Our culture is being killed out from under us, and we would like to know why.

Some of it is understandable. For instance, it’s easy to see why Planned Parenthood would want to crank out “sex education” programs designed to push children into being sexually active: more customers for Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills, more big bucks from Congress.

But some of this boiling vileness defies rational explanation.

Netflix—one of the big offenders—has a TV series, “13 Reasons Why,” which seems to be set up for the inexplicable purpose of persuading teenagers to kill themselves. In real life, a 14-year-old did just that after binge-watching “13 Reasons.” This got the American Family Association involved; they’re now seeking signatures for a petition to ask Netflix to cancel the series. AFA’s Tim Wildmon asked to meet with the CEO of Netflix to discuss it, but they turned him down; and Season 2 is ready to roll, with plans in the works for Season 3.

The climax of Season 1 was a three-minute-long, graphic depiction of a teenaged girl killing herself. Leading up to that, Netflix offered a full menu of violence, sex, crime, and perversion, which I will not attempt to describe. Earlier this year, Netflix aired “A Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion,” so I think we can see where they’re coming from.

The question is, Why would we want to have this in our popular culture? Who decided that we need it? Who benefits from this abomination?

Oh, well, it’s “entertainment”—a word whose meaning can no longer be pinned down with any certainty. But one thing is certain: our consumption of “entertainment” is a passive, but powerful, form of self-education. “Thirteen Reasons Why” may not addle the mind and corrupt the character of a well-grounded adult, but for comparatively defenseless young people, it’s poison. We as a society consume hour after hour of this stuff. And it shows.

So who wants this? Who thinks it’s a good idea? The difficulty in answering those questions suggests a satanic origin. This makes secular liberals laugh. More fool they.

The craziness spreads throughout our culture. We see more and more of it, everywhere we look. Even our politics is looking crazy, these days.

At the College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, a 69-year-old professor entered a college rest room, drew a gun, and shot himself in the arm “to protest” President Donald Trump.

What was that supposed to accomplish? Was Mr. Trump expected to say, “Gee, I’d better resign before he shoots himself in the other arm”? Or maybe we could do over the 2016 election, as many times as it takes to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. Good grief, he shot himself for that? He must really like Hillary. Or maybe he’s just off-the-wall crazy. I wonder what he watches on TV o’ nights. It must be powerful stuff. Maybe he’ll get his own show on Netflix.

It’s daunting to think how many students have been, er, “taught” by this guy.

One shudders to contemplate a childhood packed to the gills with violent video games, self-destructive “challenges” on Youtube (“Eat a detergent pod and get famous!”), daily instruction by teachers’ union members who hate their country, absentee parents, “socialization” by their age-group peers who know no more than they do, and news and entertainment media pushing “transgender” like their lives depended on it. And then comes college! How does anybody come out of this with sanity intact?

Another thing is certain. You don’t murder your culture with impunity. When you kill your culture, rest assured that it will kill you back.

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