On Wednesday Nov 29thTrump tweeted ‘Now that Russia collusion is a lie, when do the trials for treason begin?  This was posted on a photo of Trumps liberal opponents behind bars.  These included Obama, Bill and Hillary and Robert Mueller among others.  Naturally the leftist media and Democrat extremists are inventing new names to call this President since he dares to speak from the heart and reflect the gut level truth that most Americans agree with.

It has long been clear that Mueller is tainted, has smeared and threatened all the wrong people and has only one real agenda and it is not about a Russian conspiracy but the ruin of Trump.  Mueller, though a registered Republican has at least 13 angry Democrats working for him and on ‘Hillary…or should I say ‘looking the other way and protecting Hillary?’

Mueller according to many sources has indicted at least 32 people and more on the way if he isn’t stopped.  In reading and reviewing the charges against many on Mueller’s list of ‘persecution’ as I call it, are carefully laid perjury traps played out like a scary labyrinth to walk through. Bam! Suddenly you are indicted for lying to the FBI when you didn’t even know you had lied. That is the evil and desperate game that Mueller has been playing. Remember to get at and ruin Trump, but in the process ruin men like General Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos. Jerri Corsi, on it goes, while Mueller is the one who needs the political, legal and media hammer dropped on him.

I challenge President Trump to continue his tweets and bold declarations of courage and truth about Mueller and this bogus investigation.  Also, about the borders and other passions that protect and reflect real Americans.  Bravo Trump.

Now, back to the real question Trump laid out so well, “Now that Russia Collusion is a lie, when do the trials for Treason begin?”  If not Treason for some in the Tweet photo, why not arrests, exposer and political ruin for most in that photo?  They are all anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-border security – comparing brave ICE members to NAZIS.  They are anti law and apparently anti peace since the former AG himself –William Holder was calling Americans to kick conservatives, and others urging the masses to throw conservatives out of restaurants and businesses, assemble mobs and destroy things, while calling down fire and God’s wrath from heaven.

I call on Trump to ask more questions like that then follow through with the political and legal hammer.  It is time for Christians, conservatives and Trump supporters to stand tall against this tyranny and evil onslaught.  We won’t be leaving restaurants or gas stations any time soon.

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