By Lex Greene

Twenty-months into the most bizarre so-called “pandemic” in the history of the world, “expert“ opinions and advice remain as scattered and useless as a teleprompter president who can’t even do that right.

Those of us who turned off broken-record Biden and his complicit media, and did a little real research ourselves, now know a few things about this insanity that we didn’t know twenty-months ago.

  1. According to the government and their fake news machine (news and social media), the USA has seen 45,204,373 (13.6% of our population) COVID cases since January 2020. But we now know that the PCR test used was highly inaccurate, with more than 80% of “cases” being “false positive tests,” stopping the use of that test. The real number of USA COVID cases is less than 9,040,874, or 2.7% of the USA population.
  2. Contrary to the fake news numbers still being used by the Biden administration and his fake news machine, stating 733,575 (0.22% of the population) COVID19 deaths as of this writing, we know that 96% of these deaths were NOT from COVID19. Instead, the real “death by COVID19” number is approximately 29,343 – only 0.0088% of the U.S. population.
  3. After more than nine-months of COVID19 vaccines (bioweapons), we now know that everyone who was well before taking one of the vaccines (bioweapons), but died within minutes, hours, or days of receiving the jab, died from the jab! We don’t know how many, because the Biden administration is hiding the real numbers, as is the Biden fake news machine. But the number is well into the tens of thousands, at best.
  4. We know that the “Delta variant” only exists in “vaxxed” people, as a direct result of the vaccines (bioweapons).
  5. We know that the common cold and flu didn’t just vanish in 2020 and 2021, we simply changed the medical ID to “COVID19.”
  6. We know that people who clearly died of heart disease, cancer, old age, an auto accident, or suicide, didn’t die from COVID19, even though that’s what was on the toe tag when the body reached the funeral home.
  7. We know that COVID19 is a direct result of bioweapons work in a Wuhan lab, paid for with American tax dollars through “gain of function” bioweapon’s research, under the direction of none other than Dr. Fauci. (Gain of function research (GoFR) is a term used to describe any field of medical research that alters an organism or disease in a way that increases pathogenesis, transmissibility.)
  8. We know that more Americans have died “post vaccine” than those who may have died of COVID19 “unvaxxed.”
  9. We know that no one has any legal right or authority to force vaccinate anyone against their will, not even your doctor, and that no one has the right to deny anyone a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under any unconstitutional government mandate.
  10. And…we know that no one can grant their “informed consent” unless and until they are fully and properly informed. Censored one-sided information is NOT how you fully inform anyone.

Most importantly, we now know that the tyrannical Biden (Obama) administration will do anything it has to do to totally destroy our beloved country, which is why Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to 38%, indicating that only 38% of Americans remain totally clueless or corrupted.

To force their GREEN DEAL, they will drive gasoline prices to $10 a gallon if they need to. To force total control over the population, they will con, coerce, bribe, threaten or financially ruin every citizen into compliance with their vaccines (bioweapons) and democratic socialist one world order norm.

We know that approximately 70% of Americans, doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, media personalities and politicians will “go along to get along” with anything Biden (Obama) orders from his ivory tower, and that even most law enforcement, military and national security personnel will do the same.

Last, we now know that the average American isn’t very American anymore. No real American would have ever allowed the utter destruction of 100% of our country over the past twenty-months over 0.0088% of our population, much less elect a criminal mental midget like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to even run a summer lemonade stand.

Yes, we now know a lot more than we knew twenty-months ago, still, most Americans are not reacting to reality they way they should, or the way we would have fifty-years ago.

The world is reacting, taking to the streets for weeks on end, fighting back against the tyranny in countries that have been under socialist control for so long that the population isn’t even armed anymore.

Meanwhile, Americans seem content to be paid to not work, receive deadly vaccines (bioweapons), not only in themselves, but in their children and grandchildren as well. They don’t seem willing to do anything more than show up for a Trump rally, hoping against hope that they can “take America back” in 2024, despite knowing that we no longer even have real elections in the USA.

Every person who drank poison from Jim Jones was looking for a savior too. Indeed, despite everything we know now, Americans are still being walked into the ovens, much like the people of pre-World War Germany.

What we now know about COVID19 tells us everything we need to know about the average American. We are a fat, dumb and happy go-along-to-get-along society, willing to leap out of the plane without a parachute, just because Simon says so…thrilled about the wonderful ride, without any focus on what the landing is going to be like.

Americans are dying, but not from COVID19. They are dying at the hands of the mad scientists, corrupt politicians and go-along-to-get-along “experts” who will kill you by mandate, before giving up their Mercedes and private country club membership.

These things we know… but what we don’t know, is when will Americans fight back? When will Americans act like Americans, and put an end to the insane destruction of all things American?

I wish I knew…

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