First of all, to avoid misunderstandings I will make it very clear that I am not part of the car lobby in Washington D.C., I don’t get any money from car companies and I am not even a member of the American Car Association. The reason why I am against banning cars is because, contrary to what some people believe, cars don’t kill people; people kill people.

Granted, cars are one of the main causes of violent death in America. Also, on many occasions terrorists have used cars to kill non-combatants, that is, innocent people. But I have noticed that, except in a couple of Hollywood films, every time a car has killed a person is because somebody was behind the wheel.

Now, if everything I have said about cars can be applied to guns,[1] why it is that every time some crazy guy kills people with a gun, the anti-gun lobby cries out — actually yells — for gun control as a first step for fully banning them? Is there a hidden motive for this obviously irrational behavior? You bet there is. Essentially, they don’t care about cars because you cannot use cars to defend yourself from a tyrannical government.

One of the things the mainstream presstitutes immediate emphasized in their reporting of the recent deadly shooting at a Florida school is that the killer used an “assault weapon.” Nevertheless, “assault weapon” is just a notional word — notional is term coined by medieval philosophers to denote entities that exist only in the imagination, such as a square circle, an honest politician, or the Gulf of Tonkin attack on the U.S.S. Maddox LBJ used as a pretext to escalate the Vietnam War.

There are no such things as assault weapons for the same reason there are no defensive weapons per se. Actually, a defensive weapon is anything you can use to defend yourself, your family or your property, ranging from a baseball bat, a kitchen knife, a full-auto rifle and even a pack of keys or a rolled-up glossy magazine. In WWI, the assault weapon of choice was the bayonet.

In the same fashion, an assault weapon is anything you can use to attack other people, ranging from a shotgun to a full-auto rifle. The fact that a rifle has a pistol handle or can take a 30 round mag or a laser sight does not make it an assault weapon. The same way that cars don’t kill people, but people do, rifles don’t assault, people do. Proof of it is that despite carrying full auto rifles with 30 round mags and laser sights, our current militarized police never use their weapons to assault.

As the photos and videos of recent school shootings[2] clearly show, when the police wearing their bullet-proof vests and carrying their full-auto rifles on the ready arrive in their armored vehicles at the scene of a shooting in progress what they do is to take defensive positions behind their vehicles and wait patiently until the killer runs out of ammo, kills everybody or kills himself — whatever comes first. But, as a rule, they NEVER assault the place. If you want to see a police SWAT team assaulting you hve to watch Hollywood films or TV serials.

The reason for this is because, contrary to what some people believe, the police don’t carry guns to protect you, but to protect themselves, their families and their property. If you expect that they are going to risk their precious lives rescuing you from a killer, you are dead wrong.

In the recent school shootings in Florida three of the teachers lost their lives acting as barriers and took the bullets intended for their students. Have you ever heard of a policeman doing something similar? Well, if you know any, just let me know.

One of the things that have become evident about these never-ending shootings is that the deranged individuals who commit this type of crime always select a school, a church or a nightclub to carry out their killing, but never a police station. The reason is simple: they may be crazy, but they are not fools, and they know that a police station is a place where everybody is carrying a gun. Actually, some police officers carry two guns; they are trained to use them and, of lately, some of them have proved to be very trigger-happy. No wonder none of the crazy shooters has ever dared to attack a police station.

So, the most elementary logic indicates that, instead of depriving law-abiding citizens from their means to protect themselves, the best way to stop these attacks on schools would be to change them into veritable police stations, where most of the teachers, administrators and other employees must carry guns. It would be very easy to deputize these people, train them and allow them to legally carry guns, openly or concealed, as a deterrent against these type of attacks.

But some bleeding heart liberals, as well as some bleeding heart “conservatives,” will cry that allowing this to happen will create chaos and blood will run down the streets. This however, is simply not true. Despite the fact that the “Wild West,” where most people carried guns, was much safer than today’s cities such as Oakland, Chicago and Washington D.C., where strict gun control laws have been enacted, this idea seems to prevail among most Americans. Well, I have a personal story proving the contrary, which I will share with you.

