Say Good-Bye to your Individuality and Freedom as a Private School.
Say Hello to Private and Religious School Title I “CHOICE”
– Where you MUST Teach Common Core
– Where ALL Schools Become Federal Government Schools!

Let’s introduce the real facts about “Equitable CHOICE” for ALL children that would allow ANY student to take that public school scholarship to ANY school of his/her “CHOICE”.

The 50/50 share in President Obama’s Plan will force local schools to divvy-up and contribute 50% of the total money given by the Feds. It applies to any child attending private and religious schools, or even home schools. Your local school district must give their 50% of the Title I fee that “Follows the Child” to parents who make the “CHOICE” of which eligible school their child will attend. In this way the Federal money will follow the child, quite literally into your local church-based school or even into your home! In this way Uncle Sam’s tentacles over your child will extend into your living room.

With the exodus of children from their neighborhood school, it appears that public schools will eventually financially collapse, especially since when these children flee 50% of funding from the local treasury will go with them. As more public schools collapse financially, more charter schools will be funded and expanded with their monies. Ask yourself why money is being funneled into charter schools and NOT your public neighborhood schools.

Thus, the expansion of charter schools with unelected boards, usually for-profit, funded by wealthy investment companies and tycoon bankers, will get a cut of your hard earned tax money. Your tax dollars go straight into their pockets! This fact proves this is a move away from having local representatives invested in our schools. No voice, no vote for you, the parent or citizen, which means the real goal is the total “privatizing” of education – with Federal strings attached and Federal control. In this way our American system of government, local citizens who elect local representatives who are directly accountable to them, will be eroded and demolished.

As more Common Core Title I children continue to flood charter, private, and religious schools, demands for accountability expand the “enforcement” mechanism of Title I Common Core, ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015). This in turn, forces accountability toward an authorized but UNELECTED charter school management team for all schools – charter, private, religious, and home schools – with the goal to achieve the elimination of public schools all together. (We know this for certain because the eradication of local control goal has been stated openly in legislation and education reform documents for three decades.) The new overseer for this accountability process is named as an ombudsman in the ESSA regulations. With the elimination of public schools, your elected officials who balance your local tax treasury will lose control. Besides, how will students be monitored for money received when transferring to multiple different schools, even in different states?

How Do ESA’s Work in the Equation?

Moving forward with this idea, parents must have a government vehicle age 0-21 to deposit that public money. ALL “school wide” identified Title I CHILDREN enrolled in any public, charter, private school, religious school, and homeschool will be able to open an Education Savings Account (ESA) into which federal, state, and local funds can be deposited. Remember: “school wide” means ALL children, not just poor children. This bag of cash gets bigger and bigger as ESSA allows all monies to be accrued in the Title I bag. (Source: ESSA: Page 290; Eligible Federal Funds for equitable distributions of state and local taxes)

ESSA names 50 pilot schools to go to bat for sameness, in which in three years all schools can switch to a per pupil expenditure. It will

“create a single school funding system based on weighted per-pupil allocations for low-income and otherwise disadvantaged students. (Source: pages 278-279; ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act)

Parents must question the definition of who are “otherwise disadvantaged students” – it means any child not meeting Common Core!

You might ask this next question: MUST private and religious schools admit Common Core Title I CHOICE children? Yes! Private and religious schools would have to admit these CHOICE/Title I children.

Can’t they just say NO to the funds? It doesn’t work that way. They would have to say “No” to the child and this opens a federal can of worms.

Children already enrolled in private and religious institutions also become branded with the “SCHOOL WIDE” banner. This is due to the fact that their funding would also be determined as originating from their local school, where they would normally be enrolled, which had previously been determined as “school wide.”

The private and religious school does not directly receive the Title I federal funds and local tax mix. They receive the funds from the PARENT’S Education Savings Account (ESA), sidestepping the federal government’s separation of Church and State. And if a school objects to admitting the Title I child, all hell breaks loose and a charge of discrimination under Civil Rights will be brought forward. This is a no-win situation for private and religious schools with how this system is being set up. See below of how an empowerment “CHOICE” scholarship was ruled on in Arizona:

Arizona Court of Appeals upheld a ruling in a unanimous decision. Judge Jon W. Thompson wrote for the court, “The specified object of the ESA is the beneficiary families, not private or sectarian schools. Parents can use the funds deposited in the empowerment account to customize an education that meets their children’s unique educational needs.” (Emp. added.)

This means a private or religious school CANNOT object to admitting the Title I “CHOICE” child who comes with a Common Core yoke around his/her neck. Not only must these children be accepted in the school, BUT they must receive the social, emotional, and behavioral interventions directed under the Specialized Student Support Services in ESSA. This means Common Core mental health non-academic teacher training and standards for children MUST be performed in private and religious schools! And to be deemed as “equitable” as public schools, they must implement the social, emotional, and behavioral interventions slated in ESSA!

The regulations state specifically that these psychological services are to be carried out by IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities Act) special education. The legislation also specifies the exact psychological services to be administered: Response to Intervention, multi-tiered system of supports, positive behavior Intervention and supports, Early Intervening services, and universal design for learning. Notice none of this has to do with academics; it is psycho-social and behavioral conditioning.

This proposal initiates the old HillaryCare/Mental Health/IDEA/Medicaid yoke that is tied around the child’s neck. Education (ESSA) and ObamaCare (the old HillaryCare) is merged that extends health/mental health services to children at school ages 0-21. Schools and daycare centers will be able to bill Medicaid for these social, emotional, behavioral/mental health services at school. (SOURCE)

So, what does this all mean?

The odds are stacked against President-Elect Trump. Why? Because President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s HillaryCare has already been legislated and implemented in our schools. It’s time to “drain the swamp” in education. There is still time to stop the Obama regulations being written for ESSA. There is still time to switch the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

What are Parent Warriors to do? Parents supporting Donald Trump have been enthusiastically awaiting for his plan to dump Common Core and save our children. However, his current “CHOICE” plans, and selection of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, prove more than disappointing to those who understand the system. Trump needs our help.

So, how can we help the Trump Presidency? President-Elect Trump can turn the corner on Globalism in education, and move the clock back to Americanism. Trump should immediately stop listening to his Heritage Foundation advisors! Heritage has been a major purveyor of phony “choice” for decades. Mr. Trump must vet his education candidates wisely, and study the education issues thoroughly, to ensure that it is HIS vision that gets implemented and not the other way around.

Trump should stop and take a second look before he furthers the anti-American freedom agenda of Hillary and Obama! Mr. Trump’s vision, as he articulated it, is to help the poor, the inner cities, and give these kids a chance. We do NOT think his vision includes leveling wealthy school districts by redistributing the wealth, or getting federal control of private and religious schools! I would doubt if he means to collapse the public school system in favor of Common Core, “CHOICE”, and charter schools for all. That is not what he campaigned on. Unless….. Will he keep his promises?

Your job, President-Elect Trump, is HUGE. Do not turn your back on America’s children!

Please email, tweet, and Facebook President-Elect Trump and remind him, today, tomorrow, and next week… To Keep His Promises!

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