What Love Is!!!
Along With All AMERICA and MANKIND Must Overcome.

Part 1:

Dear Lucy Marie, Will, Alex and Donald,

Over the next 3, 4, 5, 6 afternoons and evenings, however long it takes, I’m going to type my thoughts and ideas on a variety of subjects. The four of you will receive the exact same letter(s), and my first thought is this: I love Each of You from all four corners/chambers of my heart. I don’t have a favorite, but at the same time, I have one Daughter (Rie), who still allows me to call her Snugglebug.

In my opening I addressed you in the order you were born.

I have five children and sadly Robby, Robert Randolf Motch decided back in either 2005 or 06, he no longer wanted me to have a part in his life, which is his choice to make. “Life” is nothing more than a series of choices and the choices we make define who we are, as well as who we are not.

And of course each of you are Free to make that same choice. Along a similar vein, last Nov. or Dec. when all of you were deciding where to put a portion of my and our Busch inheritance, I wrote in a letter to Alex and Donald that: I am not your dictator, I am your Dad. (I spell Dad with a capital, you are free to choose otherwise.)

I Respect each of you, I have Admiration for each of you. There is not a man in this country who is prouder of his children than I have every right to be Proud of You Four Admirable Individuals. Now please do me a favor by putting/stuffing all that you have read into your peace pipes and smoke on it awhile.

I am the Proud father of a CPA, a Teacher, a Doctor, a Dentist and a Professional Goalie. How many other men can type the same? Out of the billions of men and women alive today – at best only a few if any. The four of you are strong hearted, tough minded, athletic and smart. In a nut shell: the apple rarely falls/rolls far from the tree. You come from Good Stock on both sides of your family trees’. In numerous ways, I am an example of how talent occasionally skips a generation.

Another Fact; One of the Finest Compliments I ever received was given to me by Mrs. Leonora Dismukes Burns Motch, when the Lioness Leo-nora said what follows during one of our serious conversations: Robert, you are honest to a fault. You can choose to huff and puff, go ahead and get angry, that is your choice, however I would prefer that each of you relax and breathe all of this in.

For those unaware a lioness is the only feline who will allow cubs which she is not their biological mother to nurse at her teats. A lactating lioness will allow every cub in the pride to nurse. Am sure each of you knows a pride of lions consists of sisters, aunts and their daughters and granddaughters. The female part of a pride stays intact, only the males are replaced after being defeated by one or more lions who fight to win the right to breed and pass their genes along.

One of the toughest tasks in the natural world is the life of a lone pride male. The only chance his cubs have of reaching maturity is this: He must be willing to fight to the death; that is the only way his cubs will live to pass his gene pool on. So know a lion who won’t fight to the death for his cubs is a lion without lineage, it’s that simple.

Amongst the Red Nations, the First Americans, in better by-gone days most tribes put into practice the doctrine: “We will be known by the tracks we leave behind.” What that means is: your children are your tracks, your lineage, your offspring; the only meaningful representation of your time on this earth. You are the Record of my time on this planet. You are the “Tracks” I will leave behind when I take the journey/pass on.

Alex and Donald, I met the Lioness Leo-nora (Leo means Lion in Latin) Burns in Cleveland, Ohio at the wedding of our mutual cousin, Miss Sandra (Sandy) Motch. Leonora’s aunt, Miss Gloria Burns married my uncle, Mr. Edwin (Eddie) Raymond Motch III. LB and I are not kissing cousins,  since we are not related by blood, however we are related via blood lines. I hope I’ve explained it well enough, it took me a moment or two in Cleveland to figure it out myself. (Hmm, are we related or not.)

It didn’t take long before I started purring in her ear, talking to her and suggesting we spend the next afternoon together. Fact: I was Thankful the Attraction was Mutual. Leonora is a Beautiful, Raven Haired Women – and back in 2008, on my way to visit Will in Gainesville, Florida, LB and I had another of our serious conversations where She was kind enough to say: Robert, you are the love of my life. That conversation was held on the back porch of her house in Panama City Beach, FL.

Some back story to help get everyone on the same page. Each of us knew that before we met, we had loved another. The First Women, the first Filly I loved, her middle is Brooke and her gentle love began to wash over me in the late Spring of 1973. I knew that Leonora had previously been in a very serious relationship with a fellow named Benjy (sp?). They met at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Benjy was on the swim team and the last she knew of, he had passed all of the Strict Qualifications and was a US Navy Seal. I knew all of that beforehand, so please read the rest of what Leonora said to me in 2008. I loved Benjy, but not how I used to love you. Robert, you are the love of my life. 

