By: Devvy

August 29, 2022

If we let them!

This column is for Americans regardless of what party you belong to or no party.  This column is for all Americans who believe in fairness and election integrity.  If a candidate you supported didn’t win with a fair election, then that is the vote of the people from the WH down to school boards.  You try again next time.

Our right to open, free and fair elections have been stolen going back to the 1960’s when paper ballots were used because of human corruption.  Chicago was famous for cemetery jokes and voting corpses.  There is nothing funny about rigged elections.

In 1993, those of us who were the ‘watchmen on the wall’ fought tooth and nail to stop the 1993 Motor Voter Law formally known as The National Voter Registration Act Of 1993 (NVRA).  It was yet another giant step aiding in voter fraud and must be repealed.  It has done what it was created to do:  ineligible voters (illegal aliens who must be deported) and cheaters out of party loyalty would vote in our elections.

Vote fraud Is Easy Here, Mobile (Alabama) Register, Oct. 11, 1998:  “The Register sent in five mail in ‘post card’ voter registration applications this summer with bogus names, fictitious SS numbers and made-up telephone numbers.  All five were successfully registered as voters in Mobile County.  Registration officials say they are not surprised since a 1993 federal law [Motor Voter Law] made registration easier than ever and they say the potential for abuse is just one example of voter fraud problems in Alabama.”

The vicious attacks against anyone questioning the outcome of President-Elect Trump’s November 2020 win, is unprecedented in the history of our constitutional republic (quit calling the US a democracy).  The very well-paid whores in the Democrat/Communist Party USA’s media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times and all the rest) to this day continue to repeat the same talking points given them to discredit the ocean of solid evidence regarding how that election was stolen from We the People.

Hell, the Altzheimer’s individual barely able to stand up-right while eating his favorite ice cream playing president, career crook and criminal, Joe Biden, in his usual fog told us ahead of time:  Biden says in video he has created ‘voter fraud organization’, Republicans were quick to point out Biden’s mistake, October 25, 2020:  “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said in the video.”  And, as usual, gutless Republicans came to his defense; it was a misinterpretation.  BULL.

The COVID Plandemic was perfectly timed.  A massive push for mail in ballots (some states now have no other way to vote) was successful beyond the forces of evil’s wildest dreams.  No, not a conspiracy theory.  I have watched all but two of the hearings regarding The Steal and every documentary and there’s NO question besides the machines, mail in ballots cheated We the People of OUR choice for president and Donald Trump.

This is Why Democrats Are Not Worried about 2020 — The Fix Is In… Postal Service Institutionalizes Ballot Interference Scheme with New Mail-in Ballot Division, August 16, 2022

TWO YEARS after election, Post Office just now finds 2020 ballots – ‘We deeply regret the late delivery of these mailpieces’, August 23, 2022

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.”  Andrew Jackson, 1832

I became aware of vote fraud in 1993.  In 1998 I published a 45-page booklet, Blind Loyalty; retired it after selling 700,000 copies at cost with no advertising as the data was getting stale.  Let me give you a few highlights:

Did you know ABC News posted “….results and predictions…” [their words] on their website in the early evening of Nov. 2, 1998 – 12 hours before any polls opened in the United States? They did–and do you know how accurate they were?  ABC News was off .0174%.  What are the Vegas odds on that?

Electronic Elections Seen as an Invitation to Fraud, LA Times, July 4, 1989, pg 1:  “Most computer security experts wince when they look at the electronic ballot tabulation systems that now count more than half of the American vote…Election Watch warned just before the November 1998 election, “The advent of computerized vote counting over the past two decades has created a potential for election fraud and error on a scale previously unimagined.”

Craig C. Donsanto, who has prosecuted voting fraud cases for 18 years as head of DOJ’s election crime branch: ‘All voting systems are capable of being corrupted…Most of the have or will be simply because voting is the way we determine who gets power in this great country”.  That lengthy article covers fraud occurring in other areas of computerized elections, ballots being stolen, ballots run through card reading machines several times or not at all.  Corrupt poll workers punching ballot cards for non-existent voters, etc. 

Vote Fraud in Parlier (CA) from Voter Abuse Rampant, the San Diego Union-Tribune, May 30, 1995:  “A city council candidate was convicted of voter fraud after going door-to-door in a Nov. ’92 race with absentee ballots and marking them for himself.

Seven indicted in vote-fraud case in Pike [KY], Herlad-Leader Frankfort Bureau, June 13, 1996.  Seven Pike County officials indicted on charges of cote fraud in Nov 1995 elections.

Thief in the House and Senate?  Investors Business Daily, March 17, 1997.  “Vote fraud, once thought a relic of the days of machine politics is alive and well…while vote counting is now easier, electronic voting also offers new and less detectable opportunities for tampering.  If true, if would be far from an isolated incident.  The Voter Integrity Project’s Blackwell notes that ‘computer hackers can change the outcomes of elections and no one will know.  We hear about problems like that a lot.’”

