Any political movement based upon ethnic race alone is a “racist” movement. Only those who benefit from our endless list of engineered divisions, political beasts, are well served by the divisions they create and perpetuate. Everyone else loses…

If it is wrong for someone to be a “White Nationalist,” then it is equally wrong for someone to be a “Black Nationalist.” If it’s wrong to have a Congressional White Caucus, then it is equally wrong to have a Congressional Black Caucus, or Hispanic Caucus, or any other race-based caucus.

Nationalism is an honorable thing. Pride in and allegiance to our home country is what all American are supposed to possess. True nationalism has no race, no ethnicity, no divisive characteristics and no room for social separations that threaten the country. It is “patriotism.”

But the ongoing academic word-war has once again blurred these lines of clear distinction. One of the most common and powerful weapons in the global Marxist arsenal is “words.”

Many today believe that President George H.W. Bush is a “ONE World Order guy.” They believe this based on his Thousand Points of Light speech wherein he used the term “NEW World Order” to describe future peace through diplomacy in the post-Soviet Union end to the Cold War, wherein the United States was the last standing global superpower.

This was made possible by the intentional academia melding of two terms that are actually opposites… ONE World Order (global communism) and NEW World Order wherein peace could be achieved through diplomacy rather than military might, in a world with only one standing superpower. Once the two terms were intentionally melded into one, people would begin to fight against both friend and foe.

The same is true of the current divisions over White vs. Black nationalism. It’s socially popular to be “proud of your black race” and fight for black interests through organizations like The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and ANTIFA. But it is every bit as much an act of racism as it is for people to pursue “White” interests only, through the KKK, skinheads and other “White Nationalist” groups.

The issue is “race-based” movements. No matter what race you are a member of, if you engage in movements based solely upon that race, you are engaged in “racist” activities. Trump was right when he criticized ALL “race-based” hatred responsible for recent ethnic clashes.

The truth is, ALL “race-based” caucuses in Congress are immoral, unethical, unconstitutional and detrimental to every American, no matter race, creed or color. They should all be abolished…

In the good ole days, when America was in the business of becoming the greatest free nation ever known to mankind, we did not celebrate “diversity” in this country, those things that divide us. We celebrated only that which united us, freedom, liberty, justice under the rule of law and prosperity for everyone through free-market capitalism. It is these things that made our young country the greatest on earth.

However today, our society has been Pavlov trained to celebrate only those things that divide us as a nation. Our “diversity…”

America is the most culturally diverse nation on earth. We are a nation of immigrants. We came from all corners of the earth, all races, creeds and colors, to unite as one people in search and defense of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

But we have allowed ourselves to be set at war with one-another. Black Nationalists vs. White nationalists – LGBT vs. Heterosexuals – Muslims vs. Christians and Jews – Democrats vs. Republicans – poor vs. rich – gender wars – everything that can be used to divide us is being used… but by whom?

Only ONE group in America benefits from these divisions – the political ruling class – the true 1% of America (government) that operates to the detriment of the other 99%, We the People of all races, creeds and colors.

“A nation divided against itself will fall…”

The global elites must make America fall from within, before they can meld America into a 3rd world level member of the global commune. They are making it fall by creating and perpetuating a plethora of divisions pitting American and American on every socio-economic racial, ethnic and geo-political dividing line until at war with each other within, our nation can no longer stand.

No one can change someone else…

No politician is the solution. They all prosper by the divisions they created and promote within us.

Only WE can change the collision course that our rulers set us upon. Black, Hispanic, French, Russian, German, Irish, English, Italian, white, brown, oriental, all of us must become American Nationalists, or America cannot survive. We must become a HUMAN race.

ALL American lives must matter, or none of them matter.

ALL acts of racism, race-based movements, must be condemned, or they will all continue to flourish until there is no America left. These divisions are destroying our country. It serves only the power-elites.

It is high time for us, the true 99% in this country, to stand together against the 1% who constantly prosper by the divisions they create and promote within us daily. It is US against THEM… not US against each other.

Until then, there is no hope for the greatest nation on earth. We are doomed as a people! We are all done as a sovereign secure nation.

Now is the time… ignore everyone who works to divide us as a people and cast off the change that bind us all. Unite on what makes all Americans instead of dividing over what makes us each unique in the world. Only together can we truly make America great again!

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