Why is there evil in the world?

The secular humanist dimwit answer, as articulated most recently by our beloved president, is—well, we just need to do some more “evolving.” Surely we’ll be helped along by enlightened leaders, Big Government, colleges and universities, and movies based on comic books. It’s only a matter of time before our rulers coerce us into Utopia.

But God’s word gives a different answer.

In Matthew 13, Jesus told the story of a farmer who sowed good seed in his field; but during the night his enemy came and sowed bad seed in it. When the tares—noxious, worthless weeds—began to come up with the wheat, the farmer’s servants were indignant. They wanted to pull up the tares then and there, but the owner wouldn’t let them, lest they inadvertently pulled out good plants with the bad. When both wheat and tares are fully grown, and easily told apart by the kind of fruit they bear, then he will have his reapers uproot the tares and cast them into the fire, while the wheat is stored in his barns.

The Lord went on to explain the parable. The field is the world, He said, and the farmer who sowed good seed is the Son of Man, Christ Himself, who sowed in this world His word, His example, His body and His blood. The enemy that sowed the tares is the devil.

There are countless species of bad seed, but they all belong to the same genus—the original lie that the devil told Eve in the garden: that, by disobeying God, she and Adam would become as gods themselves, determining good and evil as they pleased.

We are overwhelmed by the variety and number of the tares that we see in our field—crime and cruelty, transgenderism and “gay marriage,” atheism and assorted false religions, abortion, political corruption, Big Government, the whole idea that the state and its pampered “experts” can control the natural processes of the earth, the constant overthrow and redefinition of the basic institutions of human life—oh, so many tares!—but they are all the offspring of the one original lie: the perfectibility of man by man himself.

Yes, we’ve got a hefty crop of tares; but never, never forget that the good seed is growing, too. The seeds of faith, hope, and charity, of love, of truth, of the knowledge of the Lord—we may not see them, for all the tares, but the good seed will not fail, because Our Lord has sown it Himself.

At the end, Jesus said, the Lord will call His angels to perform the harvest, and the angels will know the good from the bad. The good will be gathered into the Kingdom of God. The bad will be cast away forever.

No kind of “evolution” enters into it.

In ancient times God gave man His law, a detailed set of instructions for achieving righteousness. If we could have attained perfection by following the law, then Christ need never have been born, to die on the cross in atonement for our sins. But we couldn’t do it ourselves. That was the lesson God was teaching us: that we cannot become as gods, no matter what we do. We can only deceive ourselves. We can never deceive God.

This is the lesson that the secular world, the world of rulers and experts, the world of Pharisees and Social Justice Warriors, resists with all its might. We can do it—we can! All we need is more power over others, more rules and regulations, more taxes, more penalties for thought crimes, and we’ll do it!

This is the folly of our age.

But the seeds, both good and bad, are growing to fruition. And the Lord will harvest when He’s ready.

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