For many years, people from all walks of life have been telling me that the dual party system in our republic has devolved into one party with two fake sides.  In the beginning I did not want to hear that.  But folks would point out how gradually both the Democrat and Republican parties were gradually moving to the political left.  Of course, it was easy to see how the Democrats were of the left and getting worse since childhood.  But as one who came into maturity during the Reagan years it was easy to refute such a charge.  Thus, I would take zealous measures to prove them wrong by utilizing historical truths to refute their assumptions.  For me it was easy to point out vast differences between the Republican and Democrat parties.

I figured for one to assume that the Republican party founded by such luminaries as Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth and others in Jackson, Michigan in 1854. “I am a Republican, a black dyed in the wool Republican and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”  It was on July 6, 1854, a state convention of anti-slavery men was held in Jackson, Michigan to found a new political party.  “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” had been published two years earlier, causing increased resentment against slavery, and the Kansas-Nebraska act of May 1854 threatened to make slave states out of previously free territories.

Because the convention day was extremely hot and the huge crowd could not be accommodated in the hall, the meeting adjourned to an oak grove on “Morgan’s Forty” on the outskirts of town.  A statewide slate of candidates was selected, and the Republican Party was born.  Winning an overwhelming victory in the elections of 1854.  The republican Party went on to become the dominate national party throughout the nineteenth century.  From 1854 through 1864 the Republican Party was the vehicle that enabled the first black Americans to successfully win political office in both the House and the Senate.  It was also the Republican Party that enacted numerous amendments and general laws against the Democrat Party supported practice of utter foul discriminatory practices against black Americans.  During the heady days of the Reagan administration, the United States experienced a new lease on life via a revival of our economy, military and stature in the world.

It was a welcome relief to most Americans after the decline and sad misery index days brought on by Democrat Party standard barer Jimmy Carter.  For the most part, there were clear and distinct differences between the Republican and Democrat Parties.  Even years ago, when all democrats were not dead set against American greatness, they always supported various levels of oppression against people.  Democrats were the people of slavery, then after slavery their hatred of black Americans became so entrenched they resorted to lynching, raping, burning black people to a crisp along with their property just to “keep them in their place.”

The Democrat Party evolved out of a sect of people (loyalists) who came to these shores with a different mission than the famous Pilgrims who embarked upon their epic journey to seek religious liberty.  Overtime, the distinct differences between the Republican and Democrat Party have become partially blurred.  The invasive species of democrats who pretended to become conservative republicans swarmed in during the popular Reagan years.  That along with tired droopy rinos like Mitch McConnell  and especially Paul Ryan have aided the Democrat party mission of undermining our constitutionally limited republic restraints on big government.

The first nation in the history of mankind to recognize the unalienable God given rights of sovereign individuals was the United States.  The Founders believed “We the People” would maintain a society of higher personal moral character so that we would maintain a blessed life that isn’t centered around a cradle to grave high tax, overregulation overbearing government.  Government should not be out to destroy our liberties while placing the desires of illegal border crossers above we Americans.  Such evil concepts would not have gained any traction if there hadn’t been a turning away from moral decency which lead to a partial melding of the two major political parties.

As more and more Americans throw off the shackles of ignorance imposed upon them via leftist controlled government school indoctrination, there will be a new awakening and bold constitutionally based pushback from an awakened sovereign citizenry.  That means you and I cannot sit idly by and allow those (mostly democrats and rinos) who seek to demolish our sovereignty through corruption which leads to giving up our sovereignty.

Never forget, with God all things possible. With his providential guidance and our effort, America will be reborn as the sovereign republic of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and one nation under God.  Be blessed via the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 1:00 PM PT, 2:00 PM CT, 4:00 PM ET on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nv.,, Spreaker.  The Ron Edwards Experience is also enjoyed on, freedominamericaradio and TalkAmericaRadio.  Don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook weekdays during AM News on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nv. and during the weekend Saturday edition of Captains America third Watch talk show emanating nationwide to 75 stations from flagship AM 860 WGUL The Answer Tampa, Florida and worldwide via

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