I did purr in LB’s ear that night and she turned me down. The only time she ever said “no” to me. She was dating a fellow at the time who she thought a lot of. So know Leonora the Lioness is a Principled, Virtuous Woman who does not sleep around, a one man woman. Months later we were talking on the phone and she teasingly said: I should have slept with you because he broke up with me.

The last time LB and I were Lovers was after September 11, 2001 and before 2008. In that I have already typed to much because the Lioness knows Marie and Will – will judge her harshly. If it ever gets back to me that any of you have raised this topic to Her, that will not end well for you, and that is My Promise. You Will Regret that Choice for the rest of your life. If you wish to be treated like adults, then grow-up and act like it. Leonora is hands down one of the Finest who ever brought her sugar sweet lips to mine and She will always hold a Special Place in my heart for Who She Is!!! FACT: Lionesses are Special and I damn well know it!!! I am the whore, not the lioness Leo-nora.

Remember you have been warned, there will be grave consequences for anyone who makes the wrong choice.

Another Fact: After we did the wild thing way back when the Lioness said: I feel sorry for Tatyana. Reply: Don’t be, she is trying to destroy/tear apart my family.

Alex and Donald, I was always faithful to your Mom until after our relationship had reached the point when I knew it was no longer able to be healed.

Sadly Tatyana is an aberration of nature, a cub killer. She took it upon herself to try to destroy the relationships I had with all my Children, my Cubs. Donald, neither you or Alex knows that when you were almost 3 years old, I asked your mother: Why do you do the things that you do and say the things you say? Reply: Because I think Donald loves you more than me. Donald before you were two years old, you began to hear on a damn near daily basis. Daddy doesn’t love Donald, only Mommy loves Donichka. (sp?). Fact: GOD/CREATOR knows I have typed another truth. Thankfully, you are now old enough to read some of the rest of the story. There are two sides to every story not one; however there is only one truthful answer to a yes or no question.

Now know I have No Desire to try and break the bond Alex and Donald have with their mother. I am happy she loves them, however I am not the bastard which she tried so hard to characterize me as. There was a time when I loved her, however those days are long gone. I don’t intend to ever see her again unless she chooses to apologize to both Marie and Will.

I never asked to read Rie’s journal but I distinctly remember Rie telling me when she, LB and I were having a conversation on the back porch while I was in Florida for her graduation. Boys, your sister graduated with Honors, one of the Top of her class.

Marie: Dad in my journal, I wrote down some of the things she said and did when you weren’t there. During that same conversation Leonora said: Robert, you have been a good father to your children. A good brother to your brothers and a good friend to your friends. It is my hope each of my sons receive the same compliment from an Outstanding Individual.

I know some of this is going to hurt each of you so know here and now that I don’t enjoy it, however the only way for us to heal is for me to bring some things out into the light and discuss them openly and honestly. There was a time when the four of you were very close and I pray that I will live to see the day when all of you hug each other. That is one of my Greatest Heartfelt Desires.

Motchs also enjoy hunting. Donald, I doubt you remember what comes next as you were knee high to a grasshopper way back then. I believe it was the Fall of 2004. That Spring, I bought 100 acres a couple of miles south and east of our place in Lawrence County. When I started mowing, cleaning that place up I realized it held one of the densest populations of rabbits I’d ever seen. I decided to wait on brush-hogging all of the briar patches and thickets until after hunting season. Will and I, along with some of my neighbor friends, went hunting there and in one afternoon thinned out the rabbit population by around 30. We only hunted as much as half of the place.

A couple of days later I rounded all of you up and said: We are going rabbit hunting. As a father, that was one of the Best Days I’ve Ever Had, so let’s all take a trip down memory lane. Will and Alex both carried shotguns and Rie’s task was to keep a tight rein on Donald as he wanted to get in the briar patches and try to help me “jump” rabbits.

I’d mowed/brush hogged patches for shooting lanes and left most of the cover untouched. The shooting lanes were around 20 feet wide. The instructions: Rie and Donald were to stay around 25 yards behind me, which was close enough to see what was happening in front of them. The two older boys were on either side of me walking the edges of the shooting lanes. I was in my element, jumping rabbits. I grew up rabbit hunting and I have always enjoyed it! Shooting is not the excitement for me anymore, for me it’s the hunting. Knowing where to look and guiding that rabbit out into the open for others to take a shot.

