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For kicks, I’m just going to lay out another view point for current events.

Basically what we have is the White Hats pulled off their own false flag at the end of the Jan. 6 rally.  Using their own people they infiltrated Antifa to lock down the White House and set the stage for the final acts of this show.

A friend was telling me POTUS, while speaking in Georgia, injected the number 28 at an odd spot in his speech. (For those in tinfoil land, cryptic messages are presented in tweets, speeches, etc.)  I haven’t heard the speech, but she linked it to Q #28. Look at it. It tells how the Military are used to bypass the three letter agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.) and how the military now was being used to infiltrate Antifa. Q affirmed this was correct.

There are a number of rumors floating around that the Viking hat guy was actually a Marine who infiltrated Antifa to get an inside source to their deeds.  The theory goes that Antifa was infiltrated by Military Intelligence under the Trump Administration as far back (or further) as 2017.  Now if this be true, people in the Trump Administration would have known Antifa was planning on infiltrating the March to Save America rally on January 6, 2021.  We’ll get back to this in a minute….

Now look at the January timeline…

January 1, through a series of tweets, Pompeo sent us the message THIRTY by spacing his tweets throughout the day exactly thirty minutes apart.  Here’s a link to his Twitter account.  You’ll have to scroll down to January 1, and then hit the date stamp of each one to get the time of the post.

I speculated if it was zero dark thirty, but then POTUS said something (and I can’t find it right now so if someone else recalls the situation can you email me?) that was basically “30 and done”. I took that to mean a clock started January 1.

Ironically, also on January 1, President Trump signed the “Storm Act”.

It’s too long to get into here, but these tinfoil researchers have discovered a cryptic messaging system that takes time stamps on Presidential (and other White Hat) tweets and connects them to Q posts to obtain the cryptic message from a past post for a present purpose.  Here’s an example:

On January 5 POTUS tweeted about the VP, and the timestamp was 11:06:45. Q #645 has the phrase “activate sleeper cells”.  A decoder breaks it down here.  Was POTUS letting us know about the events to come the next day? Were the sleeper Antifa infiltrators going to be activated?

Why would President Trump call for a mass rally on the day of the electoral college confirmation?  Wouldn’t that be too late to change anything?  Or was he setting the stage for something else?

Now let’s back out to try to get a bigger picture.

Q said from almost the beginning, on Nov. 1, 2017, that the show would begin November 3. [He just didn’t say a year.] In 2017 he told us the proof would start on November 3.  What if he meant 2020?[Q posts are known to have deltas – time delays of 1, 2, even 3 years.]  See here where he says “Proof to begin 11.3”.

In the next drop Q told us the military was the only way, and then said again that Nov. 3 would be the first marker.  See it here.

Earlier that day in 2017, he explained the National Guard was the key, and that the National Guard works with the Marines. We were given the assignment to study and prepare for this day, including understanding the conditions for the National Guard’s deployment. One of those conditions a President of the United States can call in the National Guard is to help states put down an insurrection, OR if a federal law is being defied.

We all thought it was going to be an insurrection, but it might be instead for defying the Constitution of the United States on the process for a federal election. I’ll explain in a minute.

Q #23 explained that the Military Intelligence has the same Special Access Programs as the NSA and CIA. (This is a really, really, really valuable clue on the military operation to save our Republic that we’ve been under for the past four years.) He explained how the CIA has held the POTUS under their thumb by their multi-billion dollar black funds and also could use their bottomless funds to employ foreign actors to do their dirty work to keep America at the mercy of the control of the Deep State. Kennedy and Reagan knew this and tried to stop it. You know where that got them.

But Q pointed out a very valuable point: the CIA has no power over the military here at home. That power was given in the Constitution to the Executive Branch, i.e. the POTUS.

