Win or lose, Donald Trump’s candidacy is a sign that the days of a free ride for the ruling class are over. Like the TEA Party movement before it, Trump’s presidential bid gives voice and shape to a deep and general discontent. That discontent is not going to go away.

Because people all over the world are waking up and finding that their house has been robbed while they slept—robbed by the very persons whom they trusted to protect them: robbed by the leaders they elected. Thinking they were choosing public servants, they were only choosing masters.

The time has come to push back.

Michael Barone last week analyzed pushback in two very different countries, Britain and Colombia. In Britain, of course, the issue was “Brexit,” secession from the European Union. In Colombia, it was a sweetheart peace deal with rebels who had seen better days.

In both cases, the government strongly supported a particular policy: in Britain, “remain” in the EU, and in Colombia, the peace treaty.

In both countries, the people living in the capital cities, and in some not very populous outlying areas, strongly supported the government’s position, while all the opposition came from what we might call “flyover country.”

In both cases, all the major polls showed the government’s position winning decisively.

And in both Britain and Colombia, the polls were wrong and the government lost: the overlooked peasants pushed back against their lords and masters, and prevailed.

We will soon see the same thing happening in Germany and France.

Why? Because people in countries all over the world are cluing into the fact that their rulers’ agenda isn’t their agenda. That the politicians, the courts, the nooze media, the academics, the union bosses, the movie stars, and the whole self-anointed whoopee crowd want their countries to go to places that the people most emphatically don’t want their countries to go to: globalism, open borders, bigger and bigger government trending to world government, mass immigration—what will they do, when they’ve finally emptied Syria?—the overthrow of Christian faith and social ethics, and vast new tax regimes. It’s all part of a deluxe fun pack that won’t be any fun at all for those of us who don’t have private jets.

Push, push, push—our betters, our self-styled aristocracy, are pushing us for all they’re worth. They’ve been pushing us for years. And we don’t want to go! We don’t want their fun pack, nor anything that’s in it.

So we have begun to push back.

The United Nations, the High Temple of the ruling class, will hold another Global Warming conference next month—from which they’ve already shut out those few remaining journalists they’ve judged “not helpful” to the high cause of Saving the Planet through Big Government. “Climate Change” is their all-purpose excuse for interfering with our lives. We have to let ‘em do it or we’re all gonna die.

Push back. Push back!

In a public school in Oklahoma, a teacher recently declared, in class, that “To be white is to be racist, period”. Here is yet another excuse for growing the government, re-engineering our society, and treading us down. And we don’t want it.

No, boss, we’re not going to take it anymore. You can take your safe space, speech codes, racially segregated dorms, Gender Studies degree programs and all the rest of it, and stick it right back down your throats—because we’re not buying it. This has all gone on way long enough, and it’s time for it to stop.

Out-of-control liberalism’s fun pack is in serious trouble; and if it’s not Donald Trump who slams the door on it, then it’ll be someone else. We have been pushed far enough.

May God give us the strength to keep on pushing back until the whole benighted enterprise comes crashing down—

Like the walls of Jericho.

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