From my point of view that afternoon was darn near perfect. Each of you “listened” and followed your instructions to a T. The boys each missed a rabbit, which is going to happen and both of them shot well. No one hits every target we all miss from time to time. After the 7th was on the ground. I said that’s enough, lets go home.

Back in Carthage the boys watched me clean and prepare the first rabbit for the dinner table. Your next instructions were to copy my example and clean three rabbits apiece, and don’t come in the house until after you were finished. Donald was trying to help but it was a task, a teaching moment for the older boys to complete.

Again that was one of my best days and even Tatyana had a smile on her face while cooking those rabbits. We ate them over the next couple of evenings. I like rabbit. Will we ever hunt as a Family again? I certainly hope so!!! And soon I’ll type my thoughts as to who gets what as it relates to 360 acres in Lawrence County. I sold the previously mentioned 100 acres for a 30% profit in early 2006.

Robbie/Robby was right around four when I flew down to DC to fly with him back to Boston, MA and on to Martha’s Vineyard. A couple of months earlier, Leonora, at my request had made the choice to leave Nashville, Tennessee and we had just moved into the house I’d built in Vineyard Haven. One of the seven townships on the Vineyard (I think it is seven), an island off the coast of Massachusetts.

During the first week the three of us were together, Robby hurt Leonora deeply when he said: You are not my mother, I don’t have to listen to you. After Leonora told me about it, I said: I think I know how to handle this, he and I will have a little talk tomorrow.

The next afternoon after I came home from work, he and I had a conversation: Robbie, Susan will always be your Mom and you are lucky because Leonora is going to love you the same as if you are her son, too. Most children don’t have two mothers but you do.

In less than a week’s time Robbie and Leonora were like peas and carrots and it broke Robbie’s heart when I left Leonora. And somehow someway, Robby blamed himself over my leaving her. Who of you is so ignorant, dumb as a rock, that you cannot see for yourself Leonora is a Lioness of the Finest Caliber???

I am sure each reader knows all relationships whether business or personal are built on Truth which is the Foundation of TRUST. Without the former, you can not have the latter. End of story, case closed, there’s no point in arguing or debating that. I will always answer your questions in an upright truthful manner. In return I expect the same. So know at this point and time in our lives – I TRUST the Four of You. For everyone’s benefit, lets all keep it that way.

Also make sure you really want to know the answer before you ask me a question. We are all adults now which frees me up to call things how I see them. However there may be a few questions which might fall under the category of none-ya-business. There are some things which you don’t need to know and I have the right to keep private. Some examples will occasionally turn up in these letters where individuals have asked me to keep the source/names or certain details private. I won’t break my word, so don’t ask.

Over the course of these letters, you will have my thoughts on a number of fronts including two business ideas in Tanzania. After reading Everything I intend to type, I will of course listen with ears to hear, or read your comments and suggestions due to the Fact I Value Your thoughts and opinions. I hold each of You in High Regard. That typed I won’t read or entertain questions about these letters until AFTER I have finished. Whether you agree with it or not, as your father that is My Choice to make.

Each of you in your own way is going to find a part(s) of this difficult to read. Many truths will be brought to light including some of my long list of Faults along with the poor and in some cases bad choices/decisions I have made which have caused my precious children hurt and pain.

Each will also learn the “rest of the story” on a variety of topics and now its time for Will to know the “rest of why” his first name is William. Will there’s more to it than your Uncle, Mr. William Burns. Your true first name’s sake, if I’ve worded that correctly, is one of the Best Friends I ever had, William Heider Chisholm.

Bill and I graduated (Albemarle County High School) back in 1975. I didn’t go to graduation because I knew Mom was not going to there, so I didn’t bother. Bill and I met in 9th grade (August) at Jack Jouett Junior High, the first day at practice. We played football together and both started, Bill at fullback and special teams. Me at right guard on offense, left and/or right tackle on 3rd down and long situations on defense and all special teams, except the punt block team. I was on the field a lot, more than many starters. Some went both ways, offense, defense plus special teams and some did not. After watching me battle my way into the starting line-up, Coach Helvin had seen for himself that even though I was physically undersized. I gave everything I had from snap to whistle. I had one speed – all out.

