The Founding Fathers of America understood the importance of not being a career politician. It was the humble attitude of first president George Washington that set the proper tone of how government office should be first approached and then be walked away from. Washington displayed a humble appreciation, first for being asked to militarily lead the fledgling republic to victory over Britain. Then later as our republic’s first commander in chief. Washington was universally loved and could have remained president for life, he stepped down at the end of his second term.

Washington then gladly returned to private life on his estate with his wife Martha and operated successful businesses. He didn’t crave power. Thus, it was not a struggle for him to walk away and enjoy the benefits of what he and his colleagues developed. In other words, Washington and the other framers sought to govern on behalf of the people, not for the advantage of an overlord progressive government that seeks to dominate us from cradle to grave.

Our nation’s founding father George Washington believed that “We the People” would function much better with a closer relationship with God than with government. He along with the majority of his fellow founders, with perhaps the exception of alexander Hamilton disdained the immoral concept of a massive centralized overbearing government.

The book of Proverbs shares with us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” The American Patriots Bible points out that the Founders certainly understood the obvious truth and from the beginning stressed the important relationship between a sound education based upon Biblical moral absolutes and the future of the nation.

In 1776, the future president John Adams said, “statesmen…may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” That mindset was widely held among the Founders who helped shape the political, educational, and legal foundations of the new nation. Men such as Daniel Webster, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Adams, and George Washington echoed these same sentiments. They believed as do I that the strength of the republic was dependent upon the morality of her people, and that faith in our creator must undergird it. They saw the education of young minds being at the heart of it all.

I will never forget my own Dad telling me that what is taught to one generation dictates the direction the nation takes in the next. That has never proven more true than right now. Since the 1960s the progressives have been working via indoctrination centers, known as government schools, colleges and universities to gain control of the moral compass of society. They fanned out and gained control of the media, movie industry, and in some cases even mainline Christian denominations have tumbled into spiritual darkness and fell asleep at the wheel.

In fact, in recent decades Christians allowed their societal authority to be snatched away by the sheer influence of those who utterly disdain the concept of our constitutionally limited republic. Those haters also revile capitalism, the middle class, our Bill of Rights and most of all, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who shed His grace upon America.

But alas, another new age of awakening has dawned in our beloved republic. Outgoing president Obama and his ilk tried their best to place knockout blows against America. Obama’s legacy has left a dwindled middle class, a hollowed out American military, the spread of Islamic terrorism via ISIS, diminished race relations, illegal immigrants, American hating Muslim refugees, dwindling manufacturing productivity and no regard for the separation of powers.

But guess what, at the end of the day and despite Obama’s mission of destruction our America will once again assume her rightful place as the respected leader of the free world. Many people (including yours truly) have and continue to pray. I believe God has heard our prayers and will heal our land. It will not be easy as America transitions back toward greatness. But the needed effort will be worth it. Not only will our children and children’s children thank us, but more importantly they will thank God almighty who I believe will openly bless our republic. Lastly, America the beautiful will soon again be that beacon of liberty and light to the world. God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God. I am also proud to announce more growth for The Edwards Notebook commentary which now Blows Away the Myths and Reveals the Truth on every evening at 6:00 PM ET.
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