It may seem paradoxical to say this of people who have taken control of so many big pieces of our country, but liberals love failure.

Think about it. What’s their favorite ideology? It’s either socialism or communism, both colossal failures. And go ahead, tell me they haven’t enjoyed their defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 election. They’ve been reveling in a non-stop tantrum ever since: more fun, even, than winning. A delicious sundae of self-pity, a perpetual feast of outrage—even a spot of dinner theater, with the ongoing kabuki dance of Collusion With The Russians. What liberal could resist it?

In the run-up to Christmas this year, leftids are going right down to the wire, displaying their lust for failure. If they can just replace Christmas with something that’s a total wipe-out all around, something that makes nobody happy, they will have achieved one of their fondest dreams. Heck, any doofus can try to succeed! But it’s the pursuit of failure that separates the leftids from the normal people.

Here are two examples of their most recent work, this Christmas season.

A “theater historian” at Boston University made herself a public laughing-stock by proclaiming that “Jingle Bells” is—you guessed it—racist.  Well, all right, everything’s racist these days, the word has lost its punch; but she didn’t let that stop her. She blathered that the harmless Yuletide carol is “problematic,” it’s about “its role in the construction of blackness and whiteness in America,” and it also stinks because it expresses “elements” of male-ness. Oooh, that must be bad! This is all true because “Jingle Bells” was performed in blackface in 1857.

Throughout the social media, thousands of readers pronounced the professor an idiot, mucho laughs at her expense. She tried to pull back—“I didn’t say it’s racist now!”—but it was too late, she’d already gone over the falls.

Don’t bother to ask, “What earthly good did she expect to accomplish by doing this?” If liberals ever judged their actions by what early good they did, they’d have given up and gone home a hundred years ago. But they treasure the blessings of failure.

Then there’s the TV musical remake of the Jean Shepherd classic, “A Christmas Story.” You’ve probably seen the original: somewhere in Indiana, sometime in the 1940s, Ralphie wants a Red Rider air rifle for Christmas…

Apparently no one in the world liked the three-hour “dumpster fire” (as one viewer called it) of a remake. Everyone complained about its forced Diversity—which is always forced on us, so why was anyone surprised?—and its ham-fisted PC tone.

What they don’t understand is that leftids love to be rejected by normal people. That this “Christmas Story” remake instantly went down in history as the worst TV musical ever not only titillates them with the glamor of defeat. It establishes them, in their own minds, as wise and righteous, intrepid, committed Social Justice Warriors who will never, never hang back from an enterprise just because it will not work. Failure validates their actions. It helps them to identify with some of the more unfortunate fringes of the Democrat voting base.

Because this venture belly-flopped so badly, we can expect to see more like it. Wait’ll you see what they do to “Moby Dick,” as they seek new horizons of failure: Captain Gayhab and his Really Diverse crew hunt the White Privilege Whale… Robin Hood and his Mary men… A Tale of Two Cities, Sodom and Gomorrah—and so on.

Lest they bestow the crown of failure on our country, these are the people who have to be defeated.

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