Modesto, CA, Nov. 24, 1998, report by Jennifer Ramp, Channel 3.  Measure M in Modesto was supposed to pass.  It didn’t, so the affected individuals demanded a recount.  Right on television we all watched as the fed the cards into the voting machines and watched them flip flop every second vote against the measure.  This led to the investigation of two other ballot measures that failed.  In a nutshell, all three measures were finally recounted and passed.  Had no one questioned this fraud, it would have gone unchecked and again, We the People would have been cheated out of one of our most precious rights:  fair and impartial elections.  Sadly, double digit millions of Americans don’t seem to even are.

Those are just a teeny-tiny number of proven cases of fraud in my booklet from mayors to U.S. senators.  A few headlines:  Computer Vote Fraud, The Fresno Bee, February 11, 1996, Metro Section, pg B6, Elsie Bush.  Fear of Fraud:  As Technology Enters Voting booths, Stakes Rise, The Record, May 12, 1992, Sari Harrar.  Glitches, Security Gaps; Computers:  Bugs in the Ballot Box, LA Times, July 2, 1989, Part 1, pg 1.

Level of Protection Debated; Electronic Elections seen as an invitation to Fraud, LA Times, July 4, 1989, Part 1, pg 1.  Vulnerable on All Counts:  How Computerized Vote Tabulation Threatens the Integrity of Our Elections, the CPSR Newsletter, Vol. 6, No 4, Palo Alto, CA, 1988.  Making Votes Count:  How to Steal an Election – the Modern Way (computerized voting systems) Science News, V, 144, n18, October 30, 1993.  Some U.S. Elections Remain a Real Steal, May 29, 1996, The Detroit News by Richard Willing.

Here is a long list of vote fraud I compiled that will sicken you.  Electronic voting machines and scanners.  This is a You Tube of a speech I made on vote fraud before my late husband and I left Sacramento in 2006; don’t remember the exact year but I think 2005.  You may want to watch.

I’ve written so many columns on vote fraud since then.  Let us not forget the GOP governor and Secretary of State of Georgia aided and abetted massive election fraud in Nov. 2020.  Both allegedly won their primaries this year.  This column of mine, Jan. 4, 2021, Vote Fraud: I Thought I’d Seen It All Until…truly will make your blood boil:

This video (3:14) must be watched.  BOMBSHELL VIDEO FOOTAGE! Voter Fraud Georgia Senate Hearing 12/30/2020.  What you will see with your own eyes are five women who should be indicted and charged with vote fraud.  Watch them feed the same stacks of ballots in a machine several times.  You can bet the farm they were for Biden.

Here’s another camera showing the woman putting the same batch of ballots in the machine 5 times; scroll down to slow motion clip. Will any of them be indicted for vote fraud?”  No one has.

Vote Fraud:  Candidates Must Audit the Count, October 30, 2006 (Mine) “Selective blindness at the voting booth is killing this republic. How many seniors hold their nose and vote for Democrats for promises of more “free” prescription pills or “I love my Hover-Round” from Medicare!”? How many conservatives in this country vote Republican just because that incumbent jumped on the illegals invasion over the past year or two after ignoring it for the other 10 or 15 years they’ve been in office? Yet, Joe voter will reward this incompetent Republican incumbent because he/she stuck their finger up, tested which way the wind was blowing and jumped on board the Minutemen Express.

“Never mind the incredible damage that same incumbent has done by voting for the Patriot Act, The National ID mess, the Military Commissions Act, blessing Bush’s continued dismantling of the Bill of Rights and sanctioning an undeclared war. Or, voting for an incumbent (voting against a Democrat) even though that GOP incumbent admitted the bill they voted for was bad, i.e., the vote last July on raising the minimum wage: “Whether people like it or not, we need to go ahead with it,” said Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., who supports the idea. “There’s a general agreement among Republicans (opposing the raise) that “maybe we don’t like it much, but we need to move forward with it just for political reasons.

Vote Fraud:  It’s Not Just the Machines, Part 1 of 2, September 10, 2007.  “Vote fraud: the tool of tyrants.”  For fourteen long years I have been on the vote fraud issue. In the index below is the link to my columns. Only someone in willful denial or whose personal agenda is best served by this fraud can say we have fair and impartial elections. It is a lie.

As I wrote in a recent column, these incompetent idiots in Congress allocated more than a BILLION DOLLARS on easily rigged voting machines for the states. Of course, there’s no money in the treasury, so this represented more hot checks, but these crooks, cowards and criminals don’t care. They only care about genuflecting to which ever special interest group puts the most heat on them. We will pay on the interest and pass the compounding interest on to our children, grandchildren and their children, but the crash will come before those generations. And for what? Tens of millions of dollars in legal challenges.