So what we have been watching for the past four years is a brilliant plan of setting a trap and waiting for them to spring it. But the trap had specific rules. It had to fall in the jurisdiction of American soil and Federal Law. The White Hats know that for our Republic to be rescued and survive, everything has to be done by the rule of law so it cannot be thrown out or undone and our Constitution isn’t damaged.

POTUS set up his legal recourse for the 2020 election in 2018 with his Executive Order on foreign interference in American elections.  Watch how this comes into play in the coming days.  It’s my understanding the report was submitted to Congress on January 6.

Q has asked us to be patient and “trust the plan”. We just didn’t realize how long it was going to take.

Look at Q #4413. He defines the mission and it is 100% about the Constitution and the Republic of the United States. He defines in this drop who the “Loyalists” are by allegiances. This lays the groundwork and sets the stage for the next drop right behind it, where he practically lays out how the whole thing is going to go down.

Q #4414,from the early summer of 2020, tells us a whole list of things are going to happen at a future date: the POTUS twitter will be removed, there will be a blackout of communications, the VP and Speaker will be moved to a classified location, military assets will be put in place…. And we’re going to stop right there for a minute, because I think that’s where we’re hovering in today’s timeline.

I think the January 6 false flag/Capitol “breach” was to set in motion the optics of an insurrection.

POTUS asked the patriots to rally behind him.  He made the first request on December 19.  If the theory is correct and the Military Intelligence had infiltrated Antifa, they had guys on the inside to know what Antifa’s plans were.  Antifa made plans to infiltrate the Jan. 6 rally, which was of no surprise to POTUS and team.  Now why would the Patriots want to set such a scene?

Think about this.  The Insurrection Act of 1807 has specific rules for how a President can employ this tool.  In 10 USC Section 254, it tells us the President must “order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time”.   While the President did indeed do so from the West lawn and specifically said, “So go home….but go home, and go home in peace.”  (Which was promptly taken down off of Twitter, though can be found on other venues.”    He also made this written statement for no violence at that same time.

Those acts fulfill the terms of 10 USC Section 254.  He then called in the National Guard to D.C.

Also, the adversaries think POTUS is going to use the Insurrection Act to use the military, so they have told their people to stand down and stop rioting. Go back and look at the national timeline. They stopped rioting around election season.  But if they can make rioters look like it is Trump followers rioting, then they can create a narrative of insurrection from Trump.  This was their goal January 6 that President Trump capitalized on by using it to set a trap.

POTUS then called on the patriots to help him finish this trap. He invited the patriots to DC on the day of the election casting, and the black hats took the bait. They called on their thugs to set up the patriots as rioters so they could paint a picture of instability on President Trump’s side and maybe even attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment.

But the marines had infiltrated the group and they knew their plans. The thugs were supposed to “blend in” so they looked like patriots, but some were careless and did not, or they were smug, or whatever. The corrupt law enforcement (DC police and the mayor) helped them set the stage for the “breach”, even opening the gates for them. The Capitol is one of the most secure public buildings in the nation.How were they caught by surprise on a day a million people were on the grounds?  There are already a dozen holes in the official story.  But I don’t have time for that right now.

Now look back to Q #4494 where Q lays out the China plot at interfering in our elections. He told us over the summer what was coming now. No, this did not catch President Trump or the White Hats by surprise.

Three days later Q said something invaluable: “All assets [F][D] have been deployed. [D] + China = 11.3”. All foreign and domestic assets were deployed for the election. He KNEW China was going to interfere, hence the Democrats and China equal the election (steal). THIS WAS IN JUNE.

He could’ve stopped it at any time, even by now. It’s played out this long why?? Because it was about saving our Republic, not just winning an election. A trap was set and the timing was important. It had to happen on domestic soil and it had to break Federal law.

If he waits until they confirm the illegal votes that are clearly fraud, every participant is breaking the federal law. If they’re doing it knowingly, there are treason charges for trying to overthrow the government. So he set a trap to make it look like he was going to enact the Insurrection Act by staging a riot, forcing their move.

