By Frosty Wooldridge

Latest financial figures show that Black Lives Matter along with Antifa anarchists tabulated in excess of $1 billion in property damages.  That does not include the executions of police, deaths of citizens during riots and the National Guard being deployed.

The main riots and damages occurred in democrat-dominated cities.  Is anyone putting 2 + 2 together to make a connection?  Why so much sedition and anarchy in cities and states dominated by democrat-governors and mayors? Citizens elected them to uphold “law and order” of the U.S. Constitution that guarantees each citizen peace and safety.

Unfortunately, Ilhan Omar, a Muslim refugee from Somalia in the U.S. House, wants to “…dismantle economic and political systems that oppress us….”  She also wants all Muslims to make Americans “feel uncomfortable” in our own country.  It would prove interesting what how she feels about the ‘oppression’ of her native Somalia where women face rape, murder and abuse as a normal, daily occurrence.  Omar also needs to be brought up on immigration fraud, marrying her brother and making remarks that cross over the ‘sedition’ threshold.

Rashida Tlaib, also a Muslim, wrapped herself inside a Palestinian flag once voters in the overwhelming Muslim district of Detroit, voted into the House.  She’s anti-Semitic and anti-America.  Please understand if Muslims dominated the House and Senate, they would install Sharia Law in a heartbeat and eradicate the U.S. Constitution.

Rep. Maxine Waters, (D-CA) spouts and encourages violence toward republicans in restaurants and public places. She screamed about “impeach 45” before he became president of the United States.

Never let it be said that House member, a bartender with virtually zero academic credentials, Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez from New York, screams to ‘radicalize’ citizens to violence.

Let this moment radicalize you,” radical socialist AOC said as a reaction to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Let this moment really put everything into stark focus. Because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives. I need you to be ready.  If Mitch McConnell isn’t going to honor RBG’s final wish, we will. And we have to. We are going to say that nothing is off the table, we are going to push for expansion of the Supreme Court. Let them know they are playing with fire.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, after BLM and Antifa created a “CHOP ZONE” in her burned-out city, sluffed it off as kids creating a “summer of love” until several people suffered death by shootings in that ‘zone’ and the businesses sued her in court for dereliction of duty.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stood by while BLM and Antifa burned multiple blocks in his city with no intervention.

After Ruth Bader Ginsburg died this week, hundreds of rioters descended on House member Lindsey Graham’s home to scream, beat drums and blast horns throughout the night.  The same happened to Senator Mitch McConnell’s home with hundreds of rioters. If not for police, their homes would have been painted, broken glass and even could have suffered arson.

Other anarchists spray-painted some of the Lincoln Memorial. Others have attempted to deface the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.  If not for police presence, they would have committed drastic damage.

Around the country, anarchists toppled statues from our history because democratic mayors and governors allowed the violence. If those rioters abided by our Constitution, they would have attended city councils, ran for office and changed the statues in a civil manner.

The question is:  who are the parents and teachers of these anarchists? Who brought those kids up to be 21st century hoodlums, rioters, looters and arsonists? How did they take the fairest and most human-centered Constitution in the entire world—and attempt to destroy it? It is the most-copied document in the world and the foundation for all other countries in the world that want freedom for their citizens.

If such anarchists succeed in dismantling it or destroying it through violence…exactly how do the rest of us survive in the hostility and chaos of their actions?  How will we rebuild the commerce and mercantile systems that allow us to function as a civil society?

We face a drastic if not sobering choice in the coming election. If Biden succeeds to the White House, we face open borders without restraints.  We face violence supported by liberal leaders in major cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and many others. We face dismantling of law and order in our country.

Do you want that kind of a future? Do you want that kind of endless violence?  Or, do you want our U.S. Constitution to be validated by the “rule of law” for every citizen?

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