In many locales throughout the United States of America, there have been sovereign citizens physically attacked, while law enforcement personnel backed off and watched.  (the uproar in downtown Berkeley comes to mind)  Those paid rioters and property destroyers believe they are entitled to damage property and even shut down businesses that pay taxes to the big fat government they hope becomes even more draconian.

The progressive protesters promoting violence just to get their evil way is a bi-product of the hand out heaven welfare entitlement mentality.  Rather than teach young Americans to grow up and be responsible adults and set positive goals, students are now often indoctrinated by bitter progressive educators.  For example, one teacher in Oakland, Cal told her middle school students that “it is OK to violently attack conservatives, Christians and American patriots in general.”

When you couple an entitlement mentality with unbridled bitterness in the effort to indoctrinate young students with no framework of reference, the end result is often a progressive drone ready to destroy anyone who does not march to the Alynski inspired drumbeat.

Two teenage girls in Princess Anne, Md. Were accused of burning a “Make America Great Again” sign.  Princess Anne deputy chief fire marshal Caryn L. McMahon told the Baltimore Sun, the reason for charging the two females with a hate crime was because they committed arson “with discrimination or malice toward a particular group, or someone’s belief.  Personally, I believe that such an approach actually makes matters worse in the battle against criminal activity.

Unless one is engaged in an act of self-defense, there is usually no reason to attack another individual or their property.   With the mentality of being more concerned about the motive of a wrongful act, rather than simply making sure that the wrongdoer is apprehended and dealt a just punishment for the crime, the system of laws can sometimes be stupidly utilized.   On the other hand, when a crime is called a hate crime, the act can be dealt with according to the political leanings of those responsible for meting out justice.  Now in many instances, it is no longer about what criminal or bigoted acts were committed, but rather who did it.

In Berkeley, California street rioters, (some who were paid) sprayed mace in women’s faces, burned property and beat up women and elderly veterans who supported president Trump’s goal to make America great again.  In fact, the indoctrinated useful idiots spewed intolerant statements of hatred toward Trump and the mere concept of protecting our national sovereignty.  Yet the police in Berkeley did nothing to protect the patriotic Americans who were cruelly attacked by the hate filled progressive hordes.

So basically, if progressives in street gangs do not like you or your way of thinking, then in their addled brains it is alright to spray chemicals in women’s faces, beat up elderly veterans or indiscriminately damage downtown businesses like they did at UC Berkeley.

That is just a small sample of the madness being unleashed upon our republic by the real bigots, who are seeking to destroy our nation.  Either through hate based rioting or gradually through government school and collegiate indoctrination.  The good news is that more and more Americans are growing weary of such poppy cock and are ready to wrestle our country from ingrown enemies.  Such as those who hate president Trump, our constitutionally limited form of government, authentic education, the traditional family, etc.  But even more shamefully they despise the very God (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) who shed his grace upon America and in fact just recently spared her from utter progressive destruction.

The bottom line is that “We the People” must give thanks to God and like the founding fathers seek his providential guidance.  This is not the time to back down in the face of adversarial progressive hatred.  But rather, we must move forward boldly armed with the truth and God’s love for country, one another and for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.  Then together we shall overcome and defeat the hate filled modern day brown shirts and with God’s wisdom make America great again.  Just remember “in God we trust.”  You can also trust in a page from The Edwards Notebook heard overnight weekends on the Captain’s America third Watch emanating from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer or worldwide via Also, an informative and dynamic talk network airs The Edwards Notebook throughout the broadcast day.  The Edwards Notebook syndicated radio commentary is a listener supported broadcast. Your partnering with us is most appreciated.  Simply go to

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