I do not believe in coincidence.  Neither am I a conspiracy nut.  I read, observe, and catalog information on the cranial hard drive.  When I start to see patterns, it arouses my curiosity.  I’m told recognizing patterns is an indicator of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  I spent much of my life in the Army.  From the first day you learn there is order.  Always order.  Everything is kept a certain way and in its proper place.  People do what they’re supposed to do, when they’re supposed to, and to a prescribed standard.  After decades of such an existence, one might become slightly OCD.  Anything less than order and purpose is chaos.  When a pattern breaks, I notice.  When out of the blue a pattern develops, I notice.

Take President Trump.  He broke the pattern of one establishment globalist pre-selected Presidential candidate after another.  Hillary was the pre-selected one.  All the Republican possibilities were losers.  Trump is the outsider who defeated the world establishment, globalist, political world.  Against all odds, he won the Presidential election.  Heads exploded, news anchors choked back tears, and traditional politicians ran away from him like cock roaches when the light switch is flipped on.  They ran away because he’s the bull that ran in to the globalist china shop and immediately began breaking stuff.  He’s also a lifelong international businessman who dealt out of necessity with crooked politicians.  At the top of the list is probably New Yorkers like Chuck Schumer.  President Trump knows who the political contributions (legal bribes) went to in order to conduct business.  It could be they really don’t want his tax returns released.  He’s the biggest threat ever to the established political world.  On top of that, he’s been able to do what none them could or sincerely wanted to do.  He’s connected with the country’s backbone, it’s forgotten middle class.  He could probably topple that corrupt house of cards.  They know it.  That’s why he must go.  That’s why the Russian collusion hoax was concocted and a special counsel investigation started.  It’s a coup d’état.  Now if you take your news from CNN, MSNBC or the major networks you believe all of the collusion stories and negativity you hear 24 hours a day.  Not to worry, you will not be spared from their tyranny if they succeed.

Following the news, I’ve noticed another pattern.  I doubt I’m the only one.  Each time there is a major event or breaking news that that puts President Trump in a positive light and the Democrats in the dark, there is a leak or made up revelation from the Mueller coup d’état operation.  It always seems perfectly timed to change the media narrative.  Media lackeys are more than eager to run with anything negative and bury anything positive concerning the Trump administration.

Just as the border battle heats up and the President makes the Democrat leadership look bad there’s an announcement directly impacting Mueller and his operation that’s pulling attention away from the border crisis.  Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein is leaving the Department of Justice.  Rosenstein and Mueller have connections going way back.  They were primary actors in covering up the Uranium One scandal that gave the Russians 20 percent of our uranium reserve.  Mueller was the FBI director and US Attorney Rosenstein signed the order to seal the records.

Rosenstein had but one function during his short tenure.  Cover and run interference for Mueller and help to cover up the criminal activity at the top of the Department of Justice, by the FBI leadership, the Democratic National Committee, and the Hillary Clinton for Presidential Campaign.  Now in a few weeks he’s leaving.

If Rosenstein is leaving the DOJ it signals a couple of things.  Evidence is destroyed, cover up is complete, Democrats in the House can now effectively block further inquiry and can use the Mueller report to step off into endless investigations, and Mueller is ready to submit his report which will be illegally leaked to the press before the President and counsel have had the opportunity to review, respond and rebut.  Because it’s a hit job, a coup d’état.

Understand something you probably didn’t catch on the news.  The Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign through Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer, of Perkins Coie law firm, hired Fusion GPS who then hired British spy Christopher Steele who then put together a false dossier on Trump with information provided by Kremlin associated Russians.  Senator John McCain leaked it to the press.  This is now common knowledge easily found with minimum research.  This is the beginning and end of Russian Collusion, but it was never about that.  This is what started the Mueller investigation.  An investigation in search of anything that can harm the President.  If you’re okay with this, then good luck to you in the tyrannical state where we the people, including you, do not have anything to say about anything.  The state where anyone who gives up their life to buck the establishment and anyone who supports them will be destroyed.  This is an operation any communist dictator would be proud of.

Why is Rosenstein leaving?  The real reason? Mission complete.

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