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Folks, this is another article written on an open letter to Wanda K.  This will possibly be one of my longest articles because of the many comments and questions Ms. K. made to me in her letter.

Ms. K. was writing in reference to one of my latest articles titled “Homosexuality, Worse Than Murder.”  Her letter was very well-written by an obviously intelligent individual.  Which in itself is quite amazing in the fact that any intelligent person would have any doubt that not only is homosexuality a blatant perversion of nature and that all human life would end if Ms. K. beliefs were implemented.  From the material in her letter I would have to assume that she is a lesbian, and a proud one.  In this answer and response to Ms. K’s letter, I will of course, use the Word of God to help her understand the truth of this matter.  Although I am certain she will not recognize or in anyway accept the Word of God, I will continue and do my best to reach her with some simple and scientific facts in addition to the scriptures.

First Ms. K., let me ask you, have you ever considered that if your parents were of the same sex you would not be here?  THINK PEOPLE!!

Ms. K. is of the opinion that Christ never directly referred to homosexuality. I would have to assume that she has not studied the scriptures, and of course is ignorant of Biblical teachings.  You will have to accept this fact, Ms. K., Christ was and is the living “Word”!  He created  all things!  He is the law (commandments) and essence of the Word itself.  He is the one who wrote, fulfilled and brought the word into the world at His birth.  He not only dictated the entirety of scripture, He is the word!  (Scriptures!) John 1:1-2.  From Genesis to Revelations!  Including Lev. 20:13 and Romans 1:26-28.  Knowing these truths now, Ms. K.,  then you must realize that Christ cursed all evil sexual acts from the beginning.  Let’s move on.

You also mentioned that we are to be “God like” and love one another.  This statement sounds very pleasing to mankind’s emotions and thoughts!  Both of which are a deadly deception!  Jer. 17:9,  Is. 55:8-9.  You see Ms. K., Christ said in His word that God is love!  I John 4:7.  But understand Ms. K. that God’s holy and righteous love is not man made “natural” love.  God also hates with a vengeance!

Pro. 6:16-19, Ps. 106: 40, and Rev. 2:16 are just a few verses that are proof that the pure “righteous” love of God compels Him to hate and destroy evil.  “Agape” love, i.e. God’s pure, righteous love demands justice and judgment!  It is not the fuzzy, cozy, soft, perverted love that is “natural” to an unregenerated, unbelieving people!  If, Ms. K., an individual is truly born again, then he or she will be God-like as you say we should be in your letter, then that individual will have the same convictions about evil that his Heavenly Father has!  He or she will begin to hate evil just like their Father!  Ps. 97:10, Ps. 106:3, 119:104, 139:21-24, Rom. 12:9 reference to just a few verses to again prove that your thoughts and feelings are not scriptural!


Also in your letter, Ms. K. you make a statement that is often misquoted and that people “think” is what Christ said.  Most never read the context in which the sentence was made in order to get the complete meaning of it.  Nor do they look at other scriptures from God’s Word, and some were spoken by Christ directly.  You mentioned that we should judge not.  Ms. K., all of us make judgments every day on many issues, but let’s get to what the Bible says to help folks like you to understand the actual word better.  In the scripture you are referring to in Mt. 7:1-2, Christ’s exact words were (1) “Judge not, that ye be not judged, (2) For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.”  So He did not say to not judge, but that we should be judged by the same standard and in verses 15-20 He instructs how to judge righteously.  In John 7:26 He again tells us to judge with righteous judgment!  How do we know what is righteous judgment is?  By His “law” book!  His word! As a matter of fact, Ms. K., the scripture tells us in Prov. 21:15 that it is a joy for the just to do judgment.  Shall we move on?

To keep this letter/article as brief as possible, I will comment on your other questions with to-the-point answers. I was born a heterosexual, as all are!  I didn’t have to “decide” to be a heterosexual!  Sexual deviants are the ones who “decide” to live in their perverted ways.  I have never wanted a “same sex” lover, so therefore I have never had an “unnatural” desire for that perverted act.  I have not had to discuss my being a heterosexual with anyone, because it’s a given that as a male, I naturally desire a female. Yes, it is true, many more heterosexuals do molest children. But that statement only stands because there is still a 99% heterosexual population! But of the 1% to 2% of homosexuals in existence, their percentages are much higher.  That is the way it must be, Ms. K.!  Because their homosexual mind and soul are sin sick, and most of their consciences are seared so they know no moral boundaries.  That is why one of your organizations exist, namely NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association.  Ouch!  That hurt, didn’t it?  Now, to keep this open letter/article as short as possible I will not answer the rest of your questions because they are so absolutely absurd that I simply will not waste my time answering them.

In closing, Ms. K, I will just say this.  I have God’s word and nature itself to back me and prove the  truths brought out in this letter/article.  You have humanistic, dangerous and perverted “feelings and thoughts” based on mankind’s evil nature.  In other words, you have nothing Ms. K.

For all those who are reading this that may be of the same mindset as Ms. Wanda K., I’m certain this article will come across as uncaring and hateful.  But, quite the contrary!  If I wasn’t concerned for you and your souls, I wouldn’t take the time and effort to write this, and then put up with the hate mail I will receive.  I sincerely love you in Christ.

In Christ’s Service,

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