Be the best you can be. Always try to be your best. Do everything to the best of your ability. Go as high as your God given talents will take you. Those and other statements of encouragement were commonly spoken throughout America in times past. No matter what side of the tracks one was born on, parents told their children to work hard and do their best. That also applied to students attending school studying for tests, participating in athletics or even spelling bees.

America was known as the “can do” nation of optimistic achievers doing their best.  Sovereign citizens from all walks of life understood that God created us in His image. Americans also recognized that God created everything ranging from planet earth to the farthest galaxies of outer space.  As a person, part of being in the image of God is working and creating with a spirit of excellence. God formed man from the earth and has instilled in us the desire perfection in everything that we do. Whether it was the Founding Fathers of this great republic or doctors discovering more advanced methods of finding and treating cancer like they are at the Cleveland Clinic.

The concept of a constitutionally limited republic was not based upon mediocracy. It was the excellent concepts of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that opened the door to an entirely new concept that enabled individuals the freedom to pursue their goals through equal opportunity. As a result, individuals were free to pursue a more excellent way of living.  For the first time in human history, the success of a person was based more upon excellent effort and faith than what was dictated by a caste system or serfdom.

Men and women in America were inspired to be the best in their chosen fields. The incentive of reward also inspired the slew of inventions and innovations that streamed forth out of America throughout both the 19th and 20th centuries. High expectations and excellent effort in all sectors of society, caused the United States to become the envy of the world. Our universities were second to none.  The same could at one time be said for government schools in general. Whether black or white, rich or poor, if you attended school you were expected to do very well.  Excellence was always the goal.

Unfortunately, soon after the Civil Rights and hippy dippy eras, there began a concerted effort to undermine the United States morally, educationally, economically and politically. For as long as the United States has been in existence, organizations and individuals did not and to this day do not want “We the People” to enjoy the blessings of Liberty and a more excellent way.

The British could not crush the freedom fighters who waged an excellent war against tyranny.  Through the years, no external enemies could demolish our republic. But alas, the leftist internationalist enemies devised ways to harm America from within through mediocracy. The first major wave of instilling mediocracy was perpetrated against the black American community. The Civil Rights movement was utterly corrupted. That ushered in a lowering of educational and moral standards. Urban communities were devastated via lower expectations affecting the family structure, personal achievement and personal development.

Eventually, the evil plot of mediocracy was carried on throughout most of our republic. By design, government schools diminish the thinking capabilities of countless students now known as snowflake crybabies. Because of the mediocre teaching and relentless indoctrination, most mediocre American students prefer a mediocre lifestyle under communism over the endless possibilities for personal growth and excellent achievement in a society of personal liberty, equal opportunity and prosperity.

If America the beautiful does not free herself from the scourge of mediocracy, enemies both foreign and domestic will have their way over the United States for generations to come. It doesn’t have to be that way America. Let’s work together with our patriotic president to restore our republic through Providential guidance bolstered by the will to never give in to those who seek to kill, steal from and destroy our beloved land of liberty. Please join me at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM on the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays on, Spreaker or AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nevada.  In addition, The Edwards Notebook syndicated commentary Blows Away the Myths and Reveals the Truth daily on TalkAmericaRadio, and during AM News on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada.

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