by Lee Duigon

Let me first reiterate a rule of thumb: Whatever societal tinkering is proposed by Far Left Crazy, ask, in response, “What if everybody does it?” And if the answer is either, “The human race goes extinct,” or “America loses its freedom”—reject it. Don’t do it.

In my own lifetime, three such abominations have been imposed on civilization.

First, abortion. Once upon a time it was a crime, killing a baby in the womb. And it was certainly a sin. But along came the Supreme Court with umbras and penumbras and, without any legislation at all, abortion became the law of the land and is now called “choice,” “women’s health,” and “reproductive freedom.” What would we do without euphemisms? Now we have Democrat governors wanting to abort babies even as they’re being born.

Aside from the millions of lives lost, have we not cheapened life itself? To say nothing of our constitutional system of checks and balances: suddenly our courts could do anything they pleased, with no accountability to the nation. So not only does it prevent babies from being born and living their lives, but it also weakens our republic.

For abortion, the answer to my question is a double “Yes.” If enough babies are aborted, we go extinct. And we have been robbed of a piece of our sovereignty.

Second, normalizing homosexuality—with the Supreme Court again involved, arrogating to itself the authority to impose deep social changes that the people never got a chance to vote for. But the court was backed up by the Democrat Party, the nooze media, Hollywood, and the world’s worst and costliest education establishment.

What if everybody does it? Babies don’t even get conceived, unless by artificial insemination. And meanwhile our First Amendment rights get put at risk. How dare you question “gay marriage”? You must be a Hater! What? You don’t acknowledge that the Bible is wrong? Convene a “human rights” tribunal! We’ll soon show you what your religious principals are worth.

Third, the whole “transgender” movement. Again, if everybody does it, no more human race. And look at the abuse that’s heaped on anyone who dares to question it. So when some guy  says, absurdly, that he’s a woman because he wears a dress, etc., we wind up appointing him to a high position in the U.S. Dept. of Health. And we’re expected to go along with his preposterous claim… or else.

It’s impossible to see how this folly can do our nation anything but harm.

That’s three world-changing abominations heaped on America just in my own lifetime. But they’re not done yet.

Critical Race Theory—the “teaching” that all white people are evil no-good racists, blah-blah—was all lined up to be Abomination No. 4, taught in all our schools and preached by all our media. Democrats calculate it’s easier to remain on top of a country where big chunks of the population hate and fear each other. King COVID was a windfall for them. But even without COVID, the racial hatred industry was never going to be part of securing the domestic tranquility. It’s a big part of “divide and rule.”

But then, unexpectedly, who would have thought it—opposition! There is actually opposition to Critical Race Theory, and it’s growing, growing fast. Even a few brave public school teachers have spoken out against it. Parents have discovered what the teachers’ unions and Far Left Crazy “education” theorists want to pump into their children’s minds—hate yourself, hate each other, hate your family, and hate your country—and they don’t like it. All over the country, they don’t like it. And they’re working hard to put a stop to it.

Too bad it took a stolen election and a whole summer’s worth of non-stop riots to wake us up. But something had to.

Pray we’re not too late.

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