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“This writer will say this – if there is to be an Orwellian 1984 society in America, and I believe it is already happening – Google will be at the forefront of those leading the way and cashing in on it.  You can take that to the bank.”

It’s long been known that despite Google’s denial of manipulating their own search engine, they have been doing just that for years now.  The monster information indexer was even designing an oppressive information search engine for China – for a hefty price of course.  Google’s “Dragonfly” was shut down after much public outcry, but you can bet that it is securely preserved in the Google vault somewhere.

Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg makes a very uncomfortable but also very true observation: the simple man steals a sandwich and goes to jail.  Google steals the medical information of millions of people, and their earnings potential rises.

From Zero Hedge:

“First, we learned Google is in the process of secretly sucking up the personalized healthcare data of up to 50 million Americans without the permission of patients or doctors.

This was followed by a detailed report in the Wall Street Journal outlining how the search giant is meddling with its algorithms far more aggressively than executives lead people to believe.”

So crime does pay after all – after these revelations, Alphabet the parent company of Google, – saw their stock value increase.

“It’s important to note that while much of the recent focus on tech giants revolves around market dominance and anti-competitiveness, the real danger posed is far more extensive. Particularly since the post-election “panic of 2016,” these companies have begun to more earnestly morph into digital information gatekeepers in the name of empire and the national security state.

Day by day, tweaked algorithm by tweaked algorithm, and with each new thought-criminal banished from major digital platforms, we’ve seen not only dissident views marginalized, but we’ve also lost a capacity to access information we’re looking for should tech company CEOs or their national security state partners deem it inappropriate.

The powers that be have determined the internet [sic] permitted too much freedom of thought and opinion, so the tech giants stand ready to bluntly throw the hammer down in order to reverse that trend and regain narrative control. The algorithm will be used to get you in line, and if you don’t comply, the algorithm will destroy you.”

Google has amassed tremendous power and influence.  If Google does not want you to see or find something, well, you won’t.  Most people will only go so far in searching for information and will just accept what they find.  There is a serious lack of discernment and logical thinking in this country.  Information gleaned from Google, or the national media, or even social media – is all to often accepted at face value.  This writer is here to tell you, that is an extremely dangerous practice – and one that Google anticipates that We the People will perform.

Google can and does get away with controlling the narrative.  Search results are changed, some things are hidden, and everything you do on Google’s search – is tracked and filed away in a database.  If you believe otherwise, well, you haven’t been paying attention.  This goes way beyond conspiracy and has dived right into confirmed fact.

For instance, abortion is made to look good and morally acceptable.  The sites that show the truth, including with pictures are buried.  The number one result in an abortion search on Google?  Planned Parenthood.  The Democrats are painted as the good guys, while anyone who opposes them is deemed to be anti-American, unsafe, an agitator, and opposed to what benefits society.

Websites that Google deems as anti-liberal, anti-establishment are buried in the search results or even blacklisted.

When George Orwell penned 1984, he had no idea Google would come along.  But Google is the very definition of Orwellian.
And don’t forget – the heavily censored YouTube is owned and controlled by Google.

One last point – if Google is willing to help China oppress and control their people for the sake of money, do you seriously believe that Google will not do the same to the American people if they can turn a buck doing it? I would say Google is already doing this, right along with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube among others.  Don’t forget this either: the national media supports all of these oppressive Big Tech giants.

This writer will say this – if there is to be an Orwellian 1984 society in America, and I believe it is already happening – Google will be at the forefront of those leading the way and cashing in on it.  You can take that to the bank.

H/T Tyler Durden Zero Hedge

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