By Lex Greene

Following ongoing high-level White House meetings between USA corporate CEOs and Biden officials, some of the USA’s biggest employers returned to their ivory towers to issue more COVID mandates that no one in the country has any real legal authority to issue, much less enforce. First, they are “forcing” mask mandates. Next, they will attempt to force “vaccine mandates” on both employees and consumers.

As we know, government has no “consent of the governed” to force any medical mandates of any kind upon anyone. In fact, the Fourth Amendment prevents government (and everyone else) from taking any action which directly or indirectly violates “the Right of the people to be secure in their persons.”

As of now, the FDA has not approved any of the so-called “COVID vaccines” simply because they are not actually “vaccines,” but rather experimental mRNA injections designed to alter human DNA, a mad scientist’s concept that should never be used on any human being…no better than the human experiments of Josef Mengele and Hitler that resulted in the Nuremberg Trials and Nuremberg Code.

Isn’t it ironic that it was the United States that wrote the Nuremberg Code and helped conduct the Nuremberg trials?

As government officials have stated openly many times now, without full FDA approval, they have no power to “force vaccinate” anyone. That’s why they have a gun to the heads of FDA officials to rush out full FDA approval, despite massive VAERS reports of deaths and permanent damage to thousands of vaccinated citizens. Even with full FDA approval, they are still prohibited from violating every Citizen’s “Right to be secure in their person.”

Because the government has no such power, they have conned or coerced private corporations and businesses into acting as though they have the legal authority to force or coerce employees into COVID mandates at the corporate level. Many major corporations have bought the con, because if they don’t, their company revenue and profits are threatened by government officials. The same is affecting many doctors, nurses, and lawyers.


In reality, only about 30% of Americans have voluntarily taken one of the mRNA DNA injections, in error, nowhere near the numbers the Biden Administration has been reporting.

In fact, as of this writing, even the CEO of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer has not taken any of these so-called vaccines that Biden is trying to force upon all men, women, and children. Since they can’t do it themselves, they are fearmongering private businesses into practicing insane tyrannical government medicine without a medical license.

  • Thousands have already died from these so-called “vaccines”
  • Hundreds of thousands have lost quality of life
  • We know that COVID tests cannot distinguish COVID19 from flu, cold or variants
  • We know that the same tests are laced with dangerous toxins
  • We now know that these injection do NOT prevent infection, spread or death
  • We also know that no mask is designed to prevent the spread of any virus

This is a TOP DOWN operation… The Global Marxists control Obama, who controls Biden and Harris by feeding words into their teleprompters, who coerce the major corporations and employers, who then threaten and coerce their employees and consumers, who threaten their family and friends, so that everyone will “go along to get along” until every American is dead or living under boot.

Federal funding is used to buy compliance from many Americans who will sell out freedom and liberty for all of us, for just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Many state governors and legislators will sell out their constituents for just a little more in federal bribe or extortion money. Most people today can be bought, coerced, or frightened into total compliance, with a lot less than you might think.

Corporations will sell us down the river in a heartbeat, trying to protect their profits and personal station in society. The same goes for the handful of international media conglomerates that pretty much own all forms of public communications today.

But here’s what the high-dollar lawyers are not telling these businesses…

  1. Making any medical device or treatment a “condition of employment” is legally “coercing” employees against their will, using employment and income as the weapon to “coerce” compliance against the will of the employee. Coercion is a “crime,” especially when it can affect the life and health of the employee and their entire family.
  2. Using the power of their purse strings to “coerce” employees into a medical device or treatment is essentially “practicing bad medicine without a license.”
  3. Coercing employees with the threat of lost employment and income, into accepting a medical device or treatment against their will, as a “condition of employment” makes the employer directly legally liable for any negative event arising out of that requirement for continued employment. It’s not like a dress code, or other harmless conditions of employment. It’s a condition that could cause loss of health or even death.
  4. Unlike the vaccine manufacturers, and our totally immune from responsibility government, private companies have no legal immunity for their actions here. The mask companies all put an open disclaimer on the side of their boxes telling you that their masks won’t work. They are covered by that disclaimer when you get COVID and die. However, the company that made you wear it, telling you it will protect you – they are not only liable because they made it mandatory, but they have also made it mandatory in direct conflict with the disclaimers from the mask manufacturers. In other words, they didn’t “follow the science.”

Employers are trying to hide behind “you have a choice.” Some choice! Take a deadly vaccine, or lose my job, my income and my family’s home. Can’t these employers find a bigger gun to point at employee heads?

When someone is harmed or God forbid, dead…as a result of these “conditions of employment,” guess who is legally on the hook? Not the government – not the manufacturers – and not even the Workman’s Compensation Insurance providers, who never agreed to insure any such conditions for employment. Sooner or later, this is going to bankrupt some companies. Maybe that’s what it will take to wake them up!

When employers play scientist, doctor or government enforcer, nothing good can come from it. Not for the employees, the consumers and certainly not for the company.

As people across the country and around the globe rise up against tyrannical COVID mandates that are NOT really backed by any real science at all, the worst place in the world for any company or employer to place themselves is directly in the crosshairs of massive lawsuits.

They might think they are doing the right thing… In reality, they are being conned and coerced into doing the dirty work of the global Marxists. When the day is done, they will be the one’s with the dirt (blood) all over their hands!

As for the poor employees…

A united sit-out strike will end this insanity. When trucks don’t move, products aren’t delivered, goods can’t be sold and services can’t be rendered, all because no one showed up to work – then the employers will find the true value of their employees and the dangers of “going along to get along” with corrupt politicians and mad scientists.

Stand up together – walk out – sit down in mass – and wait for people to come to their senses.

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