By JB Williams

It seems like we woke up in Hitler’s America in 2020. The “cancel culture” was now in full control of our country, the brownshirts of the west, doing the dirty street work of the democratic Socialist Party. In Germany, they were the Sturmabteilung (SA), aka “Stormtroopers” …the “brownshirts.” Neighbors snooping and ratting out neighbors, causing chaos and fear in all who oppose the new communist regime.

In the USA, they took the form of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, similarly doing the vigilante fearmongering, threatening, vandalizing, looting, and torching of American cities, in support of their anti-capitalist and anti-American political agenda. In fact, like Hitler’s brownshirts in Germany, their full intent is to “cancel” everyone who isn’t just like them.

If you happen to be the wrong color, “white,” then you are hereby CANCELLED. If you happen to be the wrong religion, “Christian,” you are hereby CANCELLED. If you happen to be a capitalist, you are hereby CANCELLED…a proud American Citizen, CANCELLED…a taxpayer, CANCELLED…a republican or even worse a conservative, CANCELLED…a traditional family unit, CANCELLED…a Trump voter or Fox News fan, CANCELLED…heterosexual, CANCELLED…opposed to pedophiles and rapists, CANCELLED…a legal Citizen, CANCELLED…

You getting the picture yet? There is no room in Hitler’s America for anything or anyone that is a 100% flag-waving, anthem singing, Bible reading, law-abiding American. YOU ARE ALL HEREBY CANCELLED by the democratic Socialist “cancel culture,” and their street enforcers, BLM and ANTIFA.

Any hint of real honest journalism, CANCELLED…free speech on any social media platform, CANCELLED…church on Sunday or any other gathering of like-minded Americans, CANCELLED…your right to work and earn, CANCELLED…to go anywhere without a useless mask on, CANCELLED…refuse a vaccine, CANCELLED…believe in the rule of law, CANCELLED…still revere the Constitution and Bill of Rights, CANCELLED…any form of truth or reality, CANCELLED!

YES, YOU are hereby CANCELLED, if there is any hint of decent Americanism in you.

As a matter of fact, everything you once knew as life in America has been officially CANCELLED as of the 2020 stolen elections. Even the U.S. Military showed up in D.C. and remains in D.C., standing guard outside the fencing and razor wire protecting the new global communist regime…from you, because you’re cancelled.

We are no longer trying to prevent this from happening…it has already happened. Now we have to figure out how to undo what has just been done. The longer we wait to do it, the more entrenched this “new norm” will become. It will very quickly become insurmountable now that the enemy controls all national assets and it’s “us” they are cancelling.

Under the guise of cancelling a second Trump term, they cancelled every decent honest American and everything we believe in. They have pretty much everything on their side, or so it seems.

If that were true, they wouldn’t feel the need for fences, razor wire and 30,000 American troops standing guard outside their offices, to protect themselves from YOU. If it were true, they wouldn’t be wasting time, focus and money on a second “fake” Trump impeachment trial, for a man who will be almost 80 years old by the next presidential election. Trump was just acquitted for a second time.

No, they are not at all confident that “there is nothing we can do,” even though most Americans believe this today.

So, that leaves us with these three questions…

  1. Are we really going to allow ourselves and everything we believe in to be CANCELLED?
  2. What are we going to do to undo the evil gripping our country?
  3. Who are the people willing to do it?

There is a solution to every problem on earth. When we pray, God will answer. But that answer will come in the form of what “we” must do, not what God is going to do.

Since the moment God breathed life into Adam, God chose “free will” for us. With God’s guidance, these United States can be saved, even now. But only with both God’s guidance and our ACTION… I am quite sure that we are the “someone” who is “supposed to do something!”

Whatever we do, whom ever is willing to do it, we will have to work together, in enough numbers, with enough strategic focus and enough resources to WIN. God forbid if our home is no longer brave enough to remain the land of the free.

© 2021 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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