Amendments to the U.S. Constitution have thankfully been few since our constitutional republic was birthed. The ignorance in this country regarding the founding of this republic and the U.S. Constitution is sad and dangerous. The well executed plan to dumb down generations of Americans using government indoctrination centers they call public schools has been wildly successful. How many times do we hear ‘our democracy’ on the stupid tube, talk radio or speakers who don’t even know our legal form of government?

The push in those communist incubators to brainwash America’s children with their global citizen propaganda has also been hugely successful. Is it any wonder so many adult Americans today under the age of 40 have no connection to our roots, no appreciation of the sacrifices made to make America a new country or the importance of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Too many Americans, primarily those who identify as progressive liberals (Marxists) or just run of the mill liberals (socialists) have worked hard over the years to destroy the very document, the U.S. Constitution, that has given them the greatest freedoms known to mankind in any country on this earth. Most of the time they work to get their way using agenda driven judges allowed to remain on the federal bench AND the U.S. Supreme Court. That would be vermin like Ginsberg, Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor who should already be in a federal prison.

Republicans in Congress over the past few decades also wouldn’t know what the U.S. Constitution says if James Madison stood in front of them and read it word for word. All the unconstitutional spending and endless, worthless wars underway are also funded with the blessing of the majority of Republicans who sign off on budgets.

Since the early 1990’s a large effort has been underway to convene a constitutional convention aka con-con. Thankfully by patiently educating our state legislators we have managed to slip that noose. For now. But make no mistake: the evil doers will start on some state legislatures next month to make it happen.

There is no need for a constitutional convention. The need is for the American people to wake the hell up and stop reelecting the same incumbents back to the U.S. Congress with the help of human and electronic vote fraud. Once again, last month the people of this country reelected 94% of the same crooks, cowards and thieves back to the U.S. Congress and somehow think there will be change. The only difference is this time around is Donald Trump the NY street fighter will be in the oval office. As Dr. Sebastian Gorka so brilliantly put it: “I’d like to recognize the fact that after eight years of Pajama Boys, it’s time for the alpha males to come back.”

With an 11% approval rating the people of this country reelected the same people from both parties who have been destroying us.But, as I have written so many times over the years: the November election starts with the primaries. If you don’t flush the incumbent then, come November people will vote for that incumbent again on a straight party line ticket.

It’s career politicians who keep getting reelected to the U.S. Congress who carry the water for the Unseen Hand (Read: The House That Evil Built) who own our political process and who through their various tentacles have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars over the past century into their nefarious plans to destroy this country.

Term limits for the Outlaw Congress should have been written into the Constitution, but I speculate the framers believed individuals would serve a few terms and go back to their chosen livelihoods. Tragically for this country, nothing could be further from the truth. The following individuals are just a small number of the scum in Congress who have been shakers and movers in destroying this republic; three are gone. Some have served in both the House and Senate. Just look at how many years each of them have ‘served’.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D], age 76, 29 years
Senator Robert Byrd [D], died in 2010 age 92, 57 years
Senator Mitch McConnell [R], age 74, 13 years
Senator Harry Reid [D], age 77, retired effective 12-31-16, 33 years
Rep. John Boehner [R], age 67, retired last year after 25 years in office

Senator Diane Feinstein [D], age 83, 24 years
Senator Barbara Boxer [D], age 76, 33 years
Rep. Paul Ryan [R], 17 years
Senator Chuck Schumer [D], age 66, 35 years

On this day the electoral college will meet to confirm Donald Trump as our next president. He, along with 44 current members of the Outlaw Congress are pushing for a constitutional amendment making term limits for members of Congress the law of the land. Currently, only 15 states of the Union have term limits for members of their legislatures. It should be all 50 states. It should also be mandatory for the U.S. Congress.

Some college professor makes a weak argument against term limits arguing newbies elected have no idea what they’re doing and turn to lobbyists to figure out how to uphold the U.S. Constitution – specifically, Article 1, Section 8. He closes his puff piece by declaring there will never be term limits on members of the Outlaw Congress. I say he’s wrong. We can make this happen. We mustmake this happen.

A constitutional amendment is introduced in the U.S. Congress and go from there. The full process is explained here. This can be a lengthy undertaking or it can happen with a few months. It simply depends on how bad we want this to happen. As for how long a term: 2 for U.S. House members. That’s four years and if Congress would actually drain the swamp by eliminating unconstitutional cabinets, agencies and spending, four years is long enough for one to serve. As for the senate, see below.

For the full list of those 44 current members of the Outlaw Congress (12 senators & 36 house members, one is a Democrat) who support this effort for a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms a House member or Senator can serve is here. The column at that link also informs a Congressional Term Limits Caucus has been formed.

Trump is 100% behind this effort, but it’s going to be up to you and me to turn up the heat on our U.S. House members and the Senate: We DEMAND a congressional term limits constitutional amendment and we are NOT going to take no for an answer. This will require we the people to mobilize in all 50 states regardless of party affiliation to hammer on our congress critters to get the proposed amendment adopted by Congress and off to the 50 state legislatures.

There are millions and millions of Americans who belong to tea party chapters and hundreds if not thousands of other pro-constitutional groups in this country. Become a force to be reckoned with and start next month after the critters are sworn back into office. Get this around on social media. If we the people, Republicans, Democrats, independents or other parties managed to get Donald Trump elected we CAN get this done.

Will YOU make the commitment to join with other individuals and/or groups you know to get this done?

As for the senate, regular readers of my column know I filed a lawsuit here in Texas over the non-ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment. I proved beyond any legal doubt ratification of that amendment was two states short. U.S. Senators have been getting elected since 1913 under a law that does not exist. Not one damn state of the Union joined with me to fight this lie. The appeals court in Austin, Texas, ruled on December 22, 2015, too bad the fraud stands.

It is imperative the Seventeenth Amendment disappear. Since gutless judges will not do the right thing I suppose that rotten amendment stands for now and that our only recourse is to include it in the constitutional amendment for term limits. Perhaps some day the states will finally get sick and tired of being crapped on and will take on that amendment.

In the meantime however, it should be ONE six-year term, period. That’s plenty of time for a senator to get the job done and then go away; 1/3rd each election. Toilet sewage like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein have done huge damage while they’ve been in Congress. Two terms which is 12 years is too long. Best to cut them off early.

And, finally, a Christmas gift to my readers. Thank you for your support year after year. This is a 4:45 second video that you must watch. Turn up the sound. As a dear friend of mine said, “Absolute dazzling convergence of Silent Night and the beauty of nature!” Please enjoy and God’s blessings to you and yours.

Very important links:

1 – Full explanation of my lawsuit which was dismissed by gutless judges
2 – This issue is covered in my book thoroughly with shocking numbers (which will make a great Christmas gift made in USA)
3 – All the documents I submitted in my case are here
4 – All the court filings are here for state legislators because we peasants mean nothing to the courts. 

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