From 1959 to late 1963 I witnessed a curious phenomenon in Cuba, my country of birth. After the victorious popular rebellion against President Batista, a corrupt politician who turned into a corrupt dictator, most Cuban citizens were carrying, openly and concealed, all types of weapons, ranging from pistols and revolvers to fully automatic rifles and sub-machine guns. Most of the people involved in the rebellion against Batista were very young, so many of the citizens carrying guns were teenagers.

At the time I was an officer in the Cuban army, and I remember attending some of my evening classes at the University of Havana carrying not only my sidearm, a 1911 .45 ACP, but also my Czech Sa 25 19mm full-auto submachine gun with folding stock and five 32 round mags. But I was not alone. Most of my classmates and even some of the professors were carrying guns of all types. I remember a girl who proudly carried to classes her bolo Mauser pistol and another guy, a former soldier in Castro’s guerrilla, who always kept his .45 Thompson machine gun on the floor, right under his desk.

If you took a bus, or strolled through Havana’s streets, you saw that most people, men and women, old and young, were openly carrying guns. Some of them were wearing army or militia uniforms, but also most of the civilians were also carrying all types of firearms. I don’t remember that guns were prohibited in any public or private building or businesses.

Surprisingly, those were probably the most peaceful times in Cuba’s recent history. Criminality dropped to its lowest, and violence involving guns was almost unheard of. Despite the fact that most schools also doubled as militia training centers and guns and ammo were kept there, I never heard of a case of school violence involving guns.

By mid 1963, however, when Castro felt that he was solidly established in power, people were told to register their guns. A few months later, a law was passed confiscating guns in the hands of private citizens. Soon after, not only criminality came back with a vengeance, but also criminal actions involving guns increased considerably, particularly criminal actions committed by the Castro government thugs against the now-unarmed Cuban citizens.

It is an easy verifiable fact that guns act as a deterrent against aggression if only for the simple reason that it is a lot safer to attack and kill an unarmed individual than an armed one, who can shoot back. But gun control advocates apparently believe that the best deterrent against aggression is to be unarmed. There is, however, some inconsistency in the behavior of some of our politicians, because they never ask for the elimination of the U.S. military. According to their logic about guns, if we don’t have a powerful military nobody would think about attacking us.

But no. Not even the craziest members of the anti-gun lobby have ever suggested that we must get rid or our military. Well, what’s good for the gander must also be good for the goose!


  1. [1]Some may argue that my comparison is not valid, because you are forced by law to register cars and their operation is strictly regulated. But, contrary to cars, that getting a permit to drive them is a privilege, owning a gun is actually a right — the necessary complement to protect your natural rights to life, freedom and property. This explains why these rights, the most important of all, are not even mentioned in the Bill of Rights because the Founding Fathers believed that, even if the Constitution was changed, or the Bill of Rights abolished, nobody can deprive us of these rights inherent to any human being.
  2. [2]Just a few days after the Florida school shooting, some disturbing facts began surfacing. Among them was that the FBI had had the suspect under observation for many months prior to the incident, but did nothing to stop him; that some witnesses claim there was more than one shooter; that the suspect had been taking prescription psychotropic, mind-altering drugs; that the students had been told that an active shooter exercise was going to take place that day and when they heard the initial shots they believed it was part of it. Moreover, somebody recorded the police placing in a vehicle something that looked like a body bag. If this was the case, at best, it is tampering with the evidence; at worst it means that most of what we have been told about the whole incident is a lie.

Do you see a pattern here? Do you see similarities not only with other school shootings but also with the gay bar shooting in Orlando, the shooting in San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon bombings and even the 9/11 events? Was the recent shooting at the Florida High School another false flag operation? Are we becoming paranoid? Just keep in mind that even paranoids have enemies.

Moreover, a disturbing fact is that some of the surviving students have been so thoroughly brainwashed that, just after the shooting, they began claiming for the banning of the very guns that would have saved the lives of their classmates and teachers. This shows that the daily brainwashing going on in our public schools has been highly effective.

In a book published 25 years ago, William Cooper wrote these prophetic words:

“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarming themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby.” — William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse (Sedona, Arizona: Light Technology Publishing, 1991), p. 225.

While researching for my recently released book Partners in Crime I discovered that the most important clue to detect a false flag operation is the subsequent cover-up. Let’s wait and see if there is one about the recent school shooting in Florida.

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