Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  2017 was certainly one for the history books, but how will it be remembered? If you are conservative and are tired of identity politics, low wages, a lousy economy you will remember 2017 with cheers. If you are liberal, after Hillary lost, 2017 was unbearable. How can Americans have two totally opposing views?

With only one word I can tell you why.  The answer is SCHOOL. Hate – Racism is an emotion. You are not born a hater, you have to learn. Where do you learn? SCHOOL, family and clergy (morality).

In order to promote hate, you have to destroy the family unit and eliminate morality.  Once belief in family and morality are destroyed, the only thing left to cling to, is the government school.

Are we there yet?  When Welfare programs were initiated in America, we all though they would be great; we can take care of our people in a down time.  The government can assist.  How far from the truth!  Welfare was designed to create single parent households granting entitlements based on the amount of children.  What is wrong with this picture?  What message does it send? As single parent household grew, stress on single parents grew.  Less and less time was spent with their children. Parents gave control of children to school. G-d was eliminated from school. This marked the beginning of the end of the family unit and morality.  The values that made America great were tossed out the window.  Today there are more social programs in school than educational programs. Ask your school board and superintendent:  “How much do you get from the Feds?”  Answer will be in between 5-10% of budget.  Then ask:  “How much does it cost to implement these programs?”  Answer will be between 20-30% of budget.  Does that make sense?  Now you should understand why basic math is no longer taught.

Why is racism still an issue at this magnitude?  Answer: money and ignorance.  The race baiters need the race issue for donations so the ignorant Human Capital (their words) learn to be racist in SCHOOL.

How Karen, no one teaches people to be racists?

Real easy! Students are learning by omission.  By only showing the worst of America and promoting the disgrace of America – slavery, the Globalist omits the best of America – Guaranteed Freedom for All Americans. All means all, no group, no special class.

Ask any legislator, school board member, Superintendent, DO YOU LOOK AT THE CONTENT OF THE MATERIAL THE HUMAN CAPITAL READ?   You will get an overwhelming NO.  Most use the material approved by their State Dept of Ed.  But who monitors the texts in the state DOEd? Do you know if there is objectionable material in those texts? [Link]

So remind me again why are we paying their salary?

Education fails basically because no one is focused on the 2 reasons kids learn:
1. Content of material:  Today CCS is highly bias, confrontational and racist
2. Method of learning:  Today called training. Skinner/Pavlov training to be exact. Your child will be trained like a pet. They will comply. Data mining insures that your child will answer questions with the required answers.  If not they are “re-educated” until their behavior is the one desired by the state.

“Where you came from is not as important as where you go,” was the subliminal message from some TV show last week.  Not true.  The show’s message is: HISTORY is not important.

Knowing History, our past experiences, help us make decisions based on correcting our past mistakes. Not knowing history means we will repeat the same mistakes over and over creating a losing cycle.

Did you know today in school Human Capital being told not to talk to seniors? Why? Because seniors know history!

Where you come from gives you the experience, direction and the ability to make informed decisions with less mistakes.  We all know the one with the fewest mistakes wins.  If you know history, you can eliminate many mistakes. The Regime thrives on mistakes because mistakes lead to chaos. Have you ever noticed that there is never a discussion on unintended consequence creating chaos, once a policy is put in place?  Chaos creates the public scream for more government control continuing the cycle leading to loss of Rights. So understanding the goal: “loss of rights and property,”  it is easy to see why History is no longer taught. CCS must eliminate history, because history is the Globalist’s competition.

Look at history of intelligence in America. Remember when your grandparents said, I just went to the 8th grade.  Our seniors learned more from 1-8 than is learned in 1-12 and yet we are spending more and getting dumber.  Could there be a reason?   Can any legislator or bureaucrat pass a test from the 1900’s? Notice how all questions are open ended.  Students actually had to use their cognitive skills. [Link]

  • Our founder’s IQ 120-130
  • IQ in 1950  110-120
  • Today under 100
  • Mission accomplished.

School was not necessary after 8th grade. School was not filled with social programs that did nothing for learning. Schools taught skills enabling students to make informed decisions. Local communities were involved in education, civics and government allowing for local ideas and plans. Social problems were attended by family and charity.

America was very integrated in the 1900 but Pres Wilson returned segregation back into governmental agency positions. Wilson was a??? DEMOCRAT.  A bit of unlearned history skewed in school.

In the 1980’s after enough teachers were trained in the NWO divisive education, a massive “modernization” of education was instituted.  Education was redefined by Shirley Mc Cune, from the Mc REL Foundation, under G Bush 41 and Bill Clinton, president of the Governors Association.  Did the governors make that decision also or were they coerced?

