By Sidney Secular

July 22, 2022

It’s a slow building spectacle. The momentum is momentous as gravity gives it gravitas. The snowball is snowballing as it careens downhill to bury Whites. There are just the sounds of silence as we remain silent about our fate. White America stands on the cusp of oblivion, of annihilation in the plain literal sense. It’s not hyperbole to state that the White race is racing towards extinction — not just demographic conquest and dispossession; not just humiliation, discrimination. and civil rights abuses, but EXTINCTION with the likelihood of attendant violence. We’ve been oblivious to oblivion, but hopefully, the instinct of self-preservation will kick in, in time to turn the tide, to stop the careen into the abyss. We have to recognize this reality and not retreat from it. The starting point and time to end this mindless madness must be now because it is mere minutes to Midnight before the permanent night of extinction ensues. We have to work backwards up a difficult slope from where we presently are or we will slide further downhill as the West further devolves.

Once immigration began, a transformation of the basically White world of the US to the Third World in 1965 ensured. That meant the end of the so-called “melting pot” in which hitherto various European ethnicities could meld together rather seamlessly and assimilate into an altogether different White reality represented by the bounty and boundless boundary/frontier testing spirit of America.  Instead, there could now be only an inevitable meltdown as the new totally foreign elements added an untenable type of diversity in which the ingredients cannot mesh together into an edible stew. This new recipe led to a cheesy imitation of the America designed by the founders that flounders along without the necessary moral compass of a common religious or cultural base to keep it on track. As the foreign elements increased as a percentage of the overall stew, the founding stock was increasingly charged as having egg on its face by the race hustlers as they unfairly “eggzaturated” and mischaracterized alleged past misdeeds of the native White stock. Every defect, deficiency, or even duplicity of the newcomers and the never-to-be-satisfied – and never acculturated Blacks – could be palmed off or blamed on non-existent “white privilege” or the nearly non-existent “white supremacism,” a figment of the imagination of fervid and fevered minds. Once the foreigners achieved sufficient clout and cred, assimilation could be thrown under the bus by the leftists who were now in the driver’s seat in their drive for “diversity”. Senseless equality of outcomes was the natural outcome of trying to satisfy all foreign comers and non-white up-and-comers regardless of their native capabilities and IQs.

There is an unfortunately common talking and take-off point that dominates mainstream conservatism, a.k.a. civic nationalism, mainstream patriotism, inclusive populism, cuckservatism, neo-conservatism, Americanism, etc. – and it is that the ruling classes or deep staters are conjuring up racial division out of whole cloth in order to keep us divided and thus easier to control and manipulate. These dupes and possible “duplicitives” include such icons as Rush, Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et al. All are in thrall to explain that they are not racists and therefore should be taken seriously. They are akin to the Marxists who are in thrall with the classic class and economic distinctions of rich vs, poor, or the haves vs, the have-nots or, as in post modernism – the “new” Marxism – the oppressed and the oppressor. They see these dichotomies as fractious factions. The reason for sticking with these ingrained talking points is that the average conservative cannot admit to himself that the 20th Century experiment in multiracial egalitarian democracy was not only a catastrophic failure, but in fact was doomed from the get-go. Going along with the flood-like flow of the “main- stream,” the term “racist’ has been turned into the epithet that elicits the most revulsion and repulsion, and mainstream conservatism has been caught up in the flood of going along to get along “sickophantism”. Even a serial killer like necrophile cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t mind being called any kind of monster except “racist.” Bush league George W. Bush groveled to a point lower than a snake’s belly when Kanye West accused him of not caring about Black people in connection with the Hurricane Katrina fiasco in which the true nature of most Blacks became apparent.

Discrimination occurs when a dominant group uses legal structures and political power to exclude weaker groups from full participation in society. A parasitic ruling class today exercises all but total dominance over media, finance, business, academia, science and government – a dominance enhanced through ethnic and other networking – and is indeed engaged in a coordinated effort to disenfranchise White Americans from society. This strategy has been called “Jim Snow.” Through affirmative action and the forced and foolish diversity enhancement schemes that followed, White men were and are systemically and systematically excluded from or underrepresented in work forces and university admissions across the class spectrum. There are seemingly an unlimited number of government contract, grant, and welfare programs for all so-called minorities, but none specifically for Whites while the other such programs specifically exclude them. There are programs to promote economic development in certain areas with high concentrations of unemployment or “underemployment” that happen to be predominantly White areas, but the thrust is not to assist Whites per se. Whites have had taxation without specific representation for almost the entire life of the country, but in a pronounced manner since about 1965 when the immigration system was rigged against them. In fact, we are literally expected to provide for our own replacement by minorities in individual cases when ordered by employers to train our replacements to meet affirmative action and diversity program goals. Many laid-off white employees who refuse to train their replacements are denied the severance packages that came with their employment contract. In my personal experience, my late “significant other” quit her job rather than comply with this indignity, especially since it was apparent she would be more competent than her replacement.