And CREATOR knows on those third downs when I was on the field, the opposing offense never gained so much as one yard. The ball never got back to the line of scrimmage unless it was a rushed incomplete pass. I didn’t always make the play, however in most of those situations the quarterback or running back was trying to get away from me. I was 5 ft. nothing and weighed 100 and nothing, around 120 pounds, however I was a force to be reckoned with. In that I regard, even at 65, Dad is still tougher than most. It’s taken awhile, but for the most part, I’m back on my feet.

Tackle to tackle on the offensive line I was by far the lightest interior lineman. I didn’t reach puberty until the Spring of 9th grade and the four of you know, as it relates to school years, Fall comes way before Spring.  I was still a boy, meanwhile, for the most part, over 95% of those I was competing with or playing against were young men with the benefit of testosterone.

In football, there are three things you can’t be coached up in – speed, heart/desire and a nose for the ball. I was always faster than most, I have more than my share of heart/desire plus the ability to read to react quickly and decisively; most times make the right play. Which is the Art of playing defense. Just as Donald knows as a football/soccer “Keep”, there are times when he has to be the Aggressor and force the offense to commit one way or another.

Plus I enjoyed the contact, I truly enjoyed hitting which goes hand in hand with my competitive nature. Fact: a Motch enjoys competition. All of us love to compete. My initials are RAM and in that regard am thankful to be very hard headed. If I wasn’t, I would not have survived Mena, Arkansas on November 9, 2006. A night which “changed” all of our lives in a negative manner.

In high school we used to greet each other with: “Is you my bruthah?!” We only had one class together, an advanced history and government class our senior year. Bill’s father was a University of Virginia (UVA) grad and the starting tight-end on the football team. The Chisholm’s owned and operated a paving company in Charlottesville, VA and lived just outside C-ville’s city limits in a subdivision called Bell-Air (sp?).

Over the course of my life Bill Chisholm is the only individual I’ve met with the intestinal fortitude to type what I have typed/written, posted, and mailed to the packs of bastards & bitches masquerading as sheep – who rule/run this nation and planet from behind the scenes; while simultaneously calling those wolf packs out into the street.

One of the last times I ever saw Bill was at his house where good friends were all playing a game of tackle football. There was some popping hitting going on, but nothing mean spirited, we were all friends. To keep things even Bill and I were on opposite sides. I had just scored on a running play, and I don’t know for sure what Jimmy Bingler said to Bill, but I did hear Bill’s reply: You know he’s the toughest son of a bitch out here. Another of the Finest Compliments I ever received. Bill was the Better all around athlete and we shared something few do, a Mutual Respect for each other. I was My Own Man, and So Was He; and there was a Bond Between US. Respect doesn’t come with a title. Respect is Damn Well Earned!!!

Bill stayed in Virginia and attended Hampton Sydney University, I went west, to Las Cruces, New Mexico, New Mexico State University. Last Fall I tried to track “my brother” down. I believe he is back in the Charlottesville area.  None of us are perfect we all have our faults but please believe me when I type Mr. William Heider Chisholm is damn sure More Man than most. Likewise the Son who shares his name, Dr. William Edward Motch!!! The First male Cub, I know I sired!!!

Alex and Donald, you both already know punks and/or pussies don’t play rugby in college like Will did at the University of Florida on an Academic Scholarship. We all know rugby is a Man’s game. Truthfully, I don’t believe I am Robby’s biological father and neither does Leonora.

Marie and Will, you should know the trilateral commission, a pack of former and current presidents, prime ministers, business tycoons, academics and world banksters (bankers) etc. etc. pulled the plug on their website; a web site in place/on-line for some 20 years, soon after the black-hearted powers that be realized in September last, I was saddling up, tracking down information, and then copying and pasting the info into “notepad files” which Americans and Everyone Else should be aware of, for one last ride.

The reason why being: I owe Miss Barbara Brooke Dickie; and my life for Her Life will always be a Good Trade!!! And up until now, only God The FATHER knows the reason(s) why. Brooke changed my life in the most Positive Way there is, we each found someone to love and be Loved in Return. We went on our first date in either late March or early April in 1973, our sophomore year.

The last time I saw Brooke was in early to late 1997, I think. I had just moved from Alabama to Virginia. I tracked her down, and after several phone conversations, I drove down to Roanoke, VA and we spent much of that weekend together.

