Liberals are always astonished when they insult you and you don’t thank them for it.

The alleged educators in Oregon’s Hillsboro public school district recently banned all “religious-themed Christmas decorations”. The ban included Santa Claus, who, last time I looked, appears nowhere in the Bible. It’s a pity we should have to point this out to educators, but Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and “You’ll shoot your eye out with that BB gun” are not, in fact, part of Christmas as a religious occasion.

As would have been expected by anyone but clueless liberals, this nonsense in Hillsboro soon became a hot topic in the social media. So hot, in fact, that school officials were moved to pull in their horns and announce that they would not be “policing classrooms”—do you like that choice of words?—as assiduously as originally proposed, and would take action only when classroom Christmas decorations were, as they put it, “over the top.”

What does that mean? What top? But I think we can guess: in a predominantly Christian country, any acknowledgment that Jesus Christ was born in the flesh to be our Savior and our king, liberals, the least liberal people on the earth, would consider “over the top,” and thus forbidden.

And they’re amazed that we don’t like it.

The higher you go up the public education ladder, the sillier it gets. It also gets increasingly nasty. While Hillsboro school officials were trying to stamp out Santa Claus, Hampshire College in Massachusetts—oh, those Blue states!—caved in to public pressure and decided to allow the American flag to fly from one flagpole on its campus, after all. The college had taken down all American flags in an idle protest against Donald Trump’s election as president, declaring that America’s rejection of the Clinton crime family proves we’re a country full of racists, biggits, and deplorables.

Military veterans objected en masse, a lot of people invaded the campus with flags flying proudly, and the college president backed down. He never meant to hurt anybody’s feelings, he explained: “Heck, I was just showing all those stupid peasants what a bunch of racist biggits they are. You’d think they would’ve thanked us for it!”

And while all this goes on, they’re threatening and trying to bribe electors to overturn the results of the election, thinking that America will thank them for it in the end. “Oh, boy, we’re gonna have open borders after all! And higher taxes! And Obamacare forever! And lots and lots of unvetted Muslim immigrants, just like Germany! And here we thought we were gonna have to do without all that! Thank you, Democrats!”

That’s what they don’t get—we really don’t want to buy what liberals are selling us. “How could they just vote against their own best interests?” liberals lament. Like we would actually benefit from transgender bathrooms and an Attorney General “investigating” the newfangled “crime” of Climate Change Denial, when everybody knows, claim liberals, that the only way to Save The Planet is by raising our taxes and giving tin-pot politicians vast new powers to push us around and meddle in our lives. The truth is that none of what they have to offer would be of any benefit to anyone—except themselves.

But we’re not alone. All over the world, people are waking up to what their leaders want to do to them. Britain votes to leave the European Union. Italy smacks down a major power grab and forces its head honcho to resign. France is rumbling with discontent. No, we’re not alone anymore. We’ve got plenty of company.

And soon even the one-world wannabes are going to know it.

They may have no king but Caesar, but Our Lord is the King of Kings, and He will set us free.

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