The machines have served the shadow government well.  Do not be fooled by H.R. 811 the so-called Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act. This will NOT restore fair and impartial elections. For part two click below.” (The crash came in Sept. 2008.  At the bottom is a whole list of my columns on vote fraud.) End of quotes from my column above.

The late Ezra Taft Benson who was Secretary of Agriculture from 193-1961 said America will be destroyed from within by Americans for two reasons:  (1) apathy and (2) The American public’s refusal to hold its elected public servants accountable because of party loyalty.  He was absolutely right as every elected Republican from state senators and representatives to county clerks have been excoriated, called extremists and even receiving death threats who believe in fair elections and questioned the in-your-face fraud that occurred Nov. 3, 2020 and for weeks afterwards.  Mindless zombie Democrat voters yelling Biden won! who know NOTHING about what happened except what they read or heard on social media.

I could go on for another 100 pages.  If the Democrat/Communist Party USA keeps control of the House and Senate in November, it’s going to get very ugly in this country.  Yes, the states under the Tenth Amendment and nullification can cut them off at the knees for a lot of the unconstitutional crap coming from Congress since January 2021, but too many are cowards and “establishment” Republicans.  Like this rotten senator:  Aspiring GOP Leader Sen. John Thune Backs Cartel Bill Bailout for Discredited Fake News Media (Unconstitutional), August 24, 2022

I am sick to death of hearing excuses like, gee, I’m so busy instead of fighting for freedom first and at the top of the list is fair elections.  First and foremost, don’t listen to the prostitute media and partisan hacks out there.  Tune them out and don’t get distracted.  It’s going to be up to US – you and me – to make sure the Unseen Hand isn’t successful in putting their selections into Congress, our state legislatures and on down again this November.  Illegal Ballots Counted: What About Those House and Senate Seats?, Nov. 9, 2020 (Mine)

On the agenda which most Americans (including yours truly until a while ago) have no idea about is ERIC is or means. READ:  Louisiana Secretary of State Leads the Nation – Ends ERIC in State and Creates Directive to Keep 2020 Election Materials, August 16, 2022 and this important one; we have to get rid of ERIC here in Texas. Settling the Confusion About ERIC – “Fifteen (50%) of the ERIC states, as highlighted, have voter rolls containing more registrations than their citizen voting age populations.” // Former WI Justice Michael Gableman Calls Out ERIC System and WI Election Fraud at Moment of Truth Summit, August 26, 2022 (He is a former WI Supreme Court Justice.)

Tell your Secretary of State to tell Biden to go back to basement because HELL NO:  EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Enlists China Owned TikTok to Partner with Federal Voting Assistance Program in 2022 Midterm Elections, August 20, 2022.

No one should be using TikTok.  TikTok admits China-based employees can access US user data  //  Short video:  China is SPYING on TikTok—Leaked Audio PROVES TikTok Shares Data With China //  China’s TikTok is awful. It’s a spy. A brain drain. The US has no business banning it – The hell we don’t you fools.  Quote: “China’s TikTok app is a sophisticated surveillance tool used to harvest personal and sensitive information from American citizens, said Brendan Carr, commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission, this week.”

WATCH: Shining the Florida Sun on Voter Fraud – “Kris Jurski and his activists who have formed The People’s Audit in Florida, are the real thing.  What you are about to hear in that interview is evidence of systemic fraud that no one else has come near to revealing.”  The video is Kathleen Marquardt and Kat Stansell.  Warrior women.

Mike Lindell has spent MILLIONS of his own money on exposing election fraud.  Like other truth tellers he’s suffered for his honesty and efforts to make sure our elections are fair and impartial.  The Democrat/Communist Party USA and their media have been doing everything dirty to defeat us on this but WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

Mike had what is the most comprehensive two-day event (August 20, 2022) on election fraud, the “Moment of Truth Summit”.  I watched it in hour or so segments;  see here.  What’s presented are FACTS and PROOF and yes, the parasites in the “mainstream media” were there.  Did you see this on any major network channel?  Of course not.  Those anchors and pundits are parasites who feed off the host:  The Democrat/Communist Party USA and swanky dinner parties and big paychecks.  Why didn’t FOX “News” Network at least mention it?

Election Integrity Arizona: Liz Harris Recaps Her Canvass Results, the Audit, and Drops a HUGE Bomb!, August 24, 2022 – This is another important read.  Where are the prosecutions across this country against those responsible for stealing our elections?  They’re here and there but the masterminds behind the machines and cheating are still in the driver’s seat.   Quote from article above:

“At the Moment of Truth Summit last weekend, Arizona State House candidate Liz Harris had the opportunity to present some of the results from the canvass her team conducted after the 2020 election.  The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on some of these incredible findings.”  Where is your rage America?  If you are in AZ, Karen Fann is a Republican who killed an important election integrity bill.  Facts are in the article above.