The first night I met her handsome son and beautiful raven haired daughter. It was like meeting a raven haired Will and Marie. Your ages are almost identical other than her son is the oldest. There was one little problem when we met. Brooke’s Heart went Boom Boom, however my heart did not. If my heart had, I would not have met Tatyana, and her son, Alex; we would have never married and Donald would not have been born.

Are you growing up? Have I got everyone’s attention? I hope so because now we are going to dive in the deep end of the pool and discuss more grown up, more of What Love Is topics. But before we do I want to go back to the trilateral commission.

In September last, they posted they would re-up their website later in the Fall; plus they did leave a link for the list of current members, an email address and an address where they are headquartered which is Cambridge, MA, at ivy league Harvard/haahvard university. The late David Rockefeller sr., the trilateral wolf pack’s founder, was a haahvard grad. I don’t know for a fact if he was a pork, a member of the porcellain club, haahvard’s most powerful secret society, however for years he was the most powerful man in the world while operating behind the scenes. In January of this year they posted they would be back online this Spring. I haven’t bothered to check if that pack is back online. However I do know parts or sections of what used to be available will no longer be there for Folks to read for themselves.

An example: Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld were the first two speakers when they met in DC in April 2002.

Last year Alex and Donald read at my website when the trilateral wolf pack pulled the plug and why. One man all by himself backed that pack of black-hearts into a corner they could not escape from, so instead of the info becoming common knowledge and circulating around the globe via the internet, information which they themselves posted in their history section, they pulled the plug on their website.

Second example: the trilateral pack posted the American Institutes of Architects (aia) hosted them for drinks and a dinner back in Nov. of 2009. Back then Phillip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 commission was a trilateral pack member. The 9/11 commission’s co-chairman, former house of rats member Lee Hamilton is also a former trilateral, plus he is also a war mongering, money grubbing  bilderberg whore, 1997. The other co-chair, former New Jersey governor Thomas rotten to his core  Kean is also a bilderberg, 88 or 89 off the top of my head.

Last fall all three of them were alive and each was still a council on foreign relations (pack of rats) member. Zelikow is a two time bilderberg, the first time was I think – in 2006. The above is off the top of my head except for Hamilton, I know for sure he was a damn bilderberg in 1997 along with other like minded scum bags like Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and Rockefeller etc.

Then Arkansas governor, Bill cfr Clinton was a bilderberg in 1991, likewise then Virginia governor Douglas mason Wilder plus the trilateral commission’s founder, David Rockefeller, and Kissinger etc. etc. Rockefeller attended the first bilderberg conclave/ho down held in 1954. And some of you might remember Kissinger was the first habitually lying wolfish bastard trotted out to head the 9/11 commission. His bilderberg roots go back to the late 50s or early 60s.

At https://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/background/steering-committee/former-steering-committee-members the bilderberg’s official website, look at the list of former chairmen, secretaries and steering committee members. Four names to file away for future and at the moment reference are William skull & bones pack member Bundy, Henry skull & bones pack member Heinz (Heinz ketchsup), Bill (katzenback memo receiver) Moyers and former senator George scum bag Mitchell, who was trotted out with Kissinger as his right hand man.

At https://www.cfr.org/historical-roster-directors-and-officers please read for yourselves three cfr rat pack board of director members in 1977 include katzenbach memo writer Nicholas Katzenbach, George skull & bones, trilateral wolf Bush sr. and “lifetime trilateral commission trustee” Henry rotten to his core Kissinger. Bill Moyers was a cfr rat pack director from 1967-74.

The gist of the Katzenbach Memo written by then Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach to Lynden Johnson’s right hand Bill Moyers was: Tell Johnson to put J. Edgar master mason Hoover’s fbi in charge of the cover-up, the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Here http://22november1963.org.uk/katzenbach-memo-moyers-warren-commission you have the choice to read the memo for yourselves.

We all know birds of a feather (same kind) flock together. The same can be said for packs of rats, wolves and money grubbing war mongers. Sons, my Precious Daughter, Miss Lucy Marie Motch already knows The Good Book says you will know them by their works. The same can be typed and written about one’s likeminded sorry assed friends, business associates and board member pals.   

When I told Will on the phone last year that I was going to pick up my pen/my keyboard for one last time, he said I was wasting my time and it would come to nothing, which for the most part is true. On the other hand the powers that be – operating from behind the scene with complete govmint sanctioned and mandated impunity – know your father, Robert Adolphus Motch, is a force to be recond with – an iron willed, strong hearted, tough minded individual.