As if that was not disturbing enough, in connection to the artificial and engineered COVID calamity we have witnessed the emergence of medical discrimination with treatment for non-whites being prioritized. Integration didn’t stop the Blacks from wanting to stick to their own kind in social and educational environments, so it’s demand is gradually being phased out. “Reverse segregation” seems to be seeping into society in which contact with Whites is frowned upon lest the overly sensitive Blacks suffer discomfort from claimed but concocted cases of micro-aggression. Universities, which lead the charge into nihilism, are setting aside dormitories where Whites are not welcome and are increasingly offering race-specific graduation ceremonies for non-Whites. A movement to create and foster White student unions at a few universities a few years ago met opposition from the usual suspects and was abandoned when the prerequisite faculty sponsors would not volunteer to steer the efforts. Whites are absolutely not permitted to exclude non-Whites from anything while non-Whites are privileged and encouraged to exclude Whites from their “spaces.” There are no fields of endeavor or even social activities where Whites can have the field to themselves without non-whites butting/horning in and forcing their acceptance even if it takes legal action to do so. When they do so it is celebrated as a special conquest or worthy achievement. Freedom of association as discussed in another article in this newsletter has long gone by the boards. It’s disappearance was a catalyst in the current efforts to break up White social assembly and coherence.  NASCAR, the country music scene, winter sports, and even hockey are the latest victims of this movement to deny Whites a sense of self/racial consciousness and a sense that they have any special talents or a history of special achievement.

At a certain stage of genocide, dehumanization and polarization affect the victim group.  This stage is far advanced in the US and Europe. When this stage is reached, the very humanity of the targeted group is denied as a prerequisite for overcoming the natural revulsion against mass murder. Hate propaganda is deployed to demonize and depersonalize the target group with the aim of implanting the germ of a growing idea that “we would be better off without them.” This is especially visible in the present war against history in which the glories of Western – that is White – Civilization is being slowly cancelled. At present, you can now get away with saying anything about Whites, no matter how dark, brutal, or gruesome in what used to be their countries. When this phenomenon gets embedded in comedy routines, you know the situation isn’t funny anymore, because the perps are trying to make you laugh it off and not take it seriously. Jokes about dumb blondes were a forerunner of this seeming folderol. We could trot out one example after another. but two cases are illustrative of what “goes down”.

Black Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper, at an event where the opening address was delivered by impostor President Joe Biden, celebrated the decline of white birthrates. In her own words, she said White birthrates are falling so precipitously “because they cannot afford to put newer generations into the middle class or sustain their own lives and that Whites deserved to go extinct!” Indeed, she’d like to accelerate the pace declaring that her fellow Blacks “gotta take the m– – – f– – – ers out.”  Rutgers and the pres-iding Biden refused to condemn the remarks. At the Yale School of Medicine, Pakistani psychiatrist Anna Khilanani fantasized along the same lines, waxing lyrical about “unloading a revolver into the head of any White person that gets in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favor.” She referred to Whites as “demented, violent predators”. Jon Leibowitz — more commonly known by his crypsis name, Jon Stewart – recently hosted a program called “The Problem With White People” in which he insidiously ranted against White farmers and their “resentment” in South Africa for being dispossessed of their farmlands and murdered in the process. This has overtones of the Holodomor. Every day, on every news program, on every talk show, in every classroom, in every boardroom, in every government office, Whites are spoken about in language that cannot be describes as anything other than genocidal.

The words that typically surround “racism” and racist are intentionally pathological and medicalized – such as “virulent”. Racism is inherently characterized as a White phenomenon of which other races are deemed incapable. Dozens of municipalities across the country have declared “racism” to be a “public health emergency.” With the advent of the medical tyranny and the vast concentration of power and influence that medical bureaucracies now have, as enhanced by the COVID power grab that has gone “viral,” making ‘racism” into a disease could give diseased minds more latitude to consider Whites as pathogens or pathogenic purveyors of a kind of mental disease.

Cultural genocide and the bad-mouthing of Whites would be the natural forerunners of physical genocide. Before they slaughter us, they have to grind our heroes into the dust, take down our statues, strip us of our roots and turn our callow, immature and strident children against us. By denying us our history and legacies, they deny us our identity and roots, and thus leaving us without a sense of community and purpose. Their actions constitute a sublimated rage of what they would like to do to us if they could get their hands on us and get away with it – and the fact is, that such a situation is now definitely possible!

