By Lex Greene

February 22, 2022

If you pay attention, you will learn something useful every day. If you learn from other’s mistakes, you won’t have to make those same mistakes yourself, repeatedly. You still can, but you don’t have to…

No thanks to the fake news media, who either ignored events altogether, or intentionally misreported the facts on the ground with a clear intent to mislead viewers…we have seen a flood of video content from citizens on the ground via social media posts and live presentations.

Never in the history of mankind has there ever been a more peaceful, respectful, clean, moral, and ethical political protest, anywhere on earth. In stark contrast to all BLM and ANTIFA protests, or frankly every Marxist riot since the 1960s, the trucker’s protest in Ottawa was a shining example of how decent moral people should assemble in public square for redress of their grievances.

For this, I give the great patriots of Canada huge credit, not only for organizing the protest in this manner, but also for maintaining their calm and cool even as government enforcers did not. No matter the outcome, these great Canadians are heroes, and the world is watching!

What have we learned from the Ottawa experience so far?

What started as an effort to end all failed COVID19 mandates, quickly became a war for the future of freedom and liberty in Canada. The effort to convince political leaders to do the right thing and return freedom to the people, was immediately turned away by the government who will never return freedom to the people. The real problem came into vivid focus.

Once you allow your government to disarm the people, peaceful is the only option the people have. Similar in nature to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights protects the Right of the people to put down government abuse and tyranny. But once disarmed, the people have no means to do it, other than to pray for it, and ultimately, beg for it.

Never give your enemy time to prepare. Unlike the disorganized effort by American truckers to duplicate the Ottawa convoy in the USA, allowing the Biden regime weeks and months to prepare, the good people of Canada rolled into Ottawa largely unannounced, and caught the Trudeau regime by surprise. You never telegraph your plans to the enemy in advance. It’s disastrous.

No modern day law enforcement or military can be trusted to do the right thing. Yes, in both Canada and the USA, every member of the Military and Law Enforcement has sworn a solemn oath to protect and defend the Rights of the People. But as we have seen in Ottawa, and to some degree in the USA, places like New York City and Chicago, most of these folks will NOT keep those oaths. A few of conscience will, at their own peril. But most will simply follow unlawful orders against the people they are sworn to protect, like mindless, soulless robots without any conscience whatsoever. These are NOT law enforcers; they are merely global political policy enforcers. They cannot be trusted at all.

No matter how peaceful and respectful the protesters are, the Global Reset enforcers will NOT be.For more than three weeks, Canadian patriots held peaceful vigil in Ottawa. Not only were they threatening no one, destroying nothing, looting, and burning not a single home or store in the area, they were actually cleaning up the streets and feeding the homeless and hungry citizens of Ottawa. They did it right! But it didn’t matter. The tyrannical global Marxist agenda of PM Justin Trudeau was willing to use any force necessary to end the protest and keep his Marxist boot on the neck of every Canadian citizen. Throughout history, socialists, and communists all over the world have resorted to violence and force to advance their agendas and Ottawa was going to be no exception. As peaceful protesters laid flowers at the feet of the Nazi-style enforcers, those enforcers trampled the protesters under horse’s hoofsand beat the protesters with gestapo-type batons, arresting innocent people and stealing their personal property, including their bank accounts.

The people remain the biggest problem of all. A significant number of Canadians took the side of the Global Reset enforcers, publicly shaming the peaceful protesters while calling upon the enforcers to use even more force and violence to end the demonstration for freedom. Tyrannical dictators are easy to get rid of, so long as the people are united in that cause. But when any society is deeply divided, some willing to die for freedom, others ready to kill for their Marxist utopian fantasy, there is no way for it to end peacefully. Unfortunately, more than Trudeau will have to be defeated before freedom can return to Canada, and the same will be true in the USA.

Coming to America Next…

As American truckers struggle to organize a convoy across the USA, months after freedom-loving people all over the world have been in the streets, the Biden regime is anticipating their every move. They too, are learning from the scenes in Canada and they are preparing in the USA.

Unlike the good people of Canada, freedom-lovers in the USA are NOT disarmed. In fact, American Citizens are the most well-armed society on earth, far outnumbering any law enforcement or military anywhere in the world. Most are also highly trained, with more than 20-million military veterans and former law enforcement officers, in every city, every state.

