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Of course neither Fox News, nor Tucker Carlson, or Mark Levin will answer that question. I know this because I have asked them several times in writing and gotten no response. I do give them credit for being the only major news outlet to report any Treason at all.

Fox News has an effective marketing plan to ingratiate themselves with the patriot base and leave the elites and useful idiots for the fake media. It is a brilliant strategy, not unlike the Marxist Black Lives Matter. None of this is a surprise to those of us in fly over country because we know that the Fox people are closely associated with the establishment. You could say they are “Establishment Lite” or “ Communist Lite” There is no middle road, you are either a patriot, coward, traitor, or pansy.

Fear and Money must be the driving force behind the failure of Fox News to tell people in plain language the whole truth. They are making a lot of money and they have very good reason to fear for their lives if they don’t protect the elites and  the super rich, who own and control everything. Communists have killed millions to protect their power and money. I expect them to continue killing without fear or compassion, for that is what Communists do.

Starting with the election insurrection, Fox and the Fake Media absolutely refused to tell people: POWER FROM INSURRECTION HAS NO AUTHORITY TO GOVERN, NONE. This needed to be said, but was not. This point is imperative, because in any conflict most people think the government has no authority.

Our major corporations are not victims of blackmail by BLM thugs, they willingly funded them to burn down our cities to gain total power. The directors and officers of these corporations take orders from the major stockholders, the super rich who want a one world order dictatorship. These people are anti American and feel superior to average Americans.

When our cities were being burned and looted why didn’t Fox News demand that the Complicit Governors, Mayors and Prosecutors be arrested for treason in accordance with the Constitution? Why didn’t Fox News demand that President Trump use Federal Troops to end the election insurrection? Why didn’t Fox News demand that the Supreme court at least hear the election cases in accordance with the Constitution?

The Communists, bankers and super rich have been concentrating  power in the federal government contrary to the Constitution since our founding. According to the Constitution the federal government only has authority over defense, foreign relations, post office, currency, and immigration . The departments of Education, Energy and Agriculture are some examples of unconstitutional federal departments. The unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve Bank Caused the great depression and they are doing it again.Translated this means that even without the insurrection most of federal government is unconstitutional.

It is impossible for me to believe that Fox News people don’t know these simple facts. I must presume they are protecting the super rich for money and because they justifiably fear for their very lives.

The people at Fox News are not ignorant. They know that most of the bureaucrats, elected officials, flag officers, judges et al. in the federal government are corrupt, traitors, and cowards. They are also minions of the super rich who control it all, which is why we have a two tier justice system.

I am saying that there is strong evidence to suggest that Fox News is in bed with the enemies of our country. The news they report may be uncomplimentary of the establishment for public relations  purposes but will not deter or harm the establishment.

It is time for Fox News to concentrate on those who cause our problems rather than bemoaning the results of the treason.

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