by JB Williams

December 22, 2021

As most adults know, even when you voluntarily go to your doctor’s office, or the hospital, or the emergency room, before they will treat you for anything, you will be asked to sign a “consent form” agreeing to allow them to treat you. If you can’t sign it, they will ask a legal guardian or responsible person, such as your spouse or parents to sign it before they will see or treat you.

This isn’t just so that they can bill you for their services, which is usually a separate form that you will also have to sign. The treatment consent form is necessary because it is “illegal” for anyone to provide you with medical treatments without your “informed consent.” Usually, a doctor will provide information to the patient concerning the recommended treatment and acquire the patient’s (or legally responsible persons) consent before proceeding with treatment.

These laws all followed the Nuremberg Code, which was the result of the Nuremberg Trials in Germany, where people involved in evil experimental medicine administered against the will of the patients, without any informed consent, resulting in the death and dismemberment of many of those patients. These acts were later defined as “crimes against humanity” strictly due to the fact that medical experiments were administered without any prior informed consent of the patients.

So, what happened to the “informed consent” when it comes to Bill Gates population reducing “vaccines?” What happened to “your body, your choice?”

Regardless of how you might feel about the COVID19 event and related mRNA “vaccines” which at the very best, have not stopped COVID related infections, illnesses or deaths to date, every living free person has a fundamental inalienable natural Right to be “secure in their person,” to choose what enters their body. No one has a Right to force or coerce inject anyone with anything against your will, hence, the purpose of “informed consent” forms used by the medical profession for decades.

Further, no one has a legal or moral Right to punish you for withholding your consent or refusing an injection or medical procedure. FDA approval or “emergency use authorization only” does nothing whatsoever to alter or eliminate these most fundamental human Rights.

So, what is “informed consent?”

First, no one has the Right to do anything to you against your will, which means, without your expressed “consent.” Consent is simply defined as you granting your “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” Permission can be granted or withheld by you, and you have the final say, without fear of punishment or retribution.

“Informed” is defined as “having or showing knowledge of a particular subject or situation; (of a decision or judgment) based on an understanding of the facts of the situation.”

When you put the two together, the meaning of “informed consent” is “permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits.”

No person can grant “consent” without possessing proper “information” concerning the decision they are asked to make. That would be “uninformed consent,” wherein the information necessary to make the decision is withheld from the patient, resulting in false consent without complete and accurate information necessary for the decision at hand.

Imagine being asked to consent to open heart surgery while the doctor openly denies you access to the information concerning all of the potential dangers involved with the procedure. If you consent under these conditions, the doctor is directly liable and responsible for whatever happens to you next, simply because your consent was “coerced” without access to any information concerning the procedure.

According to the Biden administration, approximately 200-million Americans have received one or more of the COVID19 “vaccines” and none of them were given access to the data available at VAERS Reporting site or other adverse event reporting systems. None of them were advised known “adverse event” information concerning these “vaccines” and none of them had “knowledge of the possible consequences” prior to offering “uninformed consent” for these “vaccines.”

Whether you have accepted any of these “vaccines” or not, your decision has been made while the Biden administration, the CDC, the medical profession, the news media, and social media “factcheckers” have hidden the “adverse events” also known as “vaccine injuries and deaths” from public access and continued to promote outright lies regurgitated by the government controlled media, concerning the efficacy of their “vaccines” or millions of adverse events reported all over the world.

Everyone who has taken a JAB to date is a “victim.” They were either conned, coerced, or forced to take that JAB without proper information prior to their consent. This is exactly the type of government activities that resulted in the Nuremberg Trials which produced the International Nuremberg Code that is still in full force and effect today.

Every living soul has an inalienable Right to receive answers to all of the questions presented here, prior to being asked to grant or offering their consent.

No matter your employment, student, or medical status, you have a Right to the truthful answers to these questions, or no one has the Right to inject you with anything, or to punish you for withholding your consent until such time as the answers are provided to you.

  1. Provide all available clinical evidence of the isolated COVID19 virus and each known variant and the methods by which these variants have been identified and isolated.
  2. Provide all available clinical evidence that “masks” have been successful in preventing the spread of COVID19 and which masks have been the most effective at preventing the spread of COVID19, along with the means by which this evidence was confirmed, along with all available information provided by the mask manufacturers concerning the use of said masks for this purpose.
  3. Provide all available clinical evidence that proves “social distancing” has been effective at stopping the spread of COVID19 and the sources of said clinical evidence.
  4. Provide all available clinical evidence that COVID19 “vaccines” are in fact, true vaccines, and not experimental mRNA gene therapy.
  5. Provide all available clinical evidence that COVID19 “vaccines” are effective at preventing COVID19 infection, the spread of COVID19, illness and death from COVID19 and which mRNA injections have proven to be most effective in all areas, along with all supporting clinical evidence.
  6. Provide all available clinical evidence that COVID19 vaccines have proven to be safe for human use, backed by clinical data concerning related illness, adverse events, and deaths, which have followed the use of the vaccines, and which vaccines have been the least safe, according to all available clinical evidence, including all related mammalian trials.
  7. Provide a detailed list of all ingredients in each and every “vaccine” or “therapeutic” currently in use, broken out by each vaccine manufacturer and each vaccine dose and batch, as produced by each manufacturer, used in the USA and the world.
  8. Provide all available clinical evidence of known adverse events associated with each vaccine currently in use, separated by manufacturer, dose, and batch, taking into account all available adverse event reporting systems, both within the USA and all foreign clinical COVID event tracking and reporting systems.
  9. Provide all available evidence as it pertains to all current COVID19 vaccines in use in the USA today, that each is in fact fully FDA Approved for broad public use, and not just FDA authorized for emergency use only.
  10. Provide all available clinical evidence that any “emergency” exists to justify “emergency use only” FDA status.
  11. Provide all available clinical information, documentation and evidence pertaining to any and all known short-term and long-term effects of each COVID19 “vaccine,” including all known side effects from any mRNA experimental injections for COVID-19, including all available human and animal trials.

Without the answers to these questions concerning COVID19 injections, no one has the Right to force, con, coerce you into taking the JAB, or punish you for withholding your consent. You have every Right to withhold that consent until such time as you are totally informed about the real risks associated with the procedure you are being asked to consent to.

These basic questions can and should be delivered to anyone who is promoting COVID19 “vaccination,” especially if they are doing it in any forceful manner. Everyone promoting or enforcing “vaccine mandates” against the will of the patient is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code and all subsequent laws protecting the Right of “informed consent.”

Last, no one has any immunity from liability or prosecution in this event. Immunity can only be granted until it is known that harm is being done by the medical procedure. If anyone continues to promote or administer the medical procedure after knowing that people are being harmed by that procedure, they do so without any immunity from liability or prosecution at all.

Understand? Everyone can freely use the information provided here to stop the ongoing insanity surrounding the entire COVID19 event. If you know your Rights, all you need to do is enforce them.

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