Rie here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Quill_and_Dagger_members is a list of  ivy league Cornell university’s most powerful secret society quill & dagger. Fact: 99% of Americans have no clue as to the paths of power in this country. The ivy leagues’ packs are a ways and means to staggering riches and influence. Networks of likeminded individuals who work together/hand in hand towards the ordinary citizen’s detriment and the black-heart’s benefit. Like yourself, I too am a teacher.

Under the heading Manufacturing is our/your cousin, Peter Busch Orthwein, I think he’s my 3rd, your fourth cousin. He and I are great, great grandsons of Adolphus Busch Sr., who quickly grew the fledgling brewery Anheuser-Busch into a powerful, profitable company. While tracking Peter, I did not read his name on a list of Citizen Stabbing bilderberg whores, trilateral wolves or cfr rats etc. however he is well aware of, and up to speed in how “the game within a game” is played.

In the fullness of time, I hope all of you read: Under The Influence – The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty by Peter Hernon and Terry Ganey. Read for yourselves the authors found nothing derogatory to print about your paternal great Grandfather, President and Chairman (1934-1946) Mr. Adolphus Busch III, who passed on from a brain hemorrhage when Mom was around 15 years old.

In life my Grandfather lived his life well, better than most. I know that for a Fact because I’ve tracked Him. He was called Mr. Busch or Mr. Adolphus by his employees and the two named authors above.

Mom, Mrs. Sallie Marie Busch Motch (born in 1931) was closer to her Dad than she was to her Mom, Mrs. Catherine Milliken Busch. Presently I can’t remember Miss Kitty as I called her – her maiden last name. As best as I remember Miss Kitty was raised in or around Dallas, TX. It was her first and only marriage; my Grandfather’s second. Am going to try and find a piece I tracked down last year, their wedding announcement in the “Social Section” from the Dallas newspaper. Will, if I remember cor-rectly Miss Kitty’s father was a well regarded Doctor.  Another example of the apple rarely falls and rolls far from the tree.

My Dad, Mr. Donald Robertson MacBain Motch was born in 1929. He was called Bobby most often by both friends and family. He was also known as Mr. D. R. Motch, and when I was a youngster the name I liked to hear the most was Little Bobby. Sadly the Handsome Horseman with Heart took the journey in January of 1964. Thankfully Bobby’s Tender Hearted Mother, Mrs. Mary MacBain Motch was by his side. I know for a Fact there was a “Bond between Them”, many have told me about it, including Mom. Dad almost died a couple of times while a boy from various medical complications.

More to follow, I’m tired and could use a rest. I’ve been writing off and mostly on for the last 18 hours, also have a couple of business matters I need to attend too. In a nutshell I have to practice what I preach: Handle your business in a timely manner.

Much Love,


PS:  Rie, yesterday August 18th I emailed you a Must Watch link posted on youtube by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. A&E’s Homepage https://www.ae911truth.org/

Ladies and Gentlemen, this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvAv-114bwM is must watch TV from start to finish, plus it is only 31 minutes long. Please watch it while eating dinner, or after the dishes are done.

Due to: If you choose not to watch, then you can not discuss 9/11 from an educated, well informed point of view. You are talking or writing in deceived ignorance until you do. And YOU The PEOPLE have been deceived for long enough. All it takes is for one former govmint employee to come clean and One Gentleman has.

So please, as one American to Another, for your Children’s Sakes watch it; and watch it as a Family. Thank you because we All have to be on the same page For US to Truly Understand how damn sorry, how rotten to their very cores, these packs of wolfish bastards & bitches sure as hell are!!!

Rie, have you read the thoughts of the Strongest Christian Man, you have never met, Lord
Andrew Conolly’s Encouraging Words below?

From: Andrew Conolly
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2022 2:50 AM
To: RMotch

Subject: Re: I intend to teach everyone – What Love Is!!!

Dear Robert.

My goodness, that is quite a read.

Exceptionally well written I thought.

I could not and did not skip a word !

I love your analogy with a pride of lions !!

I must say rabbit hunting is somewhat different to the hunting

I have grown up with, but what a wonderful family bonding experience.

You are quite a man Robert and have lived quite a life and in many ways a very unique and different life.

When I was younger I was always told I was a non conformist, I believe not unlike you in ways.

Like a great book you cannot put down and please continue to send me future chapters.

God bless you and Wendy and I send our very best wishes.


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