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Some may say we are sore losers but we are far from that.  We saw what ‘sore losers’ do when they lose, burn cities, loot, and cause hell to be raised.  We will stand for what is right.  We don’t take kindly to theft and that is what the liberals are trying to do with this election.

I saw a post on Instagram today that says it all.  I’ll have to paraphrase as I don’t remember it verbatim:  You can’t tell me that a guy who can’t put complete sentences together, remember where he is, or even remember what office he is running for that has promised to give the American people the biggest tax hike in history and destroy the whole American economy by shutting down the oil industry won the presidency of the United States.

We all know that there was so much fraud involved which is the only way this could have happened.  They awarded Michigan to Joe Biden when overnight they miraculously found over 138,000 votes, ALL for Biden![1] I remember this happening with Al Franken a few years back.  He had lost by 200+ votes and then out of nowhere they find a bow with six hundred ballots, ALL for Al Franken.  That same year a Republican won the governorship of Washington State and like pennies from heaven, they found boxes of ballots ALL for the Democrat candidate and, of course, the Democrat won.

We are seeing this very thing in the 2020 Presidential election.  In the State of Colorado for every Biden supporter, you saw there were 20 Trump supporters but Biden took the State.  Also, keep in mind that out of the 62 counties in Colorado 40 of them had over 100% ‘registered’ voters.  I covered this in my last series The Threat Of Voter Fraud Is Real and I linked to an article relating to that and today I find that it has been pulled from the web.  Interesting!  I did a search for it and nothing came up.  It is obvious that the liberals do not want you to be informed about this literal act of treason.  Our Democrat Secretary of State wanted to make sure that all voters in Colorado were given the opportunity to vote so she sent out a reminder to all voters, living and dead.  Colorado’s Democrat Sec. of State, Jena Griswold, sent out 750,000 voter registration notices many of which went to ineligible and even dead people.

Judd Choate, Director of the Secretary of State’s Elections Division, admitted last week that an unknown number of these reminder notices went to people who should not be getting one.

Choate claimed that the state used data from the National Electronic Registration Information System to mail the cards. The system is supposed to comb records and cancel the names of people who have moved to another state and registered there, died, or otherwise showed through their data that they are ineligible to vote in Colorado.

One such card ended up at the address of voter Karen Anderson. It was addressed to her mother who has been dead for more than 50 years.[2]

The big question that has to be asked when they are successful in stealing an election like this is, what will result from this theft?  One of the first things Biden has promised to do is stop building the border wall.  This wall has been very effective at not just stopping illegals but human trafficking, drugs, and the movement of other contraband.  Allowing these actions to continue will be devastating for American citizens.  Their safety will be compromised, job security will be non-existent and drugs will flow in like a flood.

Biden has also promised that he would end fracking which will cost millions of jobs.  He will ‘transition’ away from oil to so-called clean energy.[3]  This will completely destroy the American economy.  We will see unemployment in the millions in not just the oil industry but in all of its supporting industries as well as the construction industry, auto industry, and ALL the industries that support the auto industry.  This will be a domino effect that will make the Great Depression look like a three-day weekend.

Another thing that Biden has promised to do is to get America back into the Paris Climate Accord:  Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden’s plans to rejoin the Paris accord and transition to 100% renewable energy are popular with climate advocates, but perhaps nobody stands to gain more from the Biden vision than China.

Not only does China lead the world in the manufacture of solar panels and wind turbines, the Chinese control an estimated 80% of the rare-earth minerals crucial to the production of lithium batteries, electric vehicles, and solar and wind equipment.

The 2015 Paris Agreement is also Beijing-friendly. While the U.S. pledged to reduce emissions by 26-28% by 2025, China only agreed to reach peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and increase its non-fossil fuel energy sources to “around 20% by 2030,” according to the Climate Action Tracker.[4]  Notice that this deal favors China, big time.  I guess we know why Biden wants back in the deal.  It is bound to make someone in his family rich.  Trump mentioned that the majority of the costs of this program are borne by the American taxpayer with Chine the biggest beneficiary.

Biden says he won’t raise the taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 but one of the first things he will do is repeal Trump’s tax cuts which will raise the taxes on everybody!  Plus, the middle class will lose the extra deduction for kids.  Between the tax cuts and this deduction, the middle class will lose about $4000 in tax breaks.[5]

Biden is a believer in climate change so he will pursue going to ‘net-zero emissions by 2050.  I’m not sure we can fly planes on solar energy.  The idea of having all-electric cars is laughable at best.  You have to generate electricity for electric cars but no fossil fuels.  All studies I’ve seen have shown that to manufacture an electric car, maintain it through its life and then dispose of it when it has run its course creates more pollution than the same cycle with an internal combustion engine.

I did a series called Is Alternative Energy That Effective a few months back and, in that article, I exposed the fact that a windmill is good for about twenty-five years but to make enough energy to pay for itself it would have to operate for fifty years before it would break even. That makes wind energy pretty much useless.  Put on top of that the fact that the blades are made of a substance that cannot, at this time, be recycled.  So as of now, we can only stockpile the old blades until we can find a way to either dispose of them or recycle them.

With Joe Biden as president, one that won’t last out his first term leaving us with the most radical Senator we have ever had, Kamal Harris, the great American experiment is over, our freedom of speech is over, our freedom of religion is over, our right to keep and bear arms is over.  We will witness the greatest theft in the history of the world.

The votes have been cast but more people are voting than can legally vote and MSM will NOT address it because they have become America’s enemy along with the Democrat Party. If this election stands, I’m afraid we will have another Civil War on our hands. It will not be bloodless. Pray for America!

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