by Lee Duigon

President Donald Trump takes the American people’s side against self-anointed elites and opinion-shapers. That’s why they’re trying to destroy him.

Last week he delivered body blows to Far Left Crazy. Oh, the pain!

First he banned “Critical Race Theory” from being “taught” to federal employees in just about every branch of the bureaucracy. “Critical Race Theory,” a poison concocted by our academic establishment, proclaims that all white people are evil, born racists, to blame for everything that’s ever been wrong in our country, and that they all need and deserve to be punished for it—and all of this with their consent, no less!

For some reason, President Trump thought this was “divisive” (ya think?) and virulently anti-American. They were ordering white male employees to write “apologies” to non-whites and women: no submission, no job. So of course he banned it. Can you imagine a “Critical Race Theory 2.0” that turns the tables to require the purposeful humiliation of black people? That would be allowed for how many nanoseconds?

A few days later, the president took aim at the New York Times’ hate-America classroom package, “the 1619 Project”. I don’t know why we had to wait till Donald Trump came along to have one of our elected representatives asking why in the world we should have to pay Far Left teachers’ union creeps to “teach” our children that our country sucks. But then it was a mystery why we ever let them do it in the first place.

If it comes from the New York Times, you know it’s got to be bad for America: the Times never met a communist it didn’t like. “The 1619 Project” teaches that America was, and is, all about perpetuating slavery and oppressing non-whites. It’s intended for use in public schools from coast to coast. In fact, its perpetrators have been boasting about how they hope to get it into every school.

Fine, says our president—but not with federal money, you don’t. He has directed the Dept. of Education to look into it, starting with California (where else?); and wherever it’s been brought into the school, pull the funding.

Now it’s virtually unprecedented for the president to side with the people against the know-it-all elites—Far Left “educators,” Far Left teachers’ unions, Far Left nooze media, et al. In addition to being profoundly grateful to Mr. Trump for doing so, we must support him to the hilt. As he sides with the people, so the people must side with him—not just sit back and wait for him to do it on his own.

He needs and deserves our votes, and not just in the presidential election. He can’t, by himself, give us back our schools that we pay for. We have to take back our natural, God-given authority over the education of our children; and he can, and will, help us take it back.

If we ever lose our republic, and our liberties, our foolishness in allowing people who hate us to educate our children will be the number-one cause of it.

How can that be hard to understand? Don’t let people who despise you teach your children!

Don’t let them do to us with textbooks what Hitler and Stalin and Tojo, with all their fleets and armies, couldn’t do.

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