Sir, it looks like you are surrounded; they are coming at you from all angles. It wasn’t enough that you had to contend with an all-out attack from the reprobate Democrats and their destructive examples of democracy that ran amuck in the streets causing mayhem in general, you also had neo-cons and radical members of the courts arrayed against you in your efforts to protect American citizens.

And now that you have fired the Director of the FBI for inefficiency, they have concocted a scenario – a narrative which implicitly suggests that you have colluded with the Russians to have them interfere in the Presidential election of 2016, and to cover this up, you have fired the former Director of the FBI.

Let’s see if we can put this in perspective: Why would Putin choose to assist Trump rather than Hilary? After all, it was Hillary who helped Russia attain 20% of our uranium, a deal which made the Clinton Foundation a bunch of money as well.  Why all the clamor by the Left for an investigation of the issue when there is no evidence of any collusion between Trump and Putin concerning the supposed event?

Of course, it gives the anti-Trump forces something to use in their efforts to disrupt the Trump Administration from taking care of business, and this is what the anti-Trump forces are all about.

The Left’s Agenda, Compromised By Trump

For more than a century, the left has been working, planning and conniving to combine all the nations of the world into one unit of global governance which would suppress all individual liberty.  To these globalists, we are simply numbers, and numbers that would think only what we’re programmed to think.

These globalist forces were getting very close to the fruition of their dream. They were actually beginning to bask in their glory. There was nothing to stop them. But, ah, ha! Along came Trump, and he threw everything out of kilter.

What were the chances that the only man, who practically no one saw, would surface?  He caused all those forces who had been smoldering in resentment, scorn, contempt, and revulsion, at the policies of Bush, Obama, Clinton and others to be rejected.  These previous presidents were going to join us with Mexico and Canada into the North American Union limiting our individual rights and diminishing our culture to the point that it could not be distinguished as being American.  What were the odds that this single man could inspire and marshal all these forces to the point that these policies of destruction would be rejected and we would, through this one man’s leadership, begin the long trek towards “Making America Great Again?”

As if that wasn’t enough, there was this agent Barack Hussein, who said he was going to fundamentally transform America. This meant that he was going to do away with the fundamentals of American culture, including, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, are created equal, before God and the law, and are endowed by their Creator with Certain unalienable rights.” And he was very close to succeeding; it only remained for Hillary to take care of the mopping-up. But along came that one man who, in their minds didn’t exist – Along Came Donald J. Trump.

With Trump’s arrival, the agenda of the Globalists, the New World Order, were thrown into disarray to the point that it could take them many years to recover enough to get their agenda back on track. So, as was to be expected, they had to begin marshaling all their forces in order to stop the Trump train.  Our President’s agenda is the antithesis diametrically opposed to the globalists, and after striving for over a century to bring it to fruition, they had no thought of being pushed aside.

The conspiracy for world government didn’t really get organized until 1921; this was when the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was instituted, and since that time their agents have kept practically everything coordinated and on track to attaining fruition of their vision for total globalist control, i.e., world government.

Is Our President Aware?

This is something that we’ve been concerned about even before Trump won the nomination, and we’ve wondered if the President was fully aware of the forces behind the scenes, both outside and within the government that were committed to the globalist agenda.  Subsequent happenings within your administration reveals that you are apparently not.

According to my information there were several hundred CFR agents in the Obama Administration. You can bet that each of them was actively pursuing the goals of the agenda which they are charged with bringing to fruition. There is no doubt that they are still there, and continue to be active, mostly, at this point, in disrupting the Trump Administration.

There are no illusions about our President’s administration relative to how constitutional it will be.  It has already accomplished much that is very welcome, but at the same time, with things like healthcare, the so-called “conservatives” in the administration and Congress are woefully lacking. To all appearances, it seems that many in the Republican Leadership are bent on scuttling our ship. In a recent article in the New American Magazine, they told what the House did with repealing Obamacare.

There were many Neo-Cons who were very active in making sure this legislation did not come out the way it was supposed to in order to be construed as compatible with our President’s promises. And in the Cabinet, there are those who are members of the CFR. One of these and maybe the most dangerous at this time is General McMaster. According to my information, he became a CFR member in ’04. Nevertheless, there are more than a few people in the administration and Congress who pose a danger to the globalist agenda, in its quest to change society and socialize our economy and government.

Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

Now I see where the new trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, another CFR member, sent a letter to Congress on Thursday, 5/18/2017, triggering the renegotiating process and outlining goals that sound very similar to the TPP.  President Trump, we must not let them turn NAFTA into the North American Union (NAU) You promised “America First” and said that you would renegotiate or cancel NAFTA.  America needs it gone!

The globalists in and out of the administration are pushing their long-time goal of turning NAFTA into the North American Union (EU).  This would cancel our Declaration of Independence and Congress and subject us to the whims of unelected, unaccountable supranational bureaucrats.

The Council on Foreign Relations

Regardless of how much I support and respect you, this tells me that you are lacking in knowledge of the CFR and how it operates.  For an exercise in a little orientation about this entity, let me take you back to a little jewel that I came across in my research on the subject.

According to James Perloff, in his book, “The Shadows of Power,” in the fall of 1953, Norman Dodd, Director of Research for the Reese Committee, which was investigating the globalist influence of large foundations, was invited to the headquarters of the Ford Foundation, by its President, H. Rowan Gaither (CFR).

According to Dodd, Gaither told him, “Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy-making level, have had experience, either, in the OSS or the European Economic Administration, with directives from the White House. We operate under those directives here. Would you like to know what those directives are?” Dodd replied that he would. Gaither said, “The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union. Dodd, stunned, asked if he would repeat that before the House Committee for the enlightenment of the American people, Gaither answered, “This we would not think of doing.”

This is revealing. Why? It’s very simple. It’s was at a time when we had one of our much celebrated heroes in our White House, namely former President Eisenhower. It is an example of how the CFR was then, and still is able to position itself, through its membership, into high places of authority and policy-making. [Link]

I could go into much history about many of the higher ups and how they were exalted into positions of authority through their connections with the CFR, and their willingness to sell their souls by betraying God, family, and country to the enemy, but there are more current and pressing matters to be noted at this point.

Rise of Street Violence

Do not doubt for one minute that the communists, who are only one facet of the globalist agenda for world government, are behind this action of street violence, the agitation of our local police, the shutting down of speakers and congressional town meetings, etc. Soros is being blamed for this activity, yet someone already organized the activities and Soros is simply one of those financing it.

There is a method to this madness.  Most people, upon observing these spectacular instances of “democracy” in the streets have concluded that it is only a revolt against Trump, but that’s far from the truth. It is a revolt against any idea that the communist agenda will be rolled back by anyone in the Trump administration or Congress in answer to the growing number of Americans who demand it.

The result is that after so much violence occurs, people begin clamoring for law and order at any price. Then the socialists in congress hold a press conference to proclaim that the will of the people must be met, that being more government control via socialism. The end result is a federal take-over of all local law enforcement. Too many congressmen do not have what it takes to stand up against these socialist members of Congress.

Incremental Destruction of Liberty

Then it all begins – the incremental destruction of liberty, and we get law and order just like they did in Germany. Those promoting this have the same mentality as Hitler and his government.

Mr. President, you need to take a second look at the think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, the Aspen Institute, and others who are advising you on your appointments to your administration. I’m going to recommend someone that has been researching these entities, and many others for many years.  There are two of them which come to mind, right off, Kelleigh Nelson, and Devvy Kidd, both of these ladies write for NewsWithViews and have years of superb research under their belts.

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