The cucked “Republicants” led the charge against Southern history. National Review celebrated the cultural destruction of the South. Of course, that was just a “prelewd” to the obliteration of all White history and the falsification of what remains to meet the new memes. History itself is not thought of as an important subject to study since it is more or less the story of what Whites have done and so it is disappearing from college curricula. It is “his-story’ and not enough “her-story” anyway. Politically incorrect books are being removed from purchase from Amazon and mainstream outlets. Universities and public libraries in general are removing old history books and even classics from circulation. Many books considered essential reading until recently are now banned as racist or sexist or not meeting the new Communist program and so are subject to an “ink-quisition”.  Diversity of opinion dies as uniformity and conformity become de rigueur. Many classics wind up as cheap reads in Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, and other thrift store book sections as libraries donate them for tax write-offs so as to survive in an environment in which people hardly read books anymore. Thrift stores do a surprising amount of on-line mailorder sales of discarded books sold through Amazon and E-bay. At least the classics can become affordable reads for people with diminishing real incomes and some real sense that way.

The teaching of American history has already been fundamentally anti-white for several generations. Slavery, the Holocaust (TM), and the “civil rights” movement together with anything else to enhance white guilt, dominate the dialogue. Middle schools in teaching the history of their particular state frequently turn these courses into muddled diatribes of politically correct poop.

With the forced adoption of anti-white Critical Race Theory, government schools and no small number of private and “Christian” schools have transformed into full-fledged torture camps for the brainwashing of White children. As a result, these children come home in tears, ashamed of their race and angry at their parents for bringing them into the world. The brutal elimination of white identity is surely a significant factor in the increasing incidence of race mixing and the large number of abortions that result therefrom. For lack of any normal identity, the increasing number of children identifying as the weird LGBT and other hard to believe sexual oddities under the grooming regimen of their predator teachers, nurses, counselors and psychiatrists is a metastasizing lunacy launched by the left. Sometimes it becomes for younger children especially a matter of gaining approval of the culture through gender choice if one’s race is unacceptable! Children need acceptance and if they cannot change their race, they can always change their gender – or so they’re told.

If you turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, you’ll flip over the number of Blacks featured in the ads. I have a dream that one day I can stop seeing Blacks as role models and being elevated to the top of the social pyramid. If you see a White in an ad, they are most likely to be homosexual, in an interracial relationship, have friends that are all the “united colors of Benetton,” are morbidly obese, or are cast in a subservient or secondary role. Healthy, strong especially White males are persona non grata in the advertising industry. The overarching purpose of ads is to more often than not reinforce the “new normal” culture, sell darkness or smut, sell big pharma’s bag of faddish cures or vanity-driven beauty products or advertise travel or cruise opportunities to people who don’t know what to do with their ill-gotten gains. Of even more concern, Hollywood churns out big-budget film and TV productions which glorify violence against Whites. “Inglorious Basterds,” “Django Unchained,” “Unchained,” Get out,” “Hunters” and “Watchmen” are examples of this degenerate genre and are exercises in genocidal pre-programming. There are many films that make fun of whites, showing them as inferior to Blacks despite being socially superior. One such film was “The Help” which contain a situation in which a black employee gave her white employer a pie made with her own feces! White heroes, both fictional and historical, are now routinely recast as non-white. Whites are not permitted to visualize themselves via movies or TV as doing anything notable or noble. Often these depictions are ridiculous, such as BBC’s black Anne Boleyn or Netflix’s black Viking Queen. Such is the atrocious ignorance of modern audiences that such trash is not consigned to the trash bin by critics and those with some supposed sense or sense of propriety. Humiliation is the key, erasing us from our own history, stealing our achievements and crediting others with them.

We have allowed sex perverts and our racial enemies to define American culture for a century, our reality shaped by those who want us dead or hollow shells of ourselves. We have been redefined as a nearly untouchable caste, but our women are still the envy of the other races for their beauty and so are raped in enormous numbers creating great dangers to themselves that they do not appreciate since many have not been made aware of the dangers they face by a news media that spike any stories that do not conform to the new narrative.

We know police departments, intelligence agencies, and the military have been severely compromised with an anti-white mindset, at least at the upper levels. The process started during the Obama Administration, accelerated while Trump was in office, and is being finalized under the Biden regime.  The degree to which the rank-and-file have been penetrated or compromised is still uncertain. Unbelievably, we know that non-white criminal gangs have long penetrated the military, that recruitment standards continue to fall (we examined the situation at West Point in a previous newsletter), and that the military academies are indistinguishable from civilian universities in their commitments to leftism and anti-white diversity, which are fervently promoted from on high by the Pentagon (Pentagram?). As well, we know that the military’s COVID vaxx injection mandates are being used to drive out conservative, independently-minded White men.

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