaugh came on the air on 5/5 perplexed for the first time finding the right words to explain the current presidential race which has us all scratching our heads.


And it is going to be interesting to watch the continued Democrat party presidential election unfold. Hillary could end up in prison and Trump may be running against America’s first self-proclaimed Socialist, Bernie Sanders, like never before, has been attracting millennials, Americans born since the early 1980s.

It wasn’t until the 1970s when the GOP neoconservatives joined the conservative movement with their own distinct radical beliefs involving a hyper-interventionist foreign policy as the video shown above illustrates. Their influence within the movement would grow through the following decades, eventually culminating in George W. Bush’s administration’s neocons as big government globalists who are not concerned about reducing the size of government as we saw when they were in control. They have been quite content with the process until it was obvious when voters rejected Jeb Bush and then began to support Trump. They must have known then the party was over; however, this could mean the vindictive GOP neocons will begin holding back money from Trump, who needs to get other Republicans elected to Congress as well as filling legislative and governor positions throughout the U.S. so be careful where you send your money. Trump is paying for his own primary election but we, the people, must help for the General.

© 2016 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved


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