I know time is precious but we are running out of it.  The documentary Selection Code shown can be watched separately from the Lindell event.  It’s one hour and EVERY county commissioner, county clerk and American regardless of party:  Watch it because the fraud must stop.  Here and here (enlarge screen.)

This is about Tina Peters, a county clerk in Colorado (a state being destroyed by liberals and progressives for more than a decade.)  Because she did her job she’s been charged with a crime.  Watch it because the fraud and persecution and prosecution of elected officials doing their job MUST stop.  I was truly sickened watching what has been done to that courageous woman and the facts presented.  Tina is also a Gold Star Mom; her son was killed on active duty.

Breaking: Colorado Sec State Candidate Tina Peters Sues Every Clerk in Colorado over Recount Procedures, August 4, 2022

As Mike Lindell said during the event:  Get rid of all electronic machines and scanners, period.  Paper ballots hand counted in front of the public even if it takes days.  Between mail-in-ballot massive fraud and machines so easily corrupted along with human cheaters out of party loyalty OUR RIGHT TO FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS is being taken from us every two years.  I know many county clerks don’t want paper ballots because it is a lot of extra work but it worked for our republic for hundreds of years until the shadow government implemented their plans to steal our elections.

AZ GOP PRIMARY — Kari Lake COMES ROARING BACK After Trailing Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson in Gubernatorial Race – Robson Outperforms by 20 Points! — RACE TOO CLOSE TO CALL, August 2, 2022:  “How can France and England deliver election results the night of the election with paper ballots but only 79% of the votes in Arizona race are counted at 6 AM in the morning using ballot counting machines?” (It’s called over-night ballot dumps which occurred on a massive scale in the Nov 2020 election.)

Voter Integrity Breached: Hand Count Exposes Machines Off by Thousands, June 6, 2022

In my column last week, Protectionism vs Isolationism, I forgot to add Mike Lindell’s super effort to buy Made in USA.  He has a fairly new web site for entrepreneurs and companies who make Made in America.  Please go there.  We have to grow and build back America firstMy  (Everyone is raving about My Coffee on that site.  I’m going to be ordering this week.)

For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions. Order two books and save $10.00

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EXCLUSIVE: LIVE from ‘The Pit,’ A Vital Strategy Session presented by True The Vote

WAKE UP CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR FEDERAL OFFICE IN NOVEMBERElections Undecided by Midnight are Void & Preempted by Federal Law – Foster v Love (1997; 9-0 Decision), Nov. 18, 2020.  So many of us tried to get to Trump and his attorneys but were ignored.  No responses from any of them. Trump had easily won enough Electoral College votes by midnight.  Instead, we had five states bleeding fraud and they’ve gotten away with it.  We the People and Trump were cheated.

What I wrote on Dec. 29, 2020.  Thankfully, this is getting out to millions now although federal law is not mentioned in this article:  Key to Preventing Fraud in Maricopa County Is to Demand “Total Ballots Cast” Number ON ELECTION NIGHT, August 11, 2022

Yet more proof of 2020 election vote fraud – Exclusive: Chuck Norris lauds sheriffs’ group investigating ballot skullduggery, August 15, 2022

BREAKING: HUGE News In Otero County, New Mexico – County Commission Withholds Certification of Primary Election Results, June 14, 2022

BREAKING: New Mexico’s Otero County Votes to Sue New Mexico’s Corrupt Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Certifying Corrupt 2020 Election, August 13, 2022

BREAKING: True The Vote Releases Information Given To FBI Months Ago – China Has Information on 1.8 Million US Election Workers On Server In Wuhan, August 15, 2022

Wisconsin is famous for dropping over a hundred thousand unexplained votes in the middle of the night to give Joe Biden a lead over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, August 7, 2022

There’s So Much Election Fraud Evidence It’s Hard To Keep Up!  –  Here are eight articles from yours truly summarizing all the fraud, August 15, 2022

Trump won Arizona by a landslide, period.  Maricopa County Supervisors Ask Judge To Sanction Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem and Kari Lake Over Lawsuit To Ban Voting Machines, August 14, 2022

It Happened Again: Cherokee County, Kansas Election Results Reversed After “Vote Flip” Discovered, August 10, 2022

Florida Primaries Marred By Suspicious ‘Vote By Mail’ Ballots In Large Quantities, Sowing Distrust In State Elections, August 24, 2022

FBI officials slow-walked Hunter Biden laptop investigation until after 2020 election: whistleblowers, August 25, 2022

Election Integrity: Alabama ES&S Voting Machines Accepted *XEROXED* Ballots During Machine Testing

Texas County Democrats Approve Lawsuit Against State to Stop Election Audit, Aug. 4, 2022

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