According to the New American article of Monday, October 1st, NAFTA “Finessed” to Include Canada at the Expense of U.S. Sovereignty by Bob Adelmann, the United States is about to be sucked into a trap with the new NAFTA deal that could lead to a loss of sovereignty.

Trump Loses on Chapter 19

“Last Friday, the liberal Toronto Star first leaked about the coming “finesse”: “The dispute resolution impasse [over sovereignty-threatening Chapter 19 in the original NAFTA] could be finessed.” (Emphasis Added) (Bold type mine)

Chapter 19 allows Canada, Mexico and the United States to challenge one another’s anti-dumping and countervailing duties in front of a panel of representatives from each country. Over the years, Canada has successfully used Chapter 19 to challenge the United States on its softwood lumber restrictions.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, they confirmed that the United States could fold in order to keep Canada in the deal by noting that “there are still ways to finesse deadlines and processes before NAFTA 2.0 ultimately takes effect.” (Emphasis added)

Just before midnight Sunday, another writer at the Wall Street Journal wrote that Trump’s demand to eliminate Chapter 19 altogether from the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) disappeared entirely under pressure from those who wanted to keep it.

Trans Pacific Partnership Redux

My take on this is that someone had to have blatantly disobeyed President Trump’s demand for Chapter 19 to be eliminated; we don’t know if it was only one person, or if there were others involved in causing the President’s demand to entirely disappear. We do know however that there are many, even in the Trump administration, who reportedly favor trade deals both now and in the past such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  According to former Senator Sessions these deals would have resulted in open borders and unlimited immigration. There was also a provision which allowed for future additions to be added. Another provision stated there were other provisions that would not be revealed for at least four years after the TPP was ratified and went into effect. How sinister is that?

The bulk of the TPP was 42 inches high and was composed of 30 chapters with an average thickness of 1.4 inches. There were only five chapters or about seven inches that were about trade. The remaining 25 chapters consisting of about 35 inches were about how our country would have to be changed. Obama had stated that some of our laws had to be changed to coincide with the laws of the other countries making up the TPP.

It is obvious that based on what little we know that there were many sinister and traitorous plans for us in that 35 inches of the TPP text which had nothing to do with trade.

It is difficult to imagine that there were and are many powerful and respected people in our nation and our government who are involved in the treason which appears to be on a rampage, yet they continue to be lauded and applauded by those we consider to be the opinion molders of society.

The President’s demand that Chapter 19 be eliminated completely disappeared entirely under pressure from those who wanted to keep it. The Wall Street Journal article noted that:

A broad coalition of Republican and Democratic members of Congress, joined by leaders from American business and labor organizations have made clear in recent days they would be unlikely to support a revised NAFTA that doesn’t include Canada.

In response, Trump officials, including globalist Robert Lighthizer as Trump’s trade representative and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner said various sources “brokered the deal” then suggested they would try to find ways to finesse the procedures and deadlines to leave the door open for Ottawa to be part of NAFTA 2.0 before an agreement was submitted to Congress for consideration. (Italics Mine)

Back to the New American’s article:

“Merriam Webster defines “finesse” as “a skillful handling of a situation, an adroit maneuvering.” Merriam Webster could have added “utter collapse of previous nonnegotiable demands covered up with pronouncements to the contrary in order to get a deal done.”

And an utter collapse it was, as the Wall Street Journal noted in its coverage early Monday morning, “The United States compromised by dropping its demands to scrap the original treaty’s Chapter 19 provisions (creating) the special NAFTA courts allowing member states to challenge trade restrictions imposed by the others.”

The New American article states, “This was no compromise. It was an utter collapse – a treacherous sellout of precious sovereignty in order to keep Canada in NAFTA 2.0 The Journal’s writers covering the “finesse” of American interests in favor of supporting globalism tried to handle the collapse “adroitly.”

Trump officials argued such courts infringed American sovereignty, but Canada sees the panels (supra-national courts operating under Chapter 19 that essentially allow unelected bureaucrats to bypass America’s Constitution) as vital to protecting its industries against what officials consider frequent improper tariffs imposed by the U.S. – concerns heightened by the Trump administration’s aggressive moves to block a range of Canadian exports from lumber to aircraft.

One must remember that unelected bureaucrats cannot be gotten rid of, and this has always been a communist tactic.  Deals with unelected people in charge should immediately be destroyed.

There’s the treachery…giving up essential constitutional guarantees with long-term negative implications for national sovereignty in order to cut a deal with socialists in Canada and Mexico. This includes supporters inside the Trump administration who cherish a global community (world government) in place of sovereign nations making their own enforceable decisions according to the will of their people. (Bold type mine)

There are other parts to the USMCA related to demands that auto makers make sure that much of those vehicles are built by high-paid workers and that unions gain substantial inroads into Mexican industry, all in the name of fairness and equity. But these fade in importance when compared to the retention of the odious Chapter 19.

Stopping NAFTA 2.0

There remains an opportunity to stop NAFTA 2.0, noted the Wall Street Journal.

The official up-beat rhetoric is lauding and applauding the deal as something great, and according to the article in the New American (President Trump called USMCA a “wonderful new trade deal” for all three countries) much work remains before a new NAFTA takes effect. The agreement must win ratification by the U.S. Congress, where trade deals have become increasingly difficult to pass.

Administration officials said they don’t expect the new NAFTA 2.0 pact to face a Congressional vote until next year, when the House may be under control of Trump-hostile Democrats reluctant to support any of the president’s initiatives.

This gives more time for activists who see the sovereignty-threatening dangers of keeping Chapter 19 in NAFTA 2.0 to create awareness among their peers and pressure their elected representatives in Congress to vote against it.

Bob Adelmann made the final comment, “It’s not a ‘wonderful new Trade Deal,’ Mr. President, but the same old wolf all dressed up in new clothing. You gave away your trump card in order to cut this deal. Shame on you.” (Bold type mine)

I heartily agree. If the President allows Chapter 19 to stand in this new NAFTA 2.0 it will bring shame on his reputation at some time in the future for the simple reason that it will be perceived as a promise he didn’t keep. And more than that it will be seen and remembered as just another event where the leadership of this nation allowed the globalist enemies to incrementally chip away at our sovereignty and thus – at our independence and liberty.

Treasonous Actions Against President Trump

Now comes word that the USMCA agreement is much worse than the NAFTA which President Trump promised to replace.

According to Christian Gomez’s New American article, USMCA: A NAFTA Reboot?, this new agreement by U.S. Trade Representative and Council on Foreign Relations member Robert Lighthizer is “built on” many aspects of the TPP, which according to the New American writer, have the potential to strip the U.S. of its sovereignty.

There are many features in the USMCA agreement that pose a grave danger to the liberty and independence of the American people. And it was all to be expected considering how the Trump administration had become saturated with traitors who are there to stop the Trump agenda for a better America.

How did these traitors get into these positions where they could disrupt the President’s agenda?  This and the aspects of the dangers to our sovereignty embedded is the USMCA Agreement will be dealt with in a future article.

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