By George Lujack

We’re being exterminated.” – President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman), Independence Day, 1996

The words, “We’re being exterminated,” of fictional President Thomas J. Whitmore in the movie Independence Day were in regards to an alien race of beings attempting to exterminate the human race and take over the Earth and its resources. What need do we have of aliens when we have terrestrial beings right here on Earth seeking exterminate the human race and destroy the Constitutional liberties enjoyed by freedom loving Americans?

Cancel culture is an easy, smooth way of saying that American freedom is being exterminated. Many people are no longer even being cancelled by feigned outrage from the Left, but are quitting their careers as a matter of conscience, refusing to go along with new job requirements that the Left imposes upon them.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Adolf Hitler

Connecticut Teacher Resigns Over Critical Race Theory Curriculum

Jennifer Tafuto, a Manchester Public School teacher for six years, resigned over her elementary school district’s Critical Race Theory curriculum. “After 6 years as a teacher in CT, I decided to resign from what I thought would be my forever career bc I felt more like a political activist than a teacher in my own classroom.”

Teaching Critical Race Theory is just the latest installment of new American indoctrination values that the Left insists on imposing onto schoolchildren. There are many other stories of teachers being fired or quitting for distributing or possessing a Bible, quoting Scripture verses in school, refusing to teach the LGBTQ curriculum, etc.

Teachers are expendable and the Left will find replacement teachers who are willing to teach Critical Race Theory, as well as many other social engineering indoctrinating curriculums, to children.

Nurses: Last Year’s Heroes, This Year’s Zeros

Nurses across America are facing the prospect of receiving pink slips for refusing to roll up their sleeves and take the Covid death jab. Nurses, of all professions, should know a thing or two about vaccines, because they’ve seen a thing or two about what’s really going on in the hospitals. Nurses’ refusals to take the Covid jabs, and their possible loss of employment over their refusal, is further confirmation to critical thinking Americans who rightly reject the “safe and effective” sales pitch of the Covid vaccines and the “science” of the Left.

NY Governor Kathy Hochul, who is as radically extreme as Andrew Cuomo – the man she replaced, has warned that nurses throughout the state who refuse to get Covid-19 shots will face being fired and New York may recruit medical workers from the Philippines and other countries to replace unvaccinated staff at hospitals.

New York American citizen nurses are expendable and the Left hopes to find replacements for unvaccinated nurses from medical workers who they hope to recruit from other countries.

Jon Gruden Resigns Over Homophobic, Sexist, and Transphobic Emails

The National Felons League routinely has players under investigation for serious allegations of domestic violence and other criminal activity, but if you are a white male head coach and emails emerge from over ten years ago in which you call someone a faggot, a pussy, and show forwarded pics of bikini clad women to others, then the powers that be on the politically correct Left will let you know that it’s time to resign. Apologies for this kind of behavior are not acceptable. We know that in the NFL there is plenty of room for locker room talk, but not from white male head coaches.

White male sports coaches and commentators, you are expendable and will be replaced by politically correct persons who will speak appropriately at all times.

U.S. Military who Refuse Covid Vaccinations Face Being Court Marshalled and Dishonorably Discharged

The Pentagon has announced that it plans to require all military personnel to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. Anyone who refuses could face court marshal and dishonorable discharge from the armed services.

Military personnel are expendable and replacements are not a concern of the Leftists.

New York City and Chicago Police, Firefighter, and Municipal Workers Vaccine Mandate

Police officers, firefighters, and all municipal workers in New York City and Chicago have been ordered to roll up their collective sleeves and take the Covid shot as a condition of employment. New York City employees will also receive an additional $500 in their paychecks for getting the blood clotting vaccine.

When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” – Ron Paul

Medical privacy and sovereignty over medical decisions made over one’s own body take a back seat to the Left’s “We’re all in this together” and “The vaccines only work if everyone takes them” medical propaganda.

Judge Tosses Suit That Sought to Block Transgender Athletes

Female athletes across the nation must not only compete against other female athletes, but against biological men who ‘transition’ as transgenders and enter into women’s sports. This was all made possible by their political allies on the Left.

Isn’t it ironic that the Left wants us to recognize 57 genders, but when it comes to sports they only want to recognize two: male and female, then insist that female sports competitions accommodate biologically born males?

Anyone who suggests that biologically born men should compete against each other in a different gender category are criticized as bigots, but all that conservatives are requesting is that a transgender’s genders should be recognized as something other than male and female in competitive sports, just as the LGBTQ zealots would otherwise demand.

Sweeping New Vaccine Mandates for 100 Million Americans

President Biden wants to order federal workers and companies with 100 or more employees to require Covid vaccinations for their employees as a condition of employment. Biden’s executive order Covid vaccine mandate excludes members of Congress, other politicians, and federal workers, naturally.

What if 100 million Americans get long term illnesses and / or prematurely die from the dangerous, blood clotting experimental Covid vaccinations? American citizens are expendable and President Biden has been welcoming in the replacements, illegal immigrants from the Mexican border, who are not required to receive Covid vaccinations upon illegally entering and remaining in the United States.

Some may say Biden is doing a bad job, but that would be based on the assumption that he is working for the American people and the betterment of American society. Joe Biden is working with globalists, the communist Chinese, big tech, big pharma, and whoever else has greased the big guy’s pockets. He is doing a great job of destroying America’s conservative culture and traditional values for the Left.

The law is powerless, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.

The Deep State Strikes Back, Revenge of the Left

For a brief time, American greatness made a comeback.Political correctness and the march of the Left towards communist dysfunctional was put on hold

President Trump was impeached twice for made up offenses, while Usurper Joe Biden, who is guilty of stealing the election and treason, gets nothing but protection and praise from our corrupt, enabling, in the tank, leftist mainstream media. President Donald J. Trump was expendable and his replacement was ‘President’ Joe Biden.

The MSM are in on the dole and are totally complicit in the destruction of America as we once knew it. There was a time when the homosexual advocates asked, “Are you homophobic”? My answer was always a resounding,“Yes! I am homophobic. Not homophobic in the sense that I am afraid of walking down the street and being gang raped by a group of male homosexuals, but homophobic knowing that people who cannot accept their own gender and / or are attracted sexually to their own gender will be influential in society at the exclusion and detriment of traditional American values.”

My fear was well grounded, as we can see the fruit of the works of the LGBTQ activists.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

The Left is no longer interested in intellectual discussion and fair play. They are interested in total conquest. They are seeking victory by means of taking total control of every institution in America, as conservative Americans are either fired or forced to resign over conscience, eliminated, or otherwise taken out of the way. Either way, the Left is getting what they want: the systematic destruction of traditional America, which will inevitably lead to the total destruction of America.

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