As opposed to countries where governments were allowed to disarm the people long ago, Citizens of the USA have been stockpiling and “prepping” for this moment in history. Obama and Biden have proven to be the greatest weapons and ammo salesmen in history.

Let me be very clear…the fact that Americans are not yet in the streets, is proof enough that Americans prefer peace. They have patiently tolerated the very worst the U.S. Government has ever attempted to do to its people, and still, Americans are patiently and peacefully seeking nonviolent means to solve the problem. No sane person wants war.

But our enemies do, and that’s why we must question their sanity!

There’s a reason why old sayings are old sayings, “If you want war, prepare for peace. But if you want peace, prepare for war!”

As events and Ottawa have well proven now, no matter how peaceful we are, the people who mean us harm will NOT hesitate to use violence and force against us. No matter how much we want peace, those who mean us harm are prepared to use force. We have already seen small examples of this in the USA, at school board meetings, town hall meetings, BLM and ANTIFA riots, and the recent steady rise in violent crime all across the country.

It matters not, that American Citizens do not want war. War is coming regardless.

The Global Reset authorities are determined to finish off all national sovereignty and security and force every nation into their COVID19 GREAT MARXIST RESET.

In Canada, the following government officials are direct servants of Klaus Schwab, his World Economic Forum and Davos Group, and they were installed into Canadian government power for the sole purpose of leading Canada into total destruction. There are many more underlings, but these are listed by the WEF.

Justin Trudeau
Ailish Campbell
François-Philippe Champagne
Chrystia Freeland
Elissa Golberg
Karina Gould
Jagmeet Singh
Renée Maria Tremblay

But they are seeded in the U.S. as well. Many names you would expect, and others you likely wouldn’t expect, such as Maria Bartiromo, Peter Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Garlin Gilchrist II, Joseph P. Kennedy III, Vanessa Kerry, and Mark Zuckerberg. In all, there are almost 300 listed as global partners on the WEF site. COMPLETE LIST HERE

If you think that’s bad, read the full list of U.S. international corporations that are directly partnered with Klaus Schwab and his maniacal Marxist Global Reset.Companies like AIG, Amazon, AstraZeneca, Bain & Company, Bank of America, Barclays, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BlackRock, Chevron, Cisco, Citi, Dow, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HSBC, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase & Co.,Mastercard,Meta, Microsoft, Moderna, Morgan Stanley, Nestlé, Open Society Foundations, PayPal, Pfizer, S&P Global, The Coca-Cola Company, UPS, Verizon Communications, Visa, and Western Union.

That’s just a few of the companies that are listed as direct partners with Schwab and his WEF Marxist Global Reset. HERE’S THE COMPLETE LIST

Are you getting the picture clearly yet?

Like the COVID19 scamdemic itself, created and put in play by all of these people and companies for the sole purpose of gaining total control over the entire world population through constant fearmongering, and ushering in Schwab’s maniacal vision for a Marxist Global Order under his command and control, his Global Reset was created to empower only a tiny handful of global elites while enslaving or eliminating everyone else!

There is NO WAY we are getting our freedom and liberty back peacefully. They are certain that THEY are “too big to fail,” and that “WE are too weak to resist!”

If you didn’t know it before, you certainly should know it by now. What we have seen unfold in Ottawa is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming next.

If you want peace, freedom, and liberty ever again, then we must prepare for war. We will never get it back any other way…because THEY won’t let us…any other way!

May God watch over all freedom-loving people everywhere. We are in the fight of our lives now. May God grant us the wisdom and strength to defeat this evil, for all mankind.


Ottawa shows exactly how a trucker convoy to a government center of power works. I support all peaceful efforts by patriots to make their case to public servants. However, wisdom indicates a better way forward.

A convoy is a parade, for show. They can and will prepare to put it down, exactly like they did in Ottawa. In the USA, Biden has already had over a month to prepare.

However, 73% of all U.S. commerce across the country moves by way of trucks. If truckers simply shut down and stop hauling, 73% of the nation’s commerce ends in an instant. Take those trucks home and drop anchor. With government forced supply chain shortages already affecting most Americans, it would only take a few days to have everyone’s attention.

This is how the most powerful group in America, the truckers, can have the impact they desire, without fear of counter-measures or reprisals from the rogue government currently in power.

It’s not enough to be tough…you must be wise as well!

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