by Lee Duigon

October 20, 2022

In Britain they have a law against wasting police time with baseless or frivolous complaints. But what if it’s the police themselves who are wasting police time?

The Leicestershire Police Dept. got a thumping from the Home Secretary recently for putting out a social media message urging “transsexuals” to report “deadnaming” as a hate crime. “Deadnaming” is a made-up word for declining to address or speak of trannies using the names they had before “gender reassignment.”

The public didn’t like it, and Home Secretary Suella Braverman took the LPD out to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment. “This week,” she said, “I have seen confusion amongst police forces about what constitutes a hate crime. The police need to enforce actual laws and fight actual crime. Freedom of speech must be protected…” So the Leicester PD had to delete its controversial Twitter message.

Guess they were getting bored, trying to solve humdrum crimes like murder or robbery when there were all those juicy deadnaming incidents out there. Maybe they just took it upon themselves to Change The World—with or without actual laws to back them up. Maybe they don’t need no stinkin’ laws.

Meanwhile, here at home, our medical establishment—the American Medical Assn., the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation—have written to our corrupt and predatory Justice Dept. calling on the government to take “swift action” to prosecute (!) and punish parents who won’t “affirm” their children’s “gender identity”.

Hey! Remember when you had to, like, break a law before they could prosecute you? Well, why not skip that step and proceed directly to the prosecution? Why not skip the trial and go directly to the verdict?

Ah! That very thought has already occurred to a Virginia legislator who has introduced a bill to criminalize parents who don’t go along with a child’s “choice” to have a sex-change. She hasn’t decided yet whether that should be a felony or just a misdemeanor, but that can come later. The important thing is to show parents who’s the boss. Let’s get those FBI goon squads pounding on people’s doors at midnight! Who ever said Changing The World was easy?

That such a law would be flagrantly, boisterously, toweringly unconstitutional means nothing to the Far Left Crazy. “Damn the Constitution! This is Transgender Rights we’re talkin’ here!” Whether you’re the Leicestershire PD or the AMA, you’re on the right side of history! I don’t know what that means, but far lefties always say it.

Does the LPD simply not know that you can’t arrest people for breaking laws that don’t exist? Does the AMA not know that you have to break the law before you can be prosecuted? Does this doofus in the Virginia legislature not know that you simply don’t give 8-year-olds the power to make permanently life-changing decisions? I mean, they don’t give out drivers’ licenses and credit cards to children, do they? Does this dimwit not know that there are rather compelling reasons for that?

It’s bad enough that we often find ourselves governed—shall I say “lorded over”?—by people who hate us, despise us, and want to demolish our society. Must they also be so flaming stupid? And what kind of fools are we, calling it a “Justice” Dept. when it’s nothing but the Democrat version of the KGB?

We want our freedom back. We want our country to be sane again. And that is the message that had better come across loud and clear in next month’s midterm elections. We dare not settle for anything less.

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