Throughout the annals of American history one of the major ingredients utilized to ensure the successful launch and growth of the republic has been faith in our creator through his son and our savior Jesus Christ.  In fact, contrary to dishonest modern day educators, professors, most dragon media personalities and leftist deniers in government, faith in God was paramount.  The Bible says that faith without works is dead.  The founding fathers understood the importance of exercising faith in the fight for liberty.

It was George Washington who desperately wanted Providence on his side as he battled the mighty British empire.  But to help insure this, his troops needed to be above reproach.  One way to insure that, was to have chaplains on board.  Throughout U. S. military history, Christian military chaplains have had significant roles in times of both peace and war.

Historically, chaplains during the fight for American independence relied heavily on the word of God.  Two mostly used scriptures were, Joshua 1: 7 1. Be strong and confident and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee:  turn not from the right hand or the left, that thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest.  The second was in the book of Romans, where Paul states:  I am convinced that neither height nor depth, no death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor anything in heaven or earth can separate us from the love of God.

Chaplaincy in America has been going on since George Washington’s day.  Washington’s view was that the only victorious army was going to be at least an ethical army, but hopefully a righteous Christian army, because the odds were so overwhelming against him.  During the revolutionary war, Christian chaplains visited the wounded, take care of the dead, wrote letters home for soldiers who could not write, gave discourses of a patriotic nature to keep the soldiers from deserting.  The chaplain was a very important link between the commander and the troops.

Chaplains have been counseling soldiers since 1775 on things like trying to stay sober; don’t cheat at cards; do not gamble away your pay, send it home; and many other daily actions, needs and deeds were commonly addressed.  It was chaplains who encountered Revolutionary War soldiers to keep the faith and maintain the will to fight. Even when their literally frozen and it seemed as if the mighty British would exterminate them at will.

By the time of World War Two, America’s army was so large that chaplains were encouraged to get involved in a big way in trying to counsel soldiers.  We even had chaplains in Nuremberg to try to counsel the German P.O.W.s   Chaplains now have now conduct funerals and engage in pre-marital counseling duties.

The United states army Chaplaincy is the oldest of the military chaplaincies.  In 1775 the Second Continental Army voted to pay chaplains a whopping $20 dollars a month…just above first lieutenants.  At the time there were no authorized uniforms, no supervisory chaplain, no doctrine but the word of God:  Ministers simply showed up at an encampment of the Continental Army and volunteered to serve as chaplain for a unit.  Of the 218 that served in the Continental army, about 25 were killed or died in the revolution.  That is 11 percent, the highest casualty rate we ever had in the chaplain corps.

Chaplains became so recognized for the value they meant to society, they were drafted during the civil war for one year in 1862.  The first Civil War era duty was to advise the commander on the moral and spiritual health of the unit and make any other suggestions for the happiness of the soldier.

In 1863 General Grant directed chaplain John Eaton, of the 27th infantry to care for the educational and physical needs of freed slaves who were not already in the Union Army. An army chaplain was in charge of one of the first efforts to help freed slaves.

In World War Two, the Chaplaincy grew from 145 to 9,111 in one year.  Chaplains began to narrow their focus to just spiritual duties.  That in my opinion was a big mistake.  Because, it helped to open the door to the marginalization of the chaplaincy, but also the influence of Christian faith in society overall.

Throughout all of America’s major wars and conflicts, chaplains have been on duty praying with and for soldiers.  They also have been providing needed counseling and have been there to prevent countless soldiers from committing suicide.  Chaplains have now become involved family life.  A big problem we have had since operation Desert Storm is that a lot of families deal with both stressful family members at home and soldiers suffering from battle fatigue.  Chaplains have been there, sharing God’s love, wisdom and prayers.

The legacy and role of faith and chaplaincy has been attacked in recent years, especially during the Obama regime, where dedicated Chaplains were even ordered not to mention our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Could you imagine Trump ordering Muslims not to mention Allah?  However, they soldier on doing God’s work and encouraging faith in our creator, just as chaplains did during the time of George Washington.

Because of an unyielding faith of chaplains and many Americans in general, things are going to be better for our republic, despite ongoing leftist efforts to bring about her demise.  For those whom like our president, have faith in the almighty, you shall witness firsthand America’s soon to come revival and return to greatness.  To those who long for the demise of America, just know that now is not the time.  In fact, I believe her best days are soon to reveal themselves.  We shall soon witness that the faith of the founding fathers and dedicated chaplains who also served was not in vain.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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