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During my 40-state bike journey around America this summer, I witnessed, up close and personal, exactly what’s happening to our country.  More than 90 percent of Americans don’t possess a clue as to what’s happening to them and the rest of us, and our major cities.  Most of our big cities, welfare magnets, no longer can be called “American cities” because immigrants dominate them.  Americans continue fleeing them.   We assume that all immigrants want to live here, thrive here and become Americanized.  That would be a gross mistake when you saw what I saw in my travels this past summer.

At the same time, I keep an eye on Social Media, and thousands of Americans write me letters telling me what’s happening in their neck of the woods.  At this point, I want to share some of those letters with you, so, you too, can ‘see’ what’s really happening to us.

Remember this: it’s all coming at us like a brakeless high-speed train filled with cars of multiculturalism, diversity, endless languages, incompatible religions, and in the case of millions of them—outright dislike for our country.  Just this past month, Portland, Oregon accepted certain aspects of Sharia Law within its city limits.  Sharia Law provides the most barbaric treatment to women, animals, human rights and rational living. It’s deadly, it’s malignant and it’s spreading across America.

Rick from Idaho said, “From my research over the years, I suspect that the optimal percent of non-heterogeneous people in a society is half a Standard Deviation.  This is approximately what exists in the north Asian dynamos (Japan, Korea, China). Note: They don’t seem to be suffering from a lack of “diversity!”

“During my younger years, and throughout most of American history, we had at most “one” (14-15%) STD of non-H population, and usually a few points less than that.  And I remember a study of Philadelphia schools in the 60’s which revealed that once the population of minorities exceeded 22% (1.5 STD), not only was the majority dominance challenged, but violence in the schools also commenced between the groups.

“As Sam Francis wrote: “You cannot separate a culture from the genetic endowments of its founding people, nor can you expect to transfer it to another people.”  Sure, a small minority of any culture will be attracted to another culture, but the majority of a genetic group will be ruled by blood ties.

“Whites are now at about 61% of the population, and yesterday I read that in ten years, whites will be a minority of those under 20. Stopping ALL immigration today, both illegal and legal, would not change the future demographics. It would only delay the inevitable by a few years. And whites MADE Western civilization, and when they are a minority, that civilization will disappear.

“Either deportations of minorities (benign with financial incentives) commences soon, or the country will fracture. I live in north Idaho, and this region along with Montana and Wyoming would be the core of what some call the American Redoubt.”

Art from Philadelphia said, “Frosty, the game is over.  We lost. I have given up. Not even a civil war can save the US, too much fragmentation, no unifying culture.  Most “conservatives” are neocon-Zionist-war-mongers.  Many people in my middle-class area look like mutations, sloppy, brain dead, etc.  Every smart patriotic citizen should have a Plan B for when disaster strikes.  My prediction is that the government will go bankrupt and massive civil unrest will follow.  [When welfare checks and EBT cards fail, people will riot like animals at food stores.  If you think Los Angeles’ 60,000 homeless are a mess today, just wait until they start starving to death.]

“The US is in its death throes, it is culturally decayed and financially depleted with debt.  No way out now, no base to rely on like we had during the Great Depression, actually it was WW I & WW II that Made America Great Again.  That option is gone, WW III will not work.  Americans have suicided their country and will pay a painful price.  Nobody forced them to be stupid and immoral, it was a free choice.

“I appreciate your efforts and hope you have some success and a good Plan B.”

John from Florida said, “Mr. Wooldridge, Here in South Florida, Miami is 90 percent foreign born.  Any illegal can blend in, buy a home, send children to schools and vote.  Basically, they are not going to be turned in by their own kind.

“The ones coming legally on HB visas are stealing jobs and also a burden on social welfare systems.  As my tax load ever increases, I see the money going directly to people that don’t even belong in the US.  They are 99.9% economic migrants.

The USA is headed to Civil War II.   Americans are sick and tired of the Federal Government and the immigration problems are all created and designed to destroy the country.  None of it is by accident.

“George Soros is financing hoards to illegally migrate?  Then why is he not arrested for insurrection and treason.  All his assets should be forfeited to the US Government and he and his children need to be executed for such crimes.

“Civil War II will accomplish these things.  All 25 million illegals in our country will self-deport because they will have an offer they cannot refuse.  All the others once cut off the tit, will also leave as the financial incentives are abruptly erased.  In some places it will be unpleasant  as frustrated Americans clean house.

“I am glad to see you back focused on these issues.  We are at war and it will soon turn hot.  Keep stoking the fuel!”

This reader said, “The Florida Keys were a paradise growing up in 60’s and 70’s.  My Great Grandfather worked for Florida East Coast Railway.  He was a blacksmith and built the viaducts you saw abandoned off the current highway including the seven-mile bridge.  I think you were taking your life in your hands completing such a trip.  Incredibly inattentive drivers here.  The keys are fished out and I haven’t been in years.  Used to go down fishing and diving frequently.  Had a time share in Marathon but don’t go anymore because the fish are gone and reefs dead.  There are 13 million living on SE coast and nature cannot support the load.

“Don’t be so hard on working Americans.  We have had a 100% bought- off media since the Brass Check Days.  While we are all busy trying to pay the tax load the criminals in DC have sold out to the globalists who want to destroy our culture and steal the resources of this great country.  Most people are isolated and unless you live in a city you are insulated from how bad it has become.  The internet has awakened the masses.  Many folks are beginning to pay attention.  As the communist party is doing their Hail-Mary, the American public is not buying it.  People I consider extreme liberals are assessing their views.  The pressure is building, and the relief valve is open civil war.

“The next couple years will be pivotal.  Please keep hitting it hard.  Keep it blunt.  I blast everything you send on immigration; this war will soon go hot.  We will win because there’s no place for any of us to evacuate to.   The communists are all outing themselves and it will not be difficult to mop up.  If you ever need logistical support, a bed, meal and shower.  Anytime!”

This reader said, “I am a pilot with #1.  Used to work for TWA.  I have seen the world first hand. I overnight in all those cities you mentioned.  The changes in the last five years are incredible.  Back in 80’s, I would enjoy a dinner cruise on the Nile.  Now Egypt is suicide for a white man.

“I have observed the common thread to be the City of London,  Rothschilds debt/slave banking cartel. It has corrupted and destroyed the world.  They call the shots with 1,000,000 associated banks.  They control elections, politicians, governments, major industrials and promote endless war.  It is a demonic force and lapdogs like Soros and Rockefeller’s are their agents.  The CFR has 5000 willing agents in the US all spread like corn roots destroying the fabric of our Republic.  The USA has immense mineral wealth.

“If they create destruction and chaos here, they can rob those resources at will.   As the US defaults on the massive debt it owes to the FED cartel, the bankruptcy will give up federal lands with all the wealth to satisfy the debt.   By flooding the country with nonnatives, it essentially creates a “Tower of Babel”.  No cohesive society left to stop them.   The Epstein pedo-saga is the City of London blackmailing useful idiots in power.    Our time is short to stop this.  Trump is the last chance for our country to restore the Republic.”

If you would like to tell your story so I can publish it to all Americans, send it to me from your neck of the woods.  We need to create more knowledge for all Americans on how fast our country degrades and deteriorates into a multicultural quagmire and parallel societies along with more racial, religions and ethnic conflict—just like Europe and Canada.

Once we gain a “Tipping Point” of Americans who demand a full stop to all immigration, we might stand a chance to survive the 21st century. On this current path, we won’t.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

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