Students are now called Human Capital and are defined by the amount of work they can do for the state. (Their words –  human capital aka sheeple).  Keynesian economics now taught, focuses on debt.  Students are taught, the one with the most debt is the winner.  Debt is leveraged and money is loaned to the US collateralized by work done by its citizens. Like a bad pyramid scheme, Americans need new workers to feed the beast for massive government entitlement programs. You saw by the last Immigration press conference, Democrats have already tossed out the middle class, the American worker and are focusing on legal and illegal immigrants.  Dems recognize that in order for any program to work they need new workers to tax (and vote).

1989 Governor Association on Education direct from Shirley:

  • Students are HUMAN CAPITAL Education’s purpose is to train students to work. Training takes the expense of corporate training and pushes it on the tax payer enabling corporations to become hugely profitable while taxpayers pay, pay, pay.
  • Purpose of Education was to Transform Society from individualism to collectivism.  America is individualism, slavery is collectivism.
  • Fact Based Education is no longer the primary focus of education            Fact based education creates a strong foundation.  Value driven is indoctrination into someone else’s opinion.

Remember Rachel Jeantel (Zimmerman witness) She is a direct result of the Bush-Gates-Clinton-Bush Obama, NWO education still found in our schools. “I can not read sir, I can not read and write cursive.” Rachel exclaimed.

  • People who can not read are called slaves.
  • People who can not read and write cursive have NO SIGNATURE or individuality. They are but a number now called HUMAN CAPITAL.
  • People who can not read and write cursive can not read America’s founding documents and have no idea of their power.
  • People who can not read and write cursive often have poor eye-hand coordination. Cursive writing promotes eye hand coordination.

What will the world be like when no one has an identity? Look at your 2012 paper money. Find the Sec Treasurer signature. Don’t look at the name printed, look at the signature. The Sec of the Treasury, Jack Lew can not read and write cursive. Who is signing your money? Anyone can make a scrawl like that.

Relying on one kind of program (progressive) without offering choices (individualism, exceptionalism) is a bad idea. You can not have critical thinking if you are only trained in one concept. You can not prepare for life’s variables if have no idea what they could be.

Using techniques to divide people with words, content and other programs have allowed the Florida schools to determine that they only expect 75% from the black community.  How racist is that?

According to the new modern education the purpose of education is:

1.  To replace family with school
2   To replace God with Government
3.  To replace America with the UN
4.  To replace choice with sustainability=control

American history is erased.

Prior experiences are gone.  Adults are demonized; they know history. Seniors are called names and discounted in school.  History now starts in 1865 with little discussion on Constitution or founders or the glory and struggle to bring Freedom to all. Many Schools only study the Constitution on Sept 17.  As a result, most people will have no idea why the Constitution is important or what it actually says or protects. (3rd generation of indoctrination)

Today all learning is based on sustainability, a failed formula already proven wrong by their own scientists. Why is it still in our schools?  Money, Power, Control.  Sustainability indoctrinates: doing more and getting less.  Lenin:  “An educated populace will make too many demands on the government. Best we keep the people down.”

Remember: *Nothing happened randomly,  *There are no coincidences,  *Everything has a plan, *All plans are based on lies.

Schools Indoctrinate Global citizenship – what is that?
Global citizenship means you give your life, liberty and personal property to the government. The government decides what you can have depending on your category (divisive and racist). You own nothing except what the government wants you to own.  The UN Global Initiative called World Wide Common Core, now found in US schools wants education for Global Citizens. Do you?  Bill Gates already admitted that Common Core is a mistake, yet we are continuing to promote its failure.  Why?  Education is a Billion dollar business.

American citizenship means your life, liberty and personal property are yours.
Which do you prefer?
By not teaching America, people have no idea what they give up.
People can not be an American citizen and a global citizen simultaneously. Yet schools promote being a Global not American citizen. Why?

Global Citizen follows social justice which divides HUMAN CAPITAL into categories – women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, etc.  Every group has a different set of rules. They are defined socially and follow the rules of that group as defined by the government. But the government changes the rules which demonizes one group and pits them against each other so they constantly can be divided.  The division becomes more important than the message.  Wonder why the left will give a pass to a supporter who may be charged with a different infraction example, an illegal got a pass for murder.  No outrage. Why?  They are more upset that we claim, he is an illegal. The illegal part and his prior felonies were not allowed as evidence.   Murder of an American by an illegal was not important because he became a victim.  An Illegal is a victim.

The schools teach social justice not equal justice because divided people do not communicate and that is the final objective. Eliminate communication among Americans and the Progressives win every time. Gobs of donations come into any NON-Profits touting racism while the media screams.    Racism is learned in school and those that are successful enjoy a billion dollar Race Industry all to making sure Americans don’t speak to each other.

Exactly what are they afraid of?

Simple:  We are many, they are few.  The only way for the Regime to win is to divide the people.  The only way for the People to win is to expose the lies and tell the truth.

Will you help expose the textbooks in your school?  Help is needed contact me. 954-864-0530, kbschoen@bellsouth.net.

I will not comply, Will you?

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