Q warned us January 13, 2018 that there would be a necessary (scare) event and that not everything could be clean.  He then admonished us to trust the military and the chain of command.  Now we have to revisit what Q taught us about how it was going to go down.  He said there would be about six things occurring (not necessarily in this order)…

EAM is an acronym for “Emergency Action Message”.  Red is a code for the Marines that when it is enacted means they are under an emergency.  These states of emergency are anticipated to occur during the “storm”.  The storm, of course, was what President Trump announced was coming back in October 2017.

Not quite a month after POTUS’s cryptic warning about a coming storm, Q told us we’d know when that time was here because it would be announced on Twitter.  (He didn’t say POTUS would announce it; just that it would be announced.

Twitter is shutting down Patriot mouthpieces as fast as it can, so I can’t link you to this tweet.  But at 6:17 on January 6, the Patriot 1776 account with a Presidential Seal for its emblem did tweet out these words.

To review, when the “Storm” hits, several things are anticipated:  President Trump’s twitter account will be shut down (that has already happened, but was restored later).  Communications across the nation will be blacked out.  Pelosi and/or Pence will be moved to a classified location.  (Technically that did happen on Jan. 6.)  Military assets will be moved, specifically listed is the 10th Mountain, the 1st Marine, CPSD, Marine, and QVIR, of which I do not know what all of those mean.  I’ve tagged the ones I do.[I think CPSD is a FEMA division called “Contingency Planning Support Division”.]

[Some things could be deliberate misinformation because the black hats read the Q posts as well.]

The National Military Command Center [RED5] is located in the Pentagon and is composed of “war rooms” with varying operations, including generating Emergency Action Messages (EAM).

In Q #34 we are told to:  “Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens.”

If I’m reading this right, we’re on the cusp of this motion.  Ironically (or not), on January 7 the FCC sent out reminders to broadcasters to comply with the Emergency Alert System.  Also on that day several regions had EAM tests.

And according to Q decoder David Reinert, the cryptic messages sent in POTUS’s Jan. 6 tweet is decrypted as time markers of the Storm almost upon us. He shows us Potus’s tweet after the rally which points us to Q #601. Message: “Almost time.” Which also gives us Q #104. Message: “Now is the time to pray. We’re operational.”

Secretary of State Pompeo’s January 6 tweet at 5:16 about “storming…” can be interpreted as a message that the storm is here. Q #516 simply says “confirmed”.

So was the rally a guise for a riot to enact the Insurrection Act to deploy the military? Or was it to set a trap for the black hats to hurry and forge ahead to break Constitutional and Federal laws, forcing the Executive Branch to deploy the military and expose the deeds of darkness against our Republic?

If this tinhat conspiracy theory is a possibility, POTUS will need the Congress to go ahead and certify the fraudulent election so he can act. Which did indeed happen, setting the stage for the prophesied Storm against the enemies of our Republic.

Either this is all tinfoil conspiracy or there really has been an intricate military operation to save the Republic of the United States.  The coming days should prove one way or another.

Attorney Lin Wood (also suspended on Twitter) summed it up like this after the fraudulent electoral votes were confirmed:

UPDATE:  Since I wrote that last Friday, January 8, the President’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended, along with a huge portion of Patriots like General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Tracy Beanz, Code Monkey, etc.  I, myself, have been suspended on Facebook and the long post I wrote with much of this same information in this article, after being shared hundreds of times, was taken down.  Hundreds of patriots I know have had their accounts on social media suspended.

On Sunday, President Trump signed the Insurrection Act [Source 1 and Source 2] and troops are being deployed to various strategic locations.  Parler is being de-platformed, Paris, the Vatican, Pakistan and Berlin had blackouts yesterday [Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4].  We appear to be in the midst of the EAM process referenced above.  We cannot expect the U.S. media to bring us honest and accurate information.  At some point the Emergency Broadcast System is supposed